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european stereotypes as i’ve encountered them

austria: germans who love schnitzels, strudels and skiing. the sound of music fanatics.
switzerland: heidi and guns. money hoarders. 
italy: pizza and coffee mafia. do not mention ketchup, pineapple or starbucks.
belgium: fake country. beer and waffles. the place where all “faceless evil bureaucrats” come from. 
russia: ice ice baby, communists, insane drivers and furry hats.
netherlands: gays, bicycles and weed.
poland: more catholic than the pope. appointed jesus as their king.
belarus: modern soviet union.
estonia: godless, nordic wannabes.  
portugal: spanish people who speak brazilian and love football.
finland: takes ‘personal space’ to a whole new level. saunas, depression and heavy metal.
romania: drunk, poor vampires always ready to protest.
france: pastry, wine and sex. they invented french fries just ask the belgians. 
ukraine: rip
germany: all work and no play make jack a dull boy, where humor goes to die, socks and sandals. 
greece: invented democracy but did not put a trademark on it so now they broke.
spain: fiestas and siestas ftw. old british people retire here, god save the spanish
hungary: goulash, paprika and chill
ireland: drunk leprechauns
united kingdom: posh americans, football hooligans and tea
turkey: kebab and fascism

Spring Awakening where everything’s the same except that the girls are on a roller derby team and the boys are all just huge fans of their team. 

Wendla is a jammer and Thea is pivot which is why they’re such good friends. They talk roller derby non-stop.

Ilse and Martha find that roller derby is a good stress reliever and the best way to get out all the pent-up rage.

Anna and Melitta just like any excuse for aggressive competition.

Anna Ripley condescendingly tells Percy that she didn’t even realize it was him she’d locked up in Stillben.

Vex’ahlia condescendingly demands that Ripley give her the armor she’s already got half on because nobody, least of all you, gets to treat Percy like that.

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Elsa having a secret love affair with a girl, and Anna walking in or otherwise finding out and being super supportive and getting hot headed at the kingdom because her sister can't get married, and Elsa is all like "i've only known her a couple weeks" but Anna is on a mission

Elsa pulled her new personal servant girl Helena in to her bed room by the hands giggling. They had been doing this for about two weeks now. Sneaking around and making out after pulling each other in to to empty rooms through out the palace. Anna had been suspicious of Elsa’s bubbly good mood since as well after she had started laughing to herself and going in to a smiling daze at dinner for no reason. Anna had promised her that she would figure out what she was hiding but Elsa insisted it was nothing.

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prompt for cr star wars au: percys possessions?

I wasn’t sure whether you meant the time Percy got possessed or were referring to the stuff that he owns, so I did a little of both.  So sorry if this isn’t what you had in mind.

- - -

Percival de Rolo played many roles for the Rebellion.  He was first and foremost an engineer, but he was also a pilot, soldier, spy, lawyer, and Sith expert.  As such, there were many tools that he liked to keep with him, so as to be prepared to switch roles at a moment’s notice.

In the pockets of his blue leather jacket, he kept the two things he considered most important: the violet kyber shard Keyleth had given him and a wrench.  On his left hip, there was the perpetual presence of his personalized blaster.  His belt was a covered in small pouches containing substances of varying levels of danger, as well as a number of nifty gadgets.  The shaft of his right boot was the home of a small data card he used for covert information extraction.

The only tool, however, that he carried always, no matter what he wore, was his tainted connection to the Force.  He remembered everything Darth Orthax had given him, though the malevolent echo of the Sith Lord was gone from his body.  It granted him terrible power, but he refused to use it unless it was to protect innocent lives.

Unfortunately, he didn’t always live up to that principle.  He still had rage inside him, driving him forward.  Rage towards the Empire.  Rage towards the bounty hunter Anna Ripley.  Rage towards those who had hurt the people he loved.  Rage towards himself for his own failures.  It controlled him almost as surely as Orthax once had.  It led to him doing things that he wasn’t proud of, like striking a confused boy with Force lightning in retaliation for harming Keyleth.

Keyleth hadn’t objected at the time - or perhaps she had.  He had fallen unconscious in that battle shortly after deciding to let go of his anger and was nearly killed.  But after he was brought back from the brink of death, she spoke to him about her concerns.  She told him that his anger had been leading him towards the Dark Side of the Force and it had been scaring her, but because he had made a conscious choice to let go of those feelings, she believed that he could find the Light.

From that day forward, he began to walk the path of a Gray Jedi with a new tool in his belt: his own lightsaber, made with Keyleth’s help from the violet kyber shard that had long been a symbol of their friendship.


A masterpost of YA books (and a few crossover MG titles) to be released in May 2014.  Check out this month’s new releases below.  Feel free to use this as a guide to this month’s releases, but please do not repost it in its entirety elsewhere.  If you found this masterpost helpful, a like, reblog, or link back to Paperback’d would be much appreciated! If you know of a YA book to be released this month that isn’t on the list, drop me a message and I’ll update it!

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Frohana Week - "Tuesdays"

Sorry this is late!! (Frozen Fandom month is over boo)

So I hope this isn’t too OOC for Anna, but I figured even the happiest people would have their bad days, especially after going through what she went through.

WARNING: Possible triggers for depression.

NOTE: I do not have a psychology degree nor do I have first-hand knowledge of depression. This was simply from my imagination.

Rating: K


They came to dread Tuesdays.

Every other day of the week she was Anna — spirited, energetic, exuberant, happy. But on Tuesdays, she wasn’t.

