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Prompt: Hiccups

Based on an adorable prompt I read somewhere while browsing. Thank you whoever suggested it! Hope you enjoy.


It had been a relatively quiet morning today in the castle, with very little transpiring aside from one convocation that was scheduled at half past nine. Far too early for Arendelle’s princess, but thankfully the queen was always at the crack of dawn.

Anna remembered that her sister needed to rise early to prepare for the assembly; she felt Elsa slip out of the bed, heard her footsteps creaking the floorboards of their shared bedroom floor, and the fumbling at the far end of the room as Elsa slipped behind the dressing screen.

That was, of course, well over three hours ago. Since that point Anna had drifted in and out of consciousness a number of times, only vaguely remembering the tenderest of kisses that her sister had placed on her forehead and the delicate touch of her sister’s cold fingertips to her cheek.

It was about ten to eleven when the strawberry blonde began to finally stir awake; the lumps under the heavy decorative quilts on her bed rousing and the tussled mane of her vibrant hair shifting. A soft groan escaped the princess, a very unbefitting sound, as she was met by a stream of sunlight that filtered through the window nearest her.

“S'too bright…” She murmured blurrily, rubbing the heels of her palms against her closed eyes, “Mmm; Elsa…? You gone?” She asked softly, uncovering her eyes and blinking. It took her a moment to adjust to consciousness, brushing a few stray hairs from the corner of her mouth with her knuckles. “Guess so…” She shrugged, tossing the blankets aside and swinging her legs over the side of the bed.

Then queen, meanwhile, was seated in her throne, strumming her fingers against the armrest. This meeting had drawn on far longer than she’d anticipated, and she was far past being able to have brunch with her sister, and as such as was admittedly a bit irritable. Her blue eyes flicked between the faces of the discussing dignitaries, half listening to their discussing the exports of Arendelle, and half wishing to conclude for the afternoon.

“ –but the last shipment was well over a week later than was expected for its arrival!” A well-dressed portly gentleman – the overseer of foreign transports, and a visiting representative of a neighbouring kingdom – stated bluntly.

“Well my men can hardly account for the weather, now can they? It was an unforeseen storm, our ships are otherwise timely.” The other man – in charge of maintaining and monitoring the ships in and out of the fjord – quipped, his arms crossed over his broad chest. “I assure you that, aside from sudden complications, our ships will always arrive as expected.” The transports minister seemed unconvinced, but relented.

“I should hope so; Arendelle is a valued trade partner.” Elsa perked up a bit; a middle ground had been met? Finally! The arguing had been going on far too long, and was holding up the end of the assembly. The trades minister suddenly turned, bowing respectfully Elsa, who straightened up and nodded her head to him. “Your majesty, the kingdom of Corona is eternally grateful for your seeing us, and for understanding our concerns.”

“Of course,” Elsa smiled ever so slightly, trying to subdue the bubbly excitement in her stomach, wanting to rush back to Anna; “We will be sure to send word if the sea appears too treacherous for our ships to sail, to avoid any more confusion.” The man smiled and stood, turning and opening his mouth. When Elsa spotted his lips parting she inhaled deeply, sucking in a deep breath of air, and holding it.

No, no, no. No more talking. She hissed to herself, eyes narrowing. The man then coughed. Elsa’s shoulders slumped as she relaxed, and she breathed softly. Then it happened.


Elsa quickly shot her hand up, covering her mouth, and blushing embarrassedly. The men standing in the room all turned their attentions to her, seeing a faint twinkle of snow fall, having burst suddenly into existence and flutter to the ground in front of the queen’s feet. The platinum blonde’s cheeks burned rosily, her eyes flicking around, and her heart beginning to race.

“M-My apologies, please, excuse me.” She stood, walking at a briskly pace and quickly exiting the room. It wasn’t more than ten steps outside of the throne room before another hiccup escaped Elsa, followed by a burst of snow which shot out and blanketed the floor in front of her feet. A few passing housemaids stopped and stared at the queen, who straightened up and regained her stoic composure.

