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european stereotypes as i’ve encountered them

austria: germans who love schnitzels, strudels and skiing. the sound of music fanatics.
switzerland: heidi and guns. money hoarders. 
italy: pizza and coffee mafia. do not mention ketchup, pineapple or starbucks.
belgium: fake country. beer and waffles. the place where all “faceless evil bureaucrats” come from. 
russia: ice ice baby, communists, insane drivers and furry hats.
netherlands: gays, bicycles and weed.
poland: more catholic than the pope. appointed jesus as their king.
belarus: modern soviet union.
estonia: godless, nordic wannabes.  
portugal: spanish people who speak brazilian and love football.
finland: takes ‘personal space’ to a whole new level. saunas, depression and heavy metal.
romania: drunk, poor vampires always ready to protest.
france: pastry, wine and sex. they invented french fries just ask the belgians. 
ukraine: rip
germany: all work and no play make jack a dull boy, where humor goes to die, socks and sandals. 
greece: invented democracy but did not put a trademark on it so now they broke.
spain: fiestas and siestas ftw. old british people retire here, god save the spanish
hungary: goulash, paprika and chill
ireland: drunk leprechauns
united kingdom: posh americans, football hooligans and tea
turkey: kebab and fascism

Kira Shepard’s xenophobic dad, who broke off all contact with his sister–who ended up being Commander Sun Shepard’s mother–finding out years and years later that not only has his niece saved the galaxy and married a turian, his own daughter has fallen in love with a quarian and will have Sun as her maid of honor at the wedding.

His wife, Hannah, laughs when she finds out, almost as much as she’d giggled about his sister’s name Hana when they’d first gotten engaged (he had a slew of nicknames to avoid ever calling her Hannah, including Anna). He rages for a solid three days, though Kira had left by the second hour, and eventually Kira’s mother gives him an ultimatum:

“The way I see it you have two options–either be a good father and a meaningful part of one of the most special times of your daughter’s life (your daughter the war hero, I might add), or you stay here and skulk while I go and be the good parent who loves my daughter and whoever she loves no matter what, so long as she’s treated well.”

It still takes him a while to convince himself to go to anything related to the wedding, but once he meets Tali in person, his nerves fade. At least it’s not a turian, anyway–

Sun and Garrus, now known as Admiral Vakarian-Shepard and husband (according to Garrus) are the “maids of honor” and Garrus takes great pleasure in making Kira’s dad as uncomfortable as possible. And Kira thinks it’s hilarious.

“Serves him right,” she breathes behind her napkin to her cousin, who snorts and shakes her head as Kira’s father goes even more red around the ears when Garrus makes another “humanity is weak” joke.

Anna Ripley condescendingly tells Percy that she didn’t even realize it was him she’d locked up in Stillben.

Vex’ahlia condescendingly demands that Ripley give her the armor she’s already got half on because nobody, least of all you, gets to treat Percy like that.

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Elsa having a secret love affair with a girl, and Anna walking in or otherwise finding out and being super supportive and getting hot headed at the kingdom because her sister can't get married, and Elsa is all like "i've only known her a couple weeks" but Anna is on a mission

Elsa pulled her new personal servant girl Helena in to her bed room by the hands giggling. They had been doing this for about two weeks now. Sneaking around and making out after pulling each other in to to empty rooms through out the palace. Anna had been suspicious of Elsa’s bubbly good mood since as well after she had started laughing to herself and going in to a smiling daze at dinner for no reason. Anna had promised her that she would figure out what she was hiding but Elsa insisted it was nothing.

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prompt for cr star wars au: percys possessions?

I wasn’t sure whether you meant the time Percy got possessed or were referring to the stuff that he owns, so I did a little of both.  So sorry if this isn’t what you had in mind.

- - -

Percival de Rolo played many roles for the Rebellion.  He was first and foremost an engineer, but he was also a pilot, soldier, spy, lawyer, and Sith expert.  As such, there were many tools that he liked to keep with him, so as to be prepared to switch roles at a moment’s notice.

In the pockets of his blue leather jacket, he kept the two things he considered most important: the violet kyber shard Keyleth had given him and a wrench.  On his left hip, there was the perpetual presence of his personalized blaster.  His belt was a covered in small pouches containing substances of varying levels of danger, as well as a number of nifty gadgets.  The shaft of his right boot was the home of a small data card he used for covert information extraction.

The only tool, however, that he carried always, no matter what he wore, was his tainted connection to the Force.  He remembered everything Darth Orthax had given him, though the malevolent echo of the Sith Lord was gone from his body.  It granted him terrible power, but he refused to use it unless it was to protect innocent lives.

Unfortunately, he didn’t always live up to that principle.  He still had rage inside him, driving him forward.  Rage towards the Empire.  Rage towards the bounty hunter Anna Ripley.  Rage towards those who had hurt the people he loved.  Rage towards himself for his own failures.  It controlled him almost as surely as Orthax once had.  It led to him doing things that he wasn’t proud of, like striking a confused boy with Force lightning in retaliation for harming Keyleth.

Keyleth hadn’t objected at the time - or perhaps she had.  He had fallen unconscious in that battle shortly after deciding to let go of his anger and was nearly killed.  But after he was brought back from the brink of death, she spoke to him about her concerns.  She told him that his anger had been leading him towards the Dark Side of the Force and it had been scaring her, but because he had made a conscious choice to let go of those feelings, she believed that he could find the Light.

From that day forward, he began to walk the path of a Gray Jedi with a new tool in his belt: his own lightsaber, made with Keyleth’s help from the violet kyber shard that had long been a symbol of their friendship.


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Ok but about Moriarty

I miss him so much like… If he really is dead and we only get the consulting criminal in Sherlocks mind anymore… I would be fuckin disappointed !
Not only because something would be missing in the show but I want : Jims Backstory, I want Sherlock hunting him down because I clearly love Sherlock most when he tries to catch Jim, I want to see scenes OF MORIARTYS BUSINESS LIFE…and most of all, I want to see a tiny little glimpse of everything. Give me vulnerable Jim, give me badass Jim playing tricks on the government just for fun or to entertain Sherlock.
Oh and did I mention Jim and Sherlock just having super intelligent conversations ?
Please Moffat. Don’t take him away from me so early , there’s still so much potential in him D: