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Having been in the bjd hobby since 2008, I owed my inspiration to two OCs shelled both as the SOOM classics, MechaAngels Sabik and Meisa. Their oldschool beauty still enamors me, but I wanted to downsize (try to find props and clothes for an 80cm giant!), literally, reshelling my Yaret and Anna as smaller, SD-sized dolls. Since Soom has released a SG Sabik, Yaret wasn’t an issue, but finding a doll for Anna was tricky. In truth, Soom Meisa is “too pretty” for the character, whose beauty I always saw as unconventional and soulful in the way of Jennifer Connelly. When I saw Dollshe Aramis, I felt it could be reshaped just right for the character.

So, here she is, my new Anna Reilly, a Dollshe femAramis on Dollstown 18 y.o., modified by me.

Seven Minutes in Heaven

“So… um… I think we’re supposed to kiss…” she said after a while.

“Y-yeah. Yeah, I think so…”

“So, um… whenever you’re ready… we… um…”

(Rated K+/PG, borderline T/PG-13)

Okay… the last bit of Ch. 23 for Fire and Ice has been fighting me like crazy, so I decided to give it a rest and come back to it with fresh eyes tomorrow. So… here’s this. If anything, it’s just a way for me to let you guys know that I am, in fact, alive and well. Full disclosure: this was written in one sitting and under the influence of a couple glasses of wine, so it’s unedited garbage. Enjoy! :p 

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Sometimes I like to think this is the face Anna makes when she discovers she’s pregnant for the first time.

She hasn’t been feeling well for a few days, but hey, it’s late winter – people get sick. There’s one morning she’s casually looking at a calender or something, and notices it’s… I don’t know. Let’s say it’s the 19th. She thinks about it for a moment. Her course typically arrives around the 10th or so, but it’s never been later than the 12th. So she is, at the very least, a week late. And her face brightens up, her smile widens, and she gasps as she realizes it wasn’t a stubborn bout of the flu after all.

She flies out of the room in glee, shouting for Kristoff.
The Trouble With Miracles, The Final Chapter, a frozen fanfic | FanFiction

It’s not real, Kristoff thought frantically. It’s not real, Kristoff. It isn’t real until you see it for yourself. Don’t believe it. Don’t…

And that’s a wrap! Thanks to everyone who’s been following this rather painful story, and I’m so sorry the last couple of updates have been few and far between. But we’ve finally reached Chapter Eight - the end - and I hope it pleases!

As it’s now nearly 2 a.m., I unfortunately could only do a quick edit on this; please forgive any major typos. I’ll fix them during a proper polish over the weekend. 

Again, thank you all so much! Enjoy! :)
Fire and Ice Chapter 16: Just In Case, a frozen fanfic | FanFiction

“Thanks! And how are you this evening, Dimitri?”

“Swell!” he said again, and Elsa chuckled to herself. “So swell, in fact, that I think it’s time for a dance. Shall we?”

Instead of gesturing to his wife, Dimitri offered a hand to Anna to the surprise of both sisters. Anna furrowed her brow, glancing at Tatyana to gauge her reaction to her tipsy husband’s innocent advance. Elsa, too, eyed the latter’s face. Tatyana, however, was grinning from ear to ear and slightly waving her hand.

“Go for it!” she laughed. “I’m not one for dancing, especially not now!”

Anna giggled. “Alright, then!”

As Dimitri took Anna by the hand and led her to the dance floor, Elsa turned to Tatyana with an inquisitive look on her face.

“You don’t mind Dimitri dancing with Anna?” she inquired. “I thought you liked to dance?”

“Oh, I do,” Tatyana declared, “just not with a big belly! Besides, he’d been planning to dance with Anna this evening.”


Tatyana smirked. “Because if she dances with Dimitri, it won’t seem so suspicious to everyone else if she dances with Kristoff tonight, too.”

It’s an Elsa chapter. Sorry. You all know I’m not good with Elsa lol. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it. :)

Warning: this chapter addresses Anna’s emotional abuse.