This quickly failed her, however, as another hiccup broke the façade.

“Are you alright, your majesty?” One of the women asked softly, eyes falling on Elsa. The queen raised her hand dismissively and remained silent. The cluster of women dispersed at the gesture, keeping their eyes down.

Hiccup! Another unflattering burst from the queen, followed by another pile of powdery snow. Elsa’s cheeks were practically on fire; she needed to do something, drink water perhaps? She just knew that she needed to remedy this affliction.

“Water,” She whispered to herself, “mother always said a glass of cold water cures the hiccups.” She reasoned, turning on her heel and heading towards the staircase. As she walked several more hiccups escaped her, causing several more bursts of snow to appear and sprinkle on the ground.

Fearing she wouldn’t make it to the kitchen before another fit of hiccups befell her, the queen paused, trying to remember the list of treatments for such an ailment. Holding your breath, that was one. Stilling, and placing her hand on her chest, the queen inhaled sharply through her nose. She held it, her lungs swelling and soon feeling as though they might burst. Unfortunately, it failed. The queen hiccupped her first breath out, followed by three less vocal hiccups and a small mound of snow appeared on the ground.

“T-That didn’t work,” She breathed, her brow furrowing, annoyed, “I need to…fix this. I’m getting snow everywhe–hiccup!” And then there was yet another blast of snow, this one shooting out and creating a line of white powder in front of the platinum blonde.

Hurriedly, walking around the snow, the queen headed towards the kitchen. She descended the stairs, hiccupping twice more, leaving some snow on the twentieth and seventh steps; Elsa entered the main hall and strode forwards to the east entrance, with her hand cupped over her mouth.

As she neared the door, the monarch felt somewhat relieved, knowing she’d be able to get a much needed glass of water soon enough. It was, unfortunate, that at that exact moment Anna scurried out of the entranceway with an armful of jam filled pastries, one of which was half in her mouth, making her cheeks puff outwards.

El-tha?” The princess murmured, trying to speak her sister’s name around the food in her mouth, which dislodged it and caused it to fall onto the ground. “Uhm, this…isn’t what it looks like?” She tried, wincing a bit.

“Anna, I…I don’t have time for this right now, I need to…to…” The queen felt the unmistakable tightness of another hiccup rising up, trying to stifle it and failing miserably, as she hiccupped loudly and blasted a stream of snow at her sister.

To say she was surprised would be an understatement; Anna had taken a faceful of snow and was currently holding some freshly snow covered pastries. They weren’t quite ruined, per se, but the snow definitely needed to be dusted off before she could eat them.

“I know I shouldn’t be stealing stuff from the kitchen, Elsa,” Anna whined, shaking her head, trying to whip the snow off her face, “but was that really necessary?” Elsa blushed deeply, staring wide eyed, like a reindeer caught in the headlights.

“Anna…I, I'm…I didn’t mean t–hiccup!” And then there was a second burst of snow to join the first, covering the poor princess of Arendelle.

“Elsaaa!” Anna whined again, dropping the pastries and wiping the snow off her face with her hands.

“I really am sorry, Anna,” Elsa replied softly, covering her mouth with her hand, “I have…the…hiccups.” She admitted softly.

“So that means you have to blow snow in my face?” Anna snapped, half glaring, though there was no real anger behind it. “Wait,” The princess blinked, “hiccups? So you really can’t help it?” Elsa shook her head. The strawberry blonde stood there for a moment, looking her sister over before grinning wickedly, a devious plan forming in her mind.

The younger sister suddenly lunged forward, grabbing Elsa’s forearm and pulling her hand from her mouth, crashing their lips together in a deep kiss. The queen stiffened and frost began to creep up the surrounding walls and ceiling. After a moment of enjoying the warmth of her sister’s lips on hers, Elsa pulled back and breathed.

“A-Anna! We could get caught!” She hissed scoldingly. Anna returned the stern look with a wide smile. Elsa blinked and then raised a brow. “Yes?”