It was Elsa who noticed it first, Kristoff being away on an ice harvesting trip the first week and a half. They had reconnected on a Wednesday, so it was almost a full week before Elsa experienced it. In those first few days, Anna would come bounding into Elsa’s room in the mornings before breakfast, plopping herself down on her sister’s bed. They would chat and laugh, Elsa would sometimes shyly ask Anna to brush her hair. Anna would accept, sometimes a tad too excitedly, snagging her sister’s hair accidentally and apologizing profusely, Elsa merely laughing and shrugging it off.

The first Tuesday, Elsa waited in her room, as usual. The bell rang for breakfast. Anna still hadn’t come. Elsa hurriedly dressed and made her way to the dining room. Perhaps Anna had slept in and decided to go straight to breakfast. The dining room was empty.

Elsa ate silently, painfully aware something was amiss, but not knowing what it was or how to deal with it. She suddenly noticed that the table had only been set for one. She turned to ask Gerda about it but another servant was standing in Gerda’s place.

She made her way quietly towards her sister’s room, stepping gingerly on the floor, as if she were afraid to wake a sleeping giant. As she neared her sister’s room, she saw Gerda exiting, closing the door softly behind her.

“Gerda?” She called out softly. Although Elsa spoke barely above a whisper, Gerda jumped.

“Your majesty! Forgive me, I was not expecting you there.” Gerda held a hand up to her heart.

“I apologize for startling you.” Elsa was not sure what to think of what was happening. “Gerda, what’s going on? Is there something wrong? Is Anna sick?” There were so many more questions, but she decided to start with those.

Gerda sighed, and regarded the queen with a sad look.

“My dear majesty,” She motioned for the queen to walk ahead of her, not wanting to talk right outside Anna’s door.

“What is it Gerda?” Elsa stopped at an alcove a few steps away, not being able to hold out any longer.

“This is not my place to tell you this, but-” She clutched at her apron, twisting it nervously with her fingers, “Thirteen years is a long time.” She whispered, dropping her gaze.

“What do you mean? Gerda, please tell me!” Elsa was growing frantic, she could feel the ice frosting on her fingertips.

“Oh Elsa,” Gerda almost broke down, suddenly gripping Elsa’s hands in hers, “It was on a Tuesday,” she continued, her eyes growing misty, “when you shut your door.”

Kristoff came back from that first ice harvesting trip on a Monday. Anna came to greet him at the stables, jumping into his arms before he could even step off the sled. She talked animatedly at him, while he laughed and listened, stroking her hair and gazing into her eyes. 

Elsa pulled him aside at the first possible moment, gripping his arm and steering him into her study. 

“Uh, your majesty, is something wrong?” He asked nervously, pulling his hat off of his sweaty head and kneading it roughly with his fingers. Elsa closed the door swiftly but silently behind him and let out a deep sigh, resting her forehead lightly on the door. 

“Queen Elsa?” He tried again, when she didn’t move an inch or make an attempt to answer his first question. 

“Kristoff.” She exhaled finally, shaking her head, “We have a big problem.”

Kristoff felt a sudden attack of nerves hit him, as fresh sweat began to form at his temples, the beads threatening to make an escape down his face.

“Oh, well, um, it’s not what you think, you see, we- uh- I mean, me, it was always me! Never Anna! Don’t blame her! We just- I mean- I just- can’t control myself… No! That sounds wrong, it’s just that-“ 

“Kristoff!” Elsa whirled around to face him, her hand up in the air, “I don’t want to hear about that right now, but trust me, we’ll get to it at some point,” Elsa grumbled, giving him a sidelong glance. Kristoff blushed to the tips of his toes. 

“So what’s the problem?” He cleared his throat, grateful for a chance to change the topic. 

“It’s Anna.” Elsa sighed heavily, moving past Kristoff towards her desk.

“What’s wrong with Anna?” He moved towards her, concern pressing on his features. 

Elsa placed both of her hands palm down on her desk and leaned all of her weight down, her head bowing as she did so.

“She’s- she’s broken.” Elsa whispered, her voice cracking on the last word.

“What do you mean?” Kristoff was confused. The Anna he met back at the stables upon his return was the exact same Anna he had left a week and a half earlier. “She seems perfectly fine to me.” 

Elsa turned to look at him, her face drawn and pale.

“Tomorrow. You’ll see what I mean tomorrow. It always happens on Tuesdays.”


The next morning, Kristoff woke early and busied himself, knowing that Anna usually spent the time before breakfast with her sister. He visited Sven in the stables and brought him some carrots, checked the sled for any repairs it might need, then headed back to his room to clean up for breakfast. 

Even before he entered the dining room, he noticed the chill in the air. Opening the door, he saw Elsa sitting in her usual spot. A setting had been placed in his spot, but Anna’s was empty.


The two of them made their way towards Anna’s room in silence, united in a common goal, but divided on how to reach it. Kristoff had wanted to confront her, while Elsa had wanted to wait until she came out on her own. In the end they decided to let Anna make the choice. They would knock on her door and ask. 

Kristoff reached the door first, his long strides were no match for the petite queen. He lifted his fist to knock, hesitated only a second, before he rapped resolutely on the door. There was no answer. 

“Anna? Are you there? It’s Kristoff.” He paused to listen for an answer, a movement, anything. All that returned, was silence. “Anna, will you please open the door? Elsa and I would like to talk to you.” Still nothing. Elsa looked nervously at Kristoff, motioning that they should go, but Kristoff was already turning the doorknob.

The first thing that struck them when they entered the room was the darkness. The heavy drapes had been drawn, keeping the bright morning sunlight at bay. Kristoff hadn’t even realized there were drapes in that room in the first place, every time he had been in that room it was always bright and cheery, like Anna herself. 

