anna rose

Chainmail Bikini preview: Pocket Worlds ⊟

All week, we’re featuring samples from Chainmail Bikini, the "comics anthology celebrating female gamers". The upcoming Kickstarter-ed book features a number of portable gaming-themed stories, like this preview page from Anna Rose (Tumblr / Quick bio: “Anna Rose is an illustrator. Her favorite game is Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, and her favorite food is a cheeseburger.”).

Chainmail Bikini will offer 200+ pages of comics about video games, tabletop RPGs, collectible card games, and more from 40 cartoonists. It sounds like a really awesome project, and we’d be happy if you pledged some cash to get a copy of the book and to help the participating artists get paid even more!


this is a portrait of my good buddy  krystal that i made for a secret santa swap this year. i wanted to draw her and her cat biscuits as bosozoku delinquent punks. i also tried very hard to channel my inner kaneoya sachiko. aaand i used real screentones for the first time ever!

i kinda wanna put digital colors over this. hm hm hm…

this is an image i made for meishi smile, one of my most favorite musicians. please check out their work if you are not familiar already! in fact, every artist on zoom lens is absolute quality. <3

i’m selling a limited run of silkscreen posters of this image in my shop! they’re signed and numbered, zoom lens approved, and come with a sweet bootleg holographic sailor moon sticker.