“It worked, silly.” She stuck her tongue out at her sister. “Really, I sacrificed my pastries to help you, and that’s the thanks I get?” Elsa scoffed and then smiled.

“What worked? Startling me?”

“I scared you,” Anna corrected quickly, jabbing a finger up at her sister, “so I scared–”

“You startled.” Elsa interrupted, an amused smirk on her lips.

“–fine, startled,” Anna rolled her eyes, “I startled the hiccups away.” Elsa blinked and then laughed.

“I guess you did; thank you.” The princess smiled widely and gave her sister a hug. Elsa returned it and smiled lovingly down at her baby sister. They held the hug for a moment, until the sounds of clattering from behind the kitchen door filtered out, followed by a voice, separating the sisters. Anna paled, ducking behind Elsa, who turned her head to look back at the cowering princess.

“She took them, didn’t she? Again!” A voice hollered, Elsa recognized it as Gerda’s. The heavier set woman then suddenly appeared before them, pushing the two swinging doors of the kitchen apart. Her angered expression faltered and she quickly put on a genuine smile at seeing Elsa. “Queen Elsa, your highness, is something wrong?” Elsa blinked and then understood.

“No, not anymore,” She felt Anna’s hand grip the sleeve of her dress near the shoulder and she smirked, “I assume you’re looking for her…” Elsa stepped aside enough to uncover Anna, but not so much as to disconnect her sister’s hand from her arm. Anna yelped and then smiled sheepishly. Gerda’s eyes fell on her with a disapproving stare.

“Princess Anna, you stole another plate of pastries; those were meant for dinner this evening.” Anna pouted her lower lip and Elsa raised her hand.

“Gerda, I will have Anna clean up the pastries and will punish her myself.” Gerda seemed satisfied with this and bowed respectfully before receding back into the kitchen, the doors swinging closed. Anna continued to pout, turning to Elsa, who grinned back at her.

“Punish me yourself?”

“After you clean the pastries up, yes,” Elsa pulled away and turned to face her sister, “I’ll be waiting for you in our bedroom.”

It was Anna’s turn to smirk.

Miss Arendal (Nursery Teacher AU) Chapter 1

So this is the AU I randomly came up with this evening. I hope everyone enjoys it and please let me know what you think! I am from the UK by the way and this is all based on a nursery I worked in last year. It was connected to a school.

Words: 1560
Rating: T (eventually)
Nursery Teacher AU. Anna is a newly qualified nursery teacher in a British school. When one of the children in her class starts acting up, it leads to a chance encounter with the child’s adoptive older brother.


“Okay kids, remember, toys must go back once you’ve finished playing with them. We don’t want a repeat of yesterday!”

“Yes Miss Arendal” the class replied, jumping to their feet and scurrying off.

Anna couldn’t deny she was exhausted. She had been up until the early hours of the morning finishing a policy document for her nursery class. Being newly qualified was hard, she decided, she wasn’t as practiced at this than other teachers. Gerda, the classroom assistant had been here for years. She sympathised with Anna more so than the other teachers who simply waved a hand and said “You’ll learn”.

“Here, Anna” Gerda said, approaching her at that moment with a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

“Mmm, thanks Gerda!” Anna said taking a sip and sitting back in her chair, watching her class at free play before yawning widely.

“Were you up all night with that blasted paperwork again?”

“Only until two this time!” Anna told her.

“Still far too long” Gerda said “How did you even manage to get up this morning?”

“My sister”

Elsa had woken her up bright and early with pancakes before hurrying out to work herself. She really owed her sister an awful lot. Letting her move in with her after university like that was sweet enough but she always made sure Anna was fed and watered before she left the house and when she came home too.

“She’s a good one that sister of yours” Gerda told her.

“I know, I wish she wouldn’t work herself too hard”

“What is it she does?”

“She’s a graphic designer. Currently she’s working on the new shopping centre in town. It’s a lot of work for her and…”

“AHHHHHH” A tiny voice squealed across the room from the dressing up corner.

Anna jumped up to see Lizzie screeching at the top of her lungs, a police helmet clutched under her left arm and Sven’s teeth clamped around her right.

“SVEN! STOP THAT AT ONCE!” Gerda cried as she and Anna hurried over. Gerda took hold of Lizzie and took her to the toilets to dry her eyes while Anna grabbed Sven’s hand and led him over to sit on the carpet while she knelt in front of him. It wasn’t the first time he’d been in trouble. She’d only been here two months and he was the first name she learnt in her class, mainly from having to shout it at the top of her lungs across the classroom after he had snatched from, bitten, hit or kicked another of his classmates.

“Sven” Anna sighed “We talked about the biting last week. It’s not nice.”

Sven glared at the floor, his face screwed up and brown hair falling into his face so Anna couldn’t see him. Anna slumped, laying on her front and looked up at Sven from the floor so she could see him. He smiled slightly at his teacher before remembering that he was supposed to be angry and he shuffled away from her slightly

“Why did you bite her?” Anna asked, moving again so she was looking up at him.

“She said I wasn’t allowed to play the policeman game”

“That’s not really a great reason to bite her, Pal” Anna said.

“She said it was because her daddy’s a policeman and I don’t have a real daddy so I couldn’t play”

“Ah” Anna said, sitting up. She still wasn’t entirely sure how to deal with this problem. Sven had recently been adopted in the summer by a local family after ending up in the foster system as a baby. She thought for a moment, looking down at the tiny three year old in front of her, sat cross legged and staring so hard at the floor that he was in danger of burning a hole into the carpet, and decided to give him the truth.

“You know, Sven, I don’t have a daddy either”

Sven looked up at her then.

“Why?” he asked

“Well, he died when I was little. I just had my sister. It was hard sometimes but we never bit people” Anna told him, feeling a dull twinge in her chest as she looked into the little boys eyes and saw the same look of confusion and anger that had been present in her eyes for so many of her teenage years. She pulled him into her lap and he cuddled into her as she gave him a big hug.

“But you need to remember Bulda and Cliff love you so very much and they’re going to look after you, just like they have with all your new brothers and sisters”

Sven didn’t reply, just clutched to Anna. She lifted him and carried him back to her seat where they sat in silence as she held him close.

“You know” she whispered after a while “I am going to have to tell Bulda about this. We made that deal after you bit James”

“She’s not picking me up” he told her “my brother is”

“Okay well I’ll have to mention it to him, alright?”

Sven shrugged against her shoulder and was quiet again until it was time for dinner.

“What did Sven say?” Gerda asked when the class had been dismissed for lunch.

“I think he’s struggling with the adoption” Anna said.

“The poor mite” Gerda sighed “he needs to stop the biting though”

“I know; I’m going to mention it to his brother when he picks him up this afternoon”.

She couldn’t be certain but it sounded like Gerda chuckled.

Home time came soon enough and the children gathered their coats. Parents were already waiting in the playground so Anna opened the door and began dismissing her class.

“Sven, will you please tell your brother I need to speak with him before you go?”

Sven nodded and hurried out into the sea of grown-ups. The final members of the class filed out and Anna turned back to pick up some dropped wellington boots when there was a voice behind her.

“Miss Arendal? Sven said you wanted to speak to me?”

Anna stood straight and turned to face the voice coming from the doorway. She froze and gazed up at the tall, muscular blonde, holding a Thomas the Tank Engine backpack and the hand of tiny little Sven. His black tee shirt was tight and outlined an impressive chest and his jeans were low enough that the waist band of his boxer shorts was just visible. His blonde hair fell into large, chocolate coloured eyes which stared back in to her own blue ones. She continued to stare at those eyes and began to feel as though she was floating.

“Miss Arendal?” he asked again, frowning slightly.

“Mmm? Oh! Yes! I, um, yes” she stammered, blushing furiously “It’s about Sven. We caught him biting again today. We’ve given him plenty of chances, but I did say last time I would have to report home if it happened again”

The blonde’s eyebrows furrowed and he sighed, before crouching to look Sven in the eye.

“Is this true, buddy?” he asked.

Sven nodded, looking at the floor again.

“We talked about this after you bit Melody in the garden, it can’t happen. I think you need to apologise to Miss Arendal, she doesn’t need to deal with you biting people; she already has a lot to do”

“I’m sorry Miss Arendal” Sven mumbled.

“It’s okay, sweetheart” Anna said crouching too “but will you promise no more biting?”

“Yes” Sven replied.

“Good” she said

“Okay, bud, do you wanna head to the car? Your sisters already waiting for you”

Sven hurried off without another word leaving Anna alone with the blonde.

“I’m really sorry about this” the blonde said “he’s just taking some time to settle, his last place was pretty rough”

“I totally understand” Anna told him.

“He doesn’t really listen to my parents at the minute. He’s still testing them. He seems to be doing okay with me though. Actually…” the blonde fished in the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out a crumpled receipt, smoothing it out slightly before picking up a red crayon from the side and scrawling on the scrap of paper “this is my number. I know you have my parent’s number on the contact sheet but I’m working nearby at the minute so if you have any problems during the day, give me a ring and I’ll come and talk to him”

“Thank you” Anna said, taking the paper and trying not to drown in those brown eyes again.

“Well I’d better get him home”

“Of course”

“I’ll see you around Miss Arendal”

“Anna” she blurted before she could stop herself.

He smiled slightly and her stomach did a backflip. She felt her cheeks glowing and wished there was a human shape hole in the floor she could step in to and disappear.

“I’m Kristoff” he told her “well, see you!”

He left and Anna remained stood staring at the doorway for another five minutes before Gerda entered.

“Anna? Are you okay?” she asked, snapping Anna from her trance.

“Yes, I’m fine. I, uh, just talked to Sven’s brother”

“I’m guessing by that expression it was the blonde”

Anna nodded.

“You might want to splash your face with cold water, girl. I can feel the heat all the way over here” Gerda laughed.

The Real Definition of Success

This is probably why so many people associate success with a negative meaning when in fact the mission-driven individuals define it as its original and true meaning….. #success

The original definition of Success:  “being generous, prosperous, healthy, and kind.”

Today’s version: “ the attainment of wealth, fame and rank.”

The Mistletoe Challenge

The kingdom of Arendelle was in high spirits. The streets were lined with vendors displaying their wares and children ducked around legs of adults laden with holiday shopping. Inside the royal palace, servants dressed in lively holiday garb ran busily about the corridors, shouting to be heard above the hustle and bustle that came with Christmas. Bells, holly and wreaths decked every inch of space available, adding colour and warmth to the castle halls.

Princess Anna of Arendelle, second in line to the throne and younger sister to the ruling monarch Queen Elsa, slipped through the hot and noisy palace kitchens with all the grace and elegance of a drunken reindeer. Liberating a plate of pastries, she slid out the large room, kicking the door shut behind her. Humming happily, Anna scurried down the hallway before ducking into a secluded hallway. Checking that the coast was clear, she whistled loudly. A door opened and two figures, a burly bond man peeked out. Anna waved him over, gesturing at the plate of pastries. Kristoff grinned widely, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

“Holiday treats made by the very best of the country’s chefs in the queen’s own kitchens." He moaned in ecstasy as he sank his teeth into a large glazed cake. "Are you sure Queen Elsa isn’t going to get angry at you for this?”

Anna shrugged, her mouth as stuffed as his. Swallowing with some difficulty, she gave him a rather sticky smile. “What my sister doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Did you get what I wanted?”

Kristoff pulled a bag out from his jacket, tossing is carelessly to the girl as he returned his attention to the pastries. “Don’t know why you needed these at all in the first place. You live in a palace, can’t you get some just by snapping your fingers and ordering your lackeys or something?”