Once his eyes adjusted to the lack of light, he moved towards the bed, with Elsa close at his elbow. From the dim light of the hallway he could see a figure lying on the bed, turned away from them. Elsa shuddered at his side, and he placed a reassuring hand on her arm to steady her. 

Soon they had rounded the bed, and stood in front of her. Elsa was so nervous she had unwittingly started a light snowfall, and it took another squeeze from Kristoff’s hand to center her. 

Anna was lying on her right side close to the edge of the bed, on top of her covers, in the same outfit she had been wearing the previous day. Her hair was only slightly disheveled, but it was her eyes that made Elsa’s breath hitch. 

Her bright, beautiful eyes were open, but flat. Kristoff moved to kneel in front of her, and she continued to stare at nothing, as if she could see right through him.

“Anna.” He took her hand in his and stroked it gently. At his touch, she started to come around, her eyes finally focusing. She looked at Kristoff, and comprehension began to appear on her face.

“Kristoff?” Her voice was still wrong, not peppy enough, not Anna.

“It’s me. Elsa’s here too.” He motioned for Elsa to come closer and she did, taking one hesitant step forward. Once Elsa’s face came into the dim light, Anna’s expression changed. 

“Elsa?” She sat up slowly, staring at her sister as if she were an apparition. Elsa’s lip quivered, and she fidgeted with her hands, trying in vain to keep her power at bay. The snowfall started again, very sparsely at first, but soon fat snowflakes fell as her nerves got the better of her.

“Elsa,” Anna said again, this time with a warmth that could light an entire room. “You’re here.” She took Elsa’s hands in both of hers, and immediately the snowflakes disappeared. Elsa couldn’t hold back any longer. Sobbing, she fell into Anna’s arms, and the sisters held each other for a long time, Kristoff watching in reverent silence.


Every Tuesday after that, Elsa and Kristoff would do the same thing. They would wake up, have breakfast, then head over to Anna’s room. Usually Gerda would be leaving, having dropped off Anna’s breakfast (which always remained untouched). 

Anna’s reactions, however, would differ. Sometimes she would simply lie there, and any pleading or cajoling by either her sister or Kristoff would be ineffective. It would always be Elsa who would give up first, scared of pushing her too far. She would often have to drag Kristoff away, which took a lot of effort on her part. 

Other times, and these were the times Elsa dreaded, she would react with anger. Kristoff made the mistake of opening the drapes once, and Anna flew into a rage. It was those times when Elsa felt grateful for Kristoff’s size, as he would simply hold her, encompassing her in his broad embrace, until her screams turned to sobs and she clung to him as her cries subsided.

Sometimes, she would cry. These times, Elsa never wanted to go in, fearful that she wouldn’t be able to withstand Anna’s pain. Kristoff would always gently remind her that it was her presence that Anna needed, and she would tearfully agree. These times, Elsa would simply sit by Anna’s side, and cry with her. 

But the two never gave up, and soon enough the Tuesdays started to get a little better. Sometimes, she would acknowledge their presence. Sometimes she would even talk to them. And very rarely, sometimes she would smile.


One Tuesday, Elsa lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. There was a heavy knock on her door. 

“Come in, Kristoff.” She already knew it was him, and what he was going to say. The door opened, and Kristoff stepped resolutely into the room. 

“Elsa, you missed breakfast.” He tilted his head to look at her, and she could tell he was holding back.

“I wasn’t hungry.” She still stared at the ceiling, avoiding his gaze.

“Come on, it’s time to go see Anna.” He was a man with a mission, and clearly didn’t have time for reticent snow queens. He moved forward to take her by the hand when Elsa suddenly sat up.

“It’s hopeless, Kristoff.” She held her head in her hands and her shoulders slumped. “I’m scared she’ll never get over this. I’m scared she’ll never forgive me.” 

Kristoff sat on the bed, quite aware that it wasn’t proper for him to be there, but he didn’t care. Propriety was the least of his worries that morning.

“Elsa, we can’t give up on her now. You’ve seen she’s making progress. We just have to keep going. We have to show her that there are people who love her. That you love her, and will always be there for her. That’s what she needs. Elsa, I can’t do this without you.” Kristoff stood up and held out his hand, “Will you come with me?” Reluctantly, Elsa placed a shaking hand in his, and let him lead her to Anna’s door. 

As they neared the door, Elsa’s heart pounding as usual, they noticed it was slightly open. They exchanged startled glances, before Kristoff slowly pushed it open – and was suddenly assaulted by blinding white sunlight. They both stood in shock, blinking as their eyes adjusted. 

“Hi.” Anna said in a weak voice. Both of them turned to look at her. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, still in the previous day’s clothes, hair still disheveled. But what was most heartening to see, was the slight smile, and the barest hint of the sparkle in her bright blue eyes. 

“Beautiful day, isn’t it?” She asked shyly, keeping her gaze towards the open window.

“It sure is.” Kristoff and Elsa replied simultaneously. They looked at each other in surprise, laughing as they did so.

And the most beautiful sound of all, something they hadn’t heard on a Tuesday in forever, was Anna joining in.

Chapter Thirty-Seven


I feel like I should give you a warning on this. Spoiler Alert: Smut Ahead.

(Side note: I love your messages. So much!)

Anna didn’t know what she was doing. She was letting Harry kiss her. She felt her stomach bubble and drop as she felt his lips press softly against her own. She would be lying if she were to say that she hadn’t thought about this. She felt his tongue gently brush against her lips and it made her shudder. Slowly his lips pulled gently on her bottom lip and sucked on it slowly, Anna sighed at the taste left on her lips. Harry used the opportunity of her open mouth to slowly push his tongue against hers. Anna shuddered as she heard Harry moan as he pulled her closer to his chest while walking her backwards so that she was trapped between him and the kitchen counter. Harry pulled away from her so that she could catch her breath. But his mouth didn’t stop working. Placing small kisses on the edge of her mouth his moved her way down her chin.

