anna rosen

femslash roller derby AUs <3

like charlie going to a match with her friend becky (they wanted to do something with their friday night besides buffy the vampire slayer marathons for a change) and becoming absolutely riveted by maggie “betty boom” zeddmore

like jo and anna as team co-captains who stay up late planning plays over pizza and cheap beer and flirting outrageously between ideas

like ruby, meg, and abaddon on a notoriously rough team and they call themselves hell’s belles or something. the only thing they hit harder than other players in the rink is a bottle of jack at the after party

like krissy and claire as member of rival teams who fall in love against the odds

~¡cute chicks and shenanigans with roller skates and recklessness!~


Rosetta, 1.04

This scene from Alphas is a really important one. Autistic characters are rarely seen in television, let alone two autistic characters carrying on a conversation with each other. In this scene they discuss having independence in a way that not many allistics might necessarily relate to.

A lot of autistic people are told that they can’t take care of themselves. Others are told to that they can take care of themselves but then end up being told that they just have to Try Harder if they decide that they do need help with something.

I like this scene because both it really emphasizes the budding (platonic) relationship between Gary and Anna and because the creators of the show didn’t have to have this exact scene in the show. They could have had any other sort of bonding scene between the two, but they didn’t. They chose to talk about something that’s actually important to real autistic people and show the characters as full and capable human beings. Although a lot of the show is really iffy with its science and especially some of the things that Dr. Rosen says, Anna and Gary are really important characters.