The redhead shook her head, clutching the precious bundle to her chest with a look that promised mischief. "Elsa won’t let us hang mistletoe around the castle. She says that it isn’t appropriate.“ She looked inside the bag, barely able to contain the excitement bubbling up inside her at all the delicious possibilities she could make with the tiny sprigs within the bag.

 Her friend shrugged, his pockets bulging with pockets holiday treats. 

"Well, good luck then. I’m not chipping you free from the ice if she decides to freeze you in place so you can’t wreck havoc.”

“Puh-leaze Kristoff. Elsa wouldn’t do that.”

“I’ll believe it the day you actually become a normal functioning member of society.”

Anna blew a raspberry at her friend’s retreating back. Standing, she dusted her dress off. It was time for her to put her plan in motion.

Night had fallen over Arendelle by the time Elsa retreated to her chambers. It had been a long day of paperwork, negotiations and overlooking holiday preparations. Upon looking out the window, she could see that it was all worth it. Even from this height, she could sense the holiday cheer emanating from the streets below. Groaning in relief as she sank into a chair, Elsa stretched luxuriously, working out the kinks from her aching muscles and tilting her head back. She sneezed as a something fluttered down from above to tickle her nose. Elsa opened her eyes and froze.

Every inch of the ceiling above her had been covered in mistletoe. It hung there in bunches and twigs and leaves, leaving not a single surface untouched.

“Oh no no no…” she muttered frantically, bolting upright in her chair to twist her neck about, scanning to try and find a single uncovered area. This had to be Anna’s handiwork. No wonder she hadn’t seen hide or hair of her sister during the day. Of course Anna wouldn’t have interfered with the day’s preparations if she was busy preparing for something of her own in Elsa’s room. Elsa dashed to the door. If she hurried, there was still a chance that she could hide out in the library or a spare room until the next day and call in servants to remove the offending plant.

Heaving the door open, Elsa almost whined in despair. 

“Hi Elsa! Can I come in?”


Anna trotted into the room wearing a wide Cheshire cat smile. She twirled, hands behind her back as she looked up at the mistletoe covering her sister’s room. Elsa was standing in the centre of the room and looked as though she was contemplating escape by leaping out her window. Anna sighed. 

“You’re not hiding this year Elsa. You’ve dodged every single sprig of mistletoe for every single Christmas but this year…” Anna grinned widely, her chest swelling slightly at her accomplishment. “This year I’ve won. So c'mere and congratulate me.”

Elsa grimaced, her mouth twisting into a scowl of distaste. She did hate losing. If only she hadn’t been so preoccupied with all her tasks. Every Christmas, the two would compete over mistletoe. Anna would attempt to catch Elsa under the mistletoe and Elsa would evade her. She’d successfully avoided every sprig of mistletoe that Anna had placed for her, even abusing her power as the queen to ban the hanging of mistletoe in the palace. It had been an odd rule yes, but she’d managed to pull it off. She glanced at Anna.

“Where’d you even get the mistletoe?” she asked, though she had a good idea of what the answer would be. 

“Kristoff,” said Anna nonchalantly. “Bribed him with a plate of goodies.”

Elsa cursed inwardly. She should have known that the iceman would side with her sister. Sighing, she drooped, knowing that she was only putting off the inevitable. She’d lost and there was nothing to be done about it. Anna came forward, as though sensing her sister’s resignation. 

“Well then, ” said Elsa, wrapping her arms about Anna’s waist. “May the best player win.”

The redhead smiled, standing on tiptoe to press her lips against Elsa’s. 

“Yes I did.”

Exolvo: Straeh Erised

Anna stomps up to the Sorting Hat, fists balled and face set in determination. She doesn’t care what the hat thinks, what her parents think, what anyone thinks. She’s going into Slytherin to be with her sister, to talk to her sister where she can’t run away, to let her know she’s still there for her, to fix things finally. But as soon as the hat touches her head, it screams Gryffindor.

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