“Harry.” Anna breathed. She didn’t know if she wanted him to stop or was egging him on for more.

“Anna. I. Love. You.” Each word was punctured with a kiss as he nuzzled further into her collarbone.


“Anna.” Harry finally looked up at her, his eyes glowing.

“What are we doing?” Anna tried to move backward from him but was still trapped. One hand was resting on her hip, the other cradling around her back.

“Something that I wanted to do for a long, long time.” Harry said leaning down to connect their lips again. Anna didn’t hesitate and kissed him back as he moved to closer to her, she didn’t know if that was possible. His hand moved from her hip to clutch the back of her neck, tilting her mouth for better access. Anna moaned into the kiss. Harry’s lips were made for kissing, made for kissing Anna.

“Harry stop.” Anna finally pulled away. She hadn’t noticed that she’d moved her hands, one clutching his bicep and the other hand held up against his chest, her fingers bunching in his shirt.

Harry pulled back kissing her sweetly on the lips and once on the forehead before he looked down at her. Anna saw something in his eyes, something that she’d only seen from Niall. Harry loved her. He loved her. She could see it. How long had be been looking at her like that? How long had she not noticed.

“That was better than I imagined.” Harry hummed smiling down at her, the dimples of his cheeks settling in deeply.

“We shouldn’t have done that Harry.” Anna said quietly, watching Harry’s face fall.

“What? Why?” Harry asked his eyes searching hers.

“Because… because…” Anna searched for the right words.

“Anna.” Harry soothed her; she could feel herself getting upset.

“Because of Niall. Because of you. Because of me.” Anna huffed.

“Anna. You have nothing to apologize for.” Harry shook his head.

As much as she hated to admit it, she wanted to kiss him again. She wanted him to hold her like he was, like she was the most important thing in the world, that she was the only thing keeping him grounded on the earth.

“But what happens tomorrow. You go back on tour. You have to look at Niall. I… I can’t do this Harry. I’m sorry. This was a mistake.” Anna managed to duck under his arm and escape from him.

“Anna, don’t say that.” Harry turned to look at her, his face was falling.

“I can’t do this again. Not to you, not to Niall. Not to me.” Anna said feeling her jaw start quivering.

“Hey, hey.” Harry strode through the kitchen and gathered her up in his arms again. “You are worrying too much.”

“And you aren’t worrying enough.” Anna mumbled into his chest making him chuckle.

“I’m serious Harry.” Anna said pulling back and looking up at him. Her hands had automatically linked themselves around his waist when he’d hugged her. “You aren’t thinking about this. I hurt you and Niall once before. I’m not doing it again.” She finished with conviction shaking her head.

“Anna. Sweetheart. You didn’t do anything wrong.” Harry frowned down at her and he could see that she still didn’t believe him. “Alright, yeah it hurt, but that’s just because you weren’t around any more. I missed you. I never stopped loving you. I’ve been waiting for so long to kiss you and I don’t regret it. Do… do you regret it?”

“No!” Anna said immediately, “And yes. We shouldn’t have kissed Harry. I mean… ah. Why is this so hard?” Ann groaned in frustration stepped out of his arms and beginning to pace.

“What’s so hard? Tell me Anna.” Harry tried to coax the words out of her.

“You. This. This is hard. I mean. Shit Harry. You are an excellent kisser. Really. Kudos on that.” Harry felt himself blush a little bit, “But it shouldn’t have happened. Why does it have to be like this? I want to kiss you, but I’m thinking about Niall. Then I am thinking about kissing Niall. I miss Niall. I love Niall. And then there you are. Showing up on my doorstep. Right when I think that I might be ok. And you tell me that you love me. And you kiss me like you love me, then I think that I might love you. And I feel so much guilt. Because I enjoyed it, and if I didn’t stop this would have gone so much further and I couldn’t live with myself if it did.” Anna’s words came in a rush as she paced, her thoughts travelling at a million miles an hour.

“You think you love me?” Harry’s voice was hoarse.

“That? That’s what you got out of that?” Anna asked in surprised, stopping her panicked pacing.

“It’s not every day that the woman of my dreams tells me that she loves me to be honest.” Harry’s grin was spreading from ear to ear.

“Did you miss the part about the raging guilt?” Anna put her hands on her hips and asked sarcastically.

“No, I heard all that. Just. You love me.” Harry repeated his eyes glinting with joy.

“I might Harry. I don’t know.” Anna huffed throwing up her hands in exhaustion.

“Have I told you that you look extremely sexy Anna? I don’t think I have.” Harry mused, still grinning.

“Seriously?” Anna groaned rolling her eyes at him.

“Seriously.” Harry nodded licking his lips. “Your hair is different. But I like it. Those red lips, now I know what they taste like. Your body pressed against mine. Anna it’s taking everything within to not leap towards you and kiss you again.”

“Harry really? Now is not the time to be controlled by your dick.” Anna sighed heavily crossing her arms and then letting them drop when she noticed that it drew Harry’s eyes to her chest.

“I’m not Anna. It’s everything about you. I am so in love with you. I just need you to know that. It’s not the way that you look, although that is an extreme bonus. It’s you Anna. It’s who you are. Caring so much about everyone else, putting everyone else above yourself. Anna I love you. I … I just love you.” Harry finished somewhat lamely. Anna continued to stare at him, he could see her resolve waning before she threw her walls back up again.

