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Turn Cast and How They Solve Problems:
  • Mary Woodhull: Burn/ Shoot them
  • Abraham Woodhull: Murder them
  • Anna Strong: Manipulates/ Redirects them
  • Hewlett: Peaceable solution/ then resorts to murder
  • Simcoe: shooting/ Razing/ Scalping/ Bayoneting and poisoning them...ect
  • Richard Woodhull: Manipulates/Frames/Prosecutes them
  • Ben Tallmadge: Fights them
  • Samuel Tallmadge: Prays them away
  • Caleb Brewster: Fights/ Blows them up/ hatchets them
  • Rivington: GOSSIPS them away/ prints them in the local paper
  • Robert Townsend: Buys advertisement to cleverly conceal them from some but annouce them to others
  • Benedict Arnold: Inflates his ego till its BIGGER than HIS PROBLEMS
  • John Andre: Flirts his way out/ sends others to "covertly" deal with them
  • William Bradford: Has Lee help solve them/ harasses them
  • Charles Lee: Goes to the enemy to have them fixed
  • General Scott: Rolls his eyes/threatens court martial
  • Robert Rogers: Violence is the best way to solve them
  • Philomena Cheer: Pretends she doesn't have problems
  • Peggy Shippen: Flirts/ Charms her way out
  • General Washington: Fights them with gusto and prayer
  • Robeson: Resorts to illegal activity to solve them

TURN: Washington’s Spies | S3E2 Cold Murdering Bastards

 ↳ “You never know, you might be hanging with me. At any rate, you’ll be shown to be the fool that you really are.”

HEY! Big thank you to everybody who stopped by during my stream <3 it really means a lot to me that ya’ll wanted to chat with little old awkward me.

Tried drawing all the Turn characters. Some came out better than others but you can’t win every time. 

Anywhooo I love this show to death and it (no matter what) will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ve enjoyed watching these characters grow as individuals to only have their hopes and dreams crushed. Haha. Good times :’)

Turn Squads: Crack Musings

Created with help from @ask-abraham-woodhull

I’m Going To Touch Everyone’s Stuff Squad: Simcoe/ Caleb Brewster

I’ve Got Serious Table Manners Squad:  Major Hewlett, Major Andre, Benjamin Tallmadge 

Everyone is an annoying shite except me squad: Richard Woodhull/ Robert Rogers

The Raspy But Extremely Pleasant Voice Squad: Washington & only Washington

I’m Manipulative and I Don’t Care Squad: Mary Woodhull/ Richard Woodhull/ Simcoe

I’ve Got Nothing To Loose Squad: Samuel/Ben/Reverend Tallmadge,  Caleb Brewster, Anna Strong

I Don’t Want To Be a Spy but I’m a Spy Squad: Abraham Woodhull/ Robert Townsend

Please Leave Me To my Business Squad: Selah/ Robert Townsend/ Robert Rogers/ Akin-Bode 

I Look Really Unattractive With a Beard Squad: Abe/ Selah/ Hewlett/ Ben (probably) 

I Look Like A Kid Without Facial Hair: Brewster 

The I should Never Shave Squad: Robert Rogers/ Brewster

I’m So Rich You Don’t Understand Squad: Peggy Shippen/King George III

Lets Have Fun and Harass Abe Squad: Simcoe/ Richard/ Mary 

The Holy Shit We All LOVE Anna Squad: Abe/ Simcoe/ Hewlett/ Selah

Your Business Is My Business: Andre/ Tallmadge/ Hale/ Anna/ Caleb/ Townsend

The We Forgot About You but You are Horrible Squad: Benedict Arnold/ Bradford/ Charles Lee

The I’m Always Cleaning up Everyone’s messes Squad: Anna/ Abigail/ Washington

I’m Always in A Messy Situation Squad: Selah/ Abe/ Anna/ Simcoe (though he loves it) 

I’m Always Doing Something Unusual Squad: Abraham

The I’ll Hard-Boil Your Eggs/ Don’t Insult My Cooking/Tavern/Inn Squad: Townsend/ Anna

The OMG I Nearly Forgot You Were Here But I Love You Squad: Cicero, Abigail, Lawrence Washington, Lil Thomas/ Reverend Tallmadge, Ensign Baker

The I Deserved To Be Loved Not Shot Squad: Ensign Baker

The I Never Hurt Anyone Squad: Thomas/ Cicero/ Baker 

The I Set Fire to Things for Fun Squad: Caleb/ Mary Woodhull

I Love Danger Squad: Caleb

Most likely to Steal Your Things Squad: Caleb/ Andre (by extension from Sackett)/ Simcoe/ Richard Woodhull

((there will probably be more. Feel free to add to this list XDDD))

Instagraming things my friends/family will probably be confused over.

Oh yeah living the life.

(Anytime I see TURN I think of Turn Down For What by Lil Jon…)