anna rants about things

the thing about being a fan of both the marauders And chronicles of narnia is at first glance u never know if it’s a caspian edit or a sirius black edit or if it’s just ppl appreciating ben barnes’s face and i, for one, welcome this chaos w/ open arms

gosh, there are so many things i would love to reblog, but don’t because of people’s stupid, entitled, holier-than-thou commentary like

this won’t make your blog ugly

if you have a heart, you won’t just scroll past this

what? afraid this’ll mess up your theme?

it’s like, bitch, i’m not going to congratulate you for reblogging tough stuff and then bragging how selfless and unshallow that apparently makes you. you want a medal or something?

Okay but if Dan DOES shave his hair, please don’t get mad at him or send him death threats. It’s just HAIR. It will grow back. No need to get your panties in a bunch over it, ESPECIALLY if you’re considering harassing Dan over it.