“And what happens tomorrow Harry. You go back on tour for whoever knows how long. You leave. And I am here, by myself, listening to the rumours, listening to the lies and you aren’t here. That’s what it is. You aren’t here. So tell me what happens tomorrow Harry. You might be able to go on loving me, but I can’t be waiting around for you to come back. I need to be loving me.” Anna finally felt the sob rise in her chest. “And what about Niall? He still owns so much of my heart and it’s killing me to be feeling these things for you. But in the end, you both just leave me here. You continue your lives expecting me to just be here for you both. And I can’t Harry. I just can’t. My life keeps happening while you are away. Things keep happening to me. And it’s just me, here, by myself, trying to hold myself together. So you can come here with you grand gestures, and ignore everything that I am saying except for what you want to hear. I can’t do it Harry. I won’t do it to you. I won’t do it to Niall. I won’t do it to me.” Anna was panting by the end of her rant. Everything that she had been feeling for the past six months without Harry or Niall burst out of her. Her loneliness, her anger, her hurt, it all rose to the surface.

“Anna… I….” Harry was speechless.

“I think you should go Harry.” Anna sniffed.

“I don’t want to leave you like this Anna.” He said carefully.

“But that’s just it isn’t it? You are always going to end up leaving.”

Harry sat on his bed alone. He had no idea what was going to happen when he saw Anna. He never thought that he would get a chance to kiss Anna and that she would be so willing to kiss him back. It felt like her lips were made to fit his. Just the thought of his lips moving against his was enough to send shivers down his body. The feeling of her pressed between him and kitchen counter, Harry trembled. He never in a million years thought that he would get to experience that. He knew that he shouldn’t have surprised her like that, but he also knew that he couldn’t help it. After seeing her briefly with Lou he knew that he would do whatever it took to see her again. If only they weren’t flying out in the morning. He would spend every waking moment with her, convincing her how much he loved her, how much he wanted her. He would convince her that it was going to be ok. That she wouldn’t be on her own. That he would always be there for her. But he knew the truth. He couldn’t promise that to her and as much as he hated to admit it, she was right. She would always be there, waiting for them to return. Waiting, by herself, alone, trying to keep her life going for him to swoop in on a weekend and stir things up for her. The selfish part of Harry didn’t care about that. He knew what he wanted and he knew that it was Anna. That she was all that he wanted. He didn’t care about anything else. He didn’t care what people thought, what they would say. He cared about her. But maybe that wasn’t enough. They were going to be on break for six months soon. He knew what people were expecting. They were expecting him to fly back to LA to spend a week or two avoiding people and then he would be about again, getting photos every second of his life. He knew that’s what people expected. But what if? What if this time, he came home, he spent time with his family. He could show Anna him again. He could show her how much he loved her, how he was still the same guy, how they could be happy together.

Harry’s eye started to droop after the extremely long day; his mind was firmly set on Anna’s lips moving in sync with his own as he slowly drifted off to sleep. He would show her how much he loved her. He would show her how happy he could make her.

Niall had spent half the night tossing and turning in his bed. Anna was so close to him, but he’d missed her. How could he keep missing her like this? Why didn’t Lou say anything? He knew the answer to that, but it still hurt. It was with Anna firmly on his mind that he got dressed that morning. He had some time before the flight out of London. He could take her out for breakfast. It was a Saturday, she would be home doing her washing and sorting out the coming weeks lesson plans. He wondered if he should have sent her a message to warn her as she walked up the stairs leading to the house. But then, she may have thought of an excuse to not see him, to make sure that she wouldn’t be at home. It was early but Niall knew that she would be at home. Nervously he knocked on her door. He’d only felt this nervous a few times in his life. One of those included sitting on Anna’s couch and confessing that he had feelings for her. That had worked out well for him last time. Perhaps it would work well again. He could hear music playing from behind the door, a sure sign that she was home. His stomach was in his throat as the door opened and there she stood in front of him.

“Niall?” Her voice was exactly as he remembered and he felt it breath life back into his body.

“Niall, what are you doing here?” She asked surprised.

“I….” Niall was lost for words. What was he doing there? What was he going to say to her? There was silence between them as Niall fought to bring some words out of his dry mouth and Anna stood staring at him in surprise.

“Do you want to come in?” Anna eventually asked as Niall continued to struggle to form a coherent sentence. He nodded quickly and she stood aside to let him in.

She looked different; she’d cut her hair and lost some weight. She still wore the same style of clothing, she was still Anna, but she looked different.

“You look amazing.” Niall finally choked out.

“Thanks.” She replied nervously chewing on her bottom lip. She walked into her lounge room, where of course, schoolwork was scattered around the room. She cleared some room on the couch and sat down, giving Niall an ample amount of time to memorize her body again.

“Have a seat.” She gestured around the room, but the only area that wasn’t covered with paper was on the couch next to her. Niall took a deep breath, trying to swallow his nerves as he sat down next to her. This was the closest they’d been in months. Niall wanted to gather her up in his arms. Memorize everything about her. He continued to stare at her, afraid that if he blinked she would disappear and this would have all been a dream, and he would wake up alone once again.

“You look good.” Anna commented, her eyes focused on his face.

Niall laughed once without humor. He looked terrible; he knew he did, too many late nights, too many nights without Anna.

“Kind of you to say, but you shouldn’t lie.” He shook his head slowly looking down at his hands briefly and then back to her.

“Fine. You ok?” Anna asked smiling.

Her smile, had it always been that perfect? How much of her did Niall take for granted?

“Not really.” Niall shook his head, his face falling. What was he meant to say to her? Everything that he’d planned on the way over to her house was suddenly nowhere to be found.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Anna offered, she looked as though she was about to put her hand on his knee but then thought better of it and moved her hands back into her lap.

