anna rages

Anna Ripley condescendingly tells Percy that she didn’t even realize it was him she’d locked up in Stillben.

Vex’ahlia condescendingly demands that Ripley give her the armor she’s already got half on because nobody, least of all you, gets to treat Percy like that.

Ok but about Moriarty

I miss him so much like… If he really is dead and we only get the consulting criminal in Sherlocks mind anymore… I would be fuckin disappointed !
Not only because something would be missing in the show but I want : Jims Backstory, I want Sherlock hunting him down because I clearly love Sherlock most when he tries to catch Jim, I want to see scenes OF MORIARTYS BUSINESS LIFE…and most of all, I want to see a tiny little glimpse of everything. Give me vulnerable Jim, give me badass Jim playing tricks on the government just for fun or to entertain Sherlock.
Oh and did I mention Jim and Sherlock just having super intelligent conversations ?
Please Moffat. Don’t take him away from me so early , there’s still so much potential in him D:

No, Nos, do not think about what the plot would be in that age reversal AU. 

(Do not think of Elsa’s powers coming to light, do not think of Anna mouthing “run” to her little, terrified sister.  “I’ll find you.”  Do not think of an eight-year-old child running through the forest and the mountains.  Do not think of a certain gruff ice harvester and reindeer finding a scared child.  Do not think of how Anna meets Kristoff.  Do not think of Anna’s rage at the foreign dignitaries who tried to harm her family.)