anna rose

Shout out to Matt and Anna Hullum’s son dressing up as Ruby Rose for Halloween.

From the Twitter conversation:

1) He specifically wanted Lindsay Jones to see it (she was thrilled!)
2) When someone commented that he should have dressed as ‘Garnet’ (male!Ruby) instead, Anna just said he was rocking that skirt just fine, and Lindsay agreed.

kanye wests famous video is fucking disgusting. he is ONCE AGAIN?!? being an unapologetic misogynist by adding naked doppelgängers of women in what was supposed to be an orgy. this includes his ex-girlfriend amber rose (who’s expressed her discomfort with him continually mentioning and slut-shaming her YEARS after they broke up), taylor swift (who’s continually expressed her discomfort with him taking credit for her career, calling her a bitch and insinuating she owed him sex), rihanna (who is pictured in bed next to her abuser), caitlyn jenner (who is probably being targeted bc she is a trans woman) and anna wintour (i’m guessing this has something to do with his failures in the fashion industry?).

and they are pictured with, get this, the biggest scum in the world… bill cosby (an admitted serial rapist), chris brown (an abuser/ misogynist who said the mother of his child was using him as a “meal ticket” among many MANY M A N Y other things), george bush (??¿¿?), and donald trump (…………..) not only is this fucking disrespectful to all the women involved, it’s SEXUAL HARASSMENT. no one other than him and his wife consented to this portrayal. so how bout y'all stop excusing him and that nasty song/ video because you hate taylor swift?


Pardon the long-ish post but!!! I was!!! screaming!!! I couldn’t believe I stumbled upon this in the Kyoto Station department store (Isetan) and it was just amazing!! I wasn’t expecting the original signed work either! Ugh, truly a marvel to behold and I’m so happy I got to see this in time!

Chainmail Bikini preview: Pocket Worlds ⊟

All week, we’re featuring samples from Chainmail Bikini, the "comics anthology celebrating female gamers". The upcoming Kickstarter-ed book features a number of portable gaming-themed stories, like this preview page from Anna Rose (Tumblr / Quick bio: “Anna Rose is an illustrator. Her favorite game is Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, and her favorite food is a cheeseburger.”).

Chainmail Bikini will offer 200+ pages of comics about video games, tabletop RPGs, collectible card games, and more from 40 cartoonists. It sounds like a really awesome project, and we’d be happy if you pledged some cash to get a copy of the book and to help the participating artists get paid even more!


All Disney Princesses + Bonus (Giselle from Enchanted) in trendy Upper East Side outfits.

This was inspired by punziella “Casual Princesses” which is super cool and cute.😊


You can have a broken heart, a heart of gold, a heart of stone, a beating heart, a bleeding heart, a heart of steel, the heart of a lion or a wild heart, but at the end of the day, after the fight, after the pain, our hearts still beat at the same rate.



Hot on the heels of their recent limited Sailor Moon line of products, designer brand Anna Sui is holding another pop-up shop with new items under the “Anna Sui x 7 Manga” collaboration to be sold in very limited numbers in Japan between May 15-28th. A mix of new & old manga titles were chosen to get featured on these items, including classics like Princess Knight, Unico, The Rose of Versailles, Patalliro!, and Urusei Yatsura. Because they’re extremely limited, and only sold in the pop-up shop, the prices range from around $70 for the Lum coin pouch to a whopping $1,100 for the Rose of Versailles purse!