Niall scoffed. What could she do? Fix him? Love him again? Any of those options would work.

“Quiet aren’t you.” Anna mused as she continued to study Niall. “Quietest I’ve ever heard from you.”

“I don’t really know what to say Anna to be perfectly honest. I am completely scared that I am going to blink and you are going to be gone and this would all have been a dream, and I can’t believe I just said that out loud. Now I hope this is a dream so that I can erase that bit.” Niall’s words fell out of his mouth in a tumble.

Anna laughed lightly. “I promise you are here, I am real and I won’t suddenly disappear.” Anna tried to comfort him, but his heart broke further, because at some point he would have to get up from this couch and he would be the one disappearing… again.

“This is hard Anna.” It felt good for him to say her name again. “I want to say so many things, but I am so worried I am going to scare you off.”

“You need to say it Niall. Go ahead. I deserve it.” Anna sighed sadly looking down at her hands.

“I love you Anna.” Niall said quickly. Before anything else, he knew that was true.

Anna looked up in surprise. “What?”

“I love you. More than anything, first and foremost you need to know how I feel about you, how I still feel about you. Second I understand why you wanted to end it, what was happening and how you are feeling. I’m not angry any more. I get it. I just want you to be happy. And I know that you just want me to be happy, but I can’t be happy without you. You make me happy.” Niall took a deep breath. She looked so surprised. Like she was expecting him to yell at her, to tell her that she meant nothing to him anymore but that would be all lies.

“I….” Anna was speechless. The roles had reversed.

“I’m not expecting anything to happen right now. I know that it’s silly and I shouldn’t have come here unannounced. I hope you know that I just needed to see you. That I just needed… I need you. I needed to see you. When you opened the door it was like I could finally breath again and these past couple of months, I’ve been downing. Shit that was lame. I’m sorry. I just can’t believe that I’m sitting here with you. I don’t know what I am saying.” Niall rambled while Anna watched him quietly.

“I really need you to say something Anna.” Niall eventually said after a long silence between them.

“I don’t really know what to say Niall.” Anna shook her head slowly.

“Just anything.” Niall sighed.

“I… I don’t know Niall. I feel awful about the way that I handled all of this. It really wasn’t fair to you. I’m sorry I hurt you.” Anna took a deep breath. “There was so much going on. We made it through so many things, so many rumours, but I just couldn’t do it anymore. It was too hard.”

“Why? Why did it suddenly become to hard?” Niall asked almost pleading her.

“Because you were gone. Because it was just me here, by myself, driving myself insane. I couldn’t do that anymore. Every time I saw a picture of you, it hurt because I wasn’t there. I was holding you back. I made you and Harry turn on each other, and that wasn’t right. I couldn’t be the reason that things fell apart between you.” Anna answered honestly.

“I would have come home straight away if you just talked to me Anna.” Niall said earnestly, braving cupping her hands in his own, pleased when she didn’t pull away.

“But you shouldn’t have to Niall. There’s where the problem is. You shouldn’t have to need to come home. I need…” Anna hesitated.

“What?” Niall’s gripped tightened on her hands.

“I needed someone that was home.” Anna answered simply. Niall could see the tears pooling in her eyes.

“What do I do if you are my home?” Niall asked sadly.

“I’m not your home.” Anna chuckled sadly. “I’m your rental.”

Niall drove to the airport the conversation playing over and over in his head. He was sure that Anna still loved him. There was no sign that she was over him; he hadn’t brought up sleeping with someone else, even when she brought up the news articles about his ‘party’ lifestyle. He didn’t want to hurt her, but was he hurting her by not being honest with her? Niall hurt. He was hurting. He missed her, missed the comfort over her, it broke his heart to watch her cry and know that he couldn’t do anything about it. He stayed for as long as he could, knowing that this would be the last time for a long time that he would get to talk to her, see her, touch her, even if it was only her hands. The weight that had lifted from him when he saw her again immediately settled back on his shoulders as she shut the door behind him. She’d hugged him goodbye and he’d held her for dear life, hoping that he could communicate to her how much he loved her but just holding her. He’d brushed her cheek with his lips and she turned her head slightly to kiss him properly. He was stunned, too surprised to enjoy it. But as he thought about it now, his lips tingled with the memory. He wanted to be the man that was home for her, that was home with her when she needed him, but right now he knew that that wasn’t him, and it broke him.

What a weekend. It was only Saturday afternoon and Anna was exhausted. After a visit from Harry last night and one from Niall today she was emotionally exhausted. Every feeling that she had been ignoring about them both came rush back to the surface. Niall broke her heart, it hurt to see him so crushed, the joy that was once behind his eyes was dull and grey. She loved him so much, she thought that she had been moving on. Then Harry, he was bold and kissed her. The taste of Harry drove her wild and sent her body into a tailspin. She had thought about his body, his mouth and his hands all night. The selfish part of her wished that she hadn’t come to her senses and made him leave. The selfish part of her just wanted Harry. Just wanted Niall. Harry, Niall, Harry, Niall. Anna’s head was spinning with thoughts about the two different men. She needed to get out of her house. Tying up her shoes she decided to go for a run and clear her head.

Anna made it to the top of Primrose hill panting and gasping for air. She had been working on getting to the top of the hill for two months and it was only in the last week or so that she’d managed to get to the top without stopping. Anna put her hands on her knees and tried to catch her breath. The view from the top was incredible and it was worth the amount of physical pain she was in. Anna stood back up holding her hands over her head trying to suck the air into her lungs. Her mind was clear as she watched other joggers move around the park. There was a man running up the hill towards her, his face determined as he ran up the hill. His movements fascinated her as his legs pushed forwards, his arms working in resolute strokes propelling him forward. Before she realized he’d made it to the top of the hill, much faster that she had been able to. He grinned at her as he slowed his pace and past her, and she felt her stomach flip slightly. He was very attractive. She smiled back, her breath finally returned to her before she started her descent back down the hill and back toward her house. Now was not the time to be checking other people out. She was still confused about her current situation.

“Tour is over!” Lou yelled into the phone on the way to the airport.

“Over over?” Anna asked in surprised.

“Completely over… Until the next one that is.” Lou clarified.

“How long have you got off?”

“Six months. Six whole months!” Lou was excited. She was finally allowed a break. It’s not that working with the band was hard; it was the best job she could have asked for. But Lux was growing up and she was exhausted from travelling so much. She needed some normalcy in her life and six months off meant that she might be able to be in a kindergarten where she could socialize with kids her own age for a change.

“What are you going to do?” Anna asked, Lou’s excitement was catching.

“I’m going to take some time and go to Brighton and spend some time there and then I am going to get Lux into a kindergarten and then…” Lou rattled off before Anna interrupted her.

“A kindergarten?”

“Yes, she needs to socialize with some kids and get into a routine. Not to mention I have no idea how far behind she is on what kids are meant to be learning.” Lou mused.

“I’m sure she’s fine. Please tell me that I am somewhere on your list of visits in your time off.” Anna smiled.

“Absolutely you are. I need a good recommendation to get Lux into your school.” Lou laughed.

“You want Lux at my school?” Anna asked surprised.

“Of course!” Lou replied.

“Well then. I’ll talk to them tomorrow about finding a place.” Anna said happily.

“I have to go. We’ve just got to the airport.” Lou said suddenly. “Only 24hours and I will be home sweet home.”

“See you soon!” Anna said excitedly before hanging up the phone.

Lou hung up and looked to Lux sitting quietly next to her playing with one of her dolls.

“Ready to go home baby?”

Anna waiting in the coffee shop quietly her knee bouncing nervously. She hadn’t seen Lou since their dinner a few months ago. She couldn’t wait to see her again. Six whole months she would be home, having a normal schedule. Anna’s eyes scanned over the café menu not really taking anything in, she was thinking about the past couple of months and how so much of her life had changed. How was she going to tell Lou everything that had happened?

“Anna!” Lux’s squeal broke the quiet ambience of the café as she ran toward the table.

“Hello my little Lux!” Anna stood up from the table as Lux launched herself into her arms.

“Anna!” Lou said breathlessly trying to catch up with Lux. “She took off down the street, I couldn’t catch her. She’s small but she’s quick.” Anna seated Lux in a chair before hugging Lou in greeting.

“You alright?” She asked as they both sat down.

“Fine, fine.” Lou waved her hand dismissively. “So glad to be back home.”

“Can I get your order?” A waitress interrupted.

“A babycino, a latte and…” Lou replied immediately looking over to Anna.”

“Tea, white.” Anna smiled up at her.

“So tell me what’s been happening?” Lou asked after the waitress had left.

“Nothing much.” Anna shrugged nervously.

“Well that’s clearly a lie. You’ve lost more weight, you are looking very fit.” Lou commented raising her eyebrow at her.

“Just work and running and work.” Anna mumbled.

“Anna, what is it?” Lou leant forward toward her.

“Mummy, can I have your phone?” Lux interrupted as she sat on her knees on the chair.

“Of course sweetheart.” Lou handed her the phone her attention still on Anna. Anna avoided her eye contact as she smiled at Lux.

“Anna.” Lou’s voice was low with warning.

“I’ve… erm… I’ve met someone.” Anna eventually sighed blushing brightly.

“You what?” Lou almost screeched.

“I met someone. Adam. It’s not serious or anything. We’ve had a drink a couple of times.” Anna replied quietly, the blush not leaving her cheeks.

“But what about Harry? What about Niall?” Lou was surprised.

“What about them?” Anna tried to shrug nonchalantly, but failed dismally.

“Well… they love you don’t they.” Lou answered like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“They can’t anymore. It’s been… what eight months. They need to move on. I’m sure they have. That’s what I am trying to do.” Anna answered still avoiding Lou’s eyes.

“Were you scared about telling me?” Lou asked concerned. Anna nodded once.

“Why love?”

“Because I know how much you love Harry and Niall. And I didn’t want to hurt them and I didn’t want to hurt you.” Anna said quietly.

“Honey, that would never hurt me. I want you to be happy.” Lou replied earnestly. “Now, tell me all about him.”

Lou was on her third coffee, Anna on her second cup of tea as they listened intently to Lux tell a story about Harry chasing her around the stage one afternoon and how she tricked him by hiding in the drums. Anna smiled when Lux’s face lit up when she talked about playing with Harry.

“Harry!” Lux suddenly called out in the middle of her talking about a movie that Anna hadn’t seen.

“Who is Harry?” Anna asked.

“No. Harry.” Lux giggled pointing to a man that had just entered the café.

“Harry? Oh my god. What are you doing here?” Lou asked shocked as she stood up and gathered him into a hug.

“Just came for a drink. What are the chances of seeing you two here?” Harry answered.

“Slim.” Anna replied quietly also standing up.

“Anna.” Harry grinned before extending his arms for a welcoming hug. Anna tried to hug briefly but Harry held on to her. She could feel his breath running down the back of her neck.

“Would you… would you like to join us?” Anna asked after Lou remained silent watching them.

“I don’t want to intrude.” Harry answered politely.

“Not at all.” Anna smiled briefly before sitting down again. As much as she hated to admit it, Harry still sent chills over her body.

“What’s going on with that hair?” Anna asked lightly giggling.

“What about it?” Harry asked in mock offence.

“I can’t help but think that I might be an influence.” Anna laughed flicking her hair over her shoulder.

“I haven’t got a fringe yet.” Harry laughed.

“Yet.” Anna emphasized smiling at him.

“Ha, Ha.” Harry replied sarcastically. “I dunno. I kind of like it long.” Harry shrugged. “Why do you hate it?”

“It looks fine. Just wondering what the limit is.”

“When Lou decides she’s had enough of it and shaves my head.” Harry replied laughing.

“I’m not far off that.” Lou mumbled making both Harry and Anna laugh.

Underneath the table Anna felt her foot brush against someone else’s and she moved it quickly, surprised to feel it move with her.

“Harry!” Lux suddenly shouted across the table distracting Anna.

“Yes Miss Lux.” Harry replied as if nothing had fazed him.

Lux began talking but Anna couldn’t concentrate as what she now knew as Harry’s foot stayed connected with Anna’s whenever she tried to move it. She zoned back in on the conversation as Harry was laughing dropping his hands to his lap and leaning forward.

“And then Liam fell over.” Lux collapsed into a fit of giggles. Anna flinched knocking the table as she felt Harry’s hand squeeze her knee.

“Anna!” Lou laughed as she made sure nothing fell over on the table.

“Sorry.” Anna blushed deeply, Harry’s hand didn’t move from her knee though.

The rest of the catch up Anna was hardly concentrating to anything that Lou or Lux was saying. Harry kept his hand on her leg sometimes rubbing small circles with his long fingers, sometimes running up her thigh making her squeeze her legs together. She tried to move her hand to her lap to push his hand off her but that resulted in him linking their fingers together and holding her hand, now rubbing soothing circles on the back of her hand with his thumb. He was infuriating, acting like he wasn’t doing anything and managing to carry on the conversation with Lou.

“I think I need to head off.” Anna said suddenly as she finished her cup of tea.

“Already?” Lou whined while Lux looked heartbroken. Harry had a glint in his eye that meant that mischief was about to be made. He still hadn’t let go of her hand.

“It’s been four hours. I have a lesson plan that I need to put together.” Anna said bending down to retrieve her bag and seeing Harry’s legs almost entwined with hers.

“Can we have lunch this week?” Lou asked as Anna managed to untangle herself from Harry and stand up. He stood up with her.

“If you are willing to come to the school, then absolutely.” Anna smiled before looking nervously over to Harry.

“Oh yes. I have to bring Lux to show her the kindergarten room.” Lou nodded unaware of the tension between Anna and Harry.

“Ok Lux, come give me a hug.” Anna held out her arms to Lux and she jumped into them making Anna and Harry laugh.

“What about me?” Harry asked when Anna put Lux back down.

“Are you leaving as well?” Anna asked.

“Why else would I be standing up?” Harry laughed as he put Lux back in her chair.

“Of course.” Anna mumbled. “I’ll see you soon.” She waved once more at Lou and Lux before she walked out of the café hot on her heals.

“Keep me updated.” Lou called out and winked at her as the door closed behind Anna and Harry.

“Well… it was good seeing you.” Anna said awkwardly as she and Harry walked together slowly. Their hands kept brushing and Anna was sure that Harry was doing it on purpose to try and hold her hand. She didn’t know how she felt, except confused. She was certain of that.

“I thought I could walk you home.” Harry replied smiling down at her, like he didn’t have a care in the world.

“Oh right. It’s not far.” Anna looked ahead to her house.

“Then it shouldn’t take long.” Harry answered.

“Ok.” They walked in awkward silence until they reached her house.

“Here we are.” Anna said standing on the front landing fishing her keys from her bag.

“Here we are.” Harry repeated holding his hands behind his back.

“Like I said, it was good seeing you.” Anna said quietly turning to her door to unlock it and feeling Harry’s hand on her back.

“What did Lou mean when she said ‘Keep me updated’” Harry asked curiously.

“Oh just… it’s nothing.” Anna answered nervously turning back around to him.

“What is it Anna? You can tell me.” The pressure on her back from Harry’s hand increased.

Anna sighed, “I’ve met a guy. We’ve been out for a couple of drinks. He’s nice.”

“You’ve met someone?” Harry asked lowly moving closer to her.

“What are you doing Harry?” She asked nervously turning the lock and opening the door slowly.

“Anna.” Harry murmured.

“Harry. Seriously. What the hell? All through that coffee. Didn’t your mother teach you to keep your hands to yourself.” Anna suddenly spat at him.

“She did. But Anna. I love you. I’m finding it harder and harder to keep away from you. I just want to hold your hand. I want to kiss your lips. The past few months of tour have been awful now that I know what you taste like.” Harry said slowly, his fingers moved lightly over her arms raising gooseflesh in their wake. Anna didn’t want to admit that she loved everything he said to her.

“You have no right Harry.” Her voice was shaking, both with nerves and arousal.

“Anna. Please.” Harry’s voice was rough as he linked their hands and put one of hers over his heart where she could feel it beating heavily.

“Harry.” Anna pulled away and entered her house jumping in fright when Harry followed her in and closed the door quickly behind him.

“What are you doing?” She asked breathlessly.

“Loving you.” Harry said quickly before cupping her face in his hands and kissing her deeply. Anna was too surprised to stop him and before she knew it she was running her hands through his soft hair. He turned their bodies and pushed her against the door he’d just closed, his fingers burning into her hips. Coming to her senses Anna pulled back and hit her head on the door.

“Harry, what are we doing?” She asked breathlessly.

“Showing you how much I love you. How much you mean to me.” Harry said before capturing her lips with his own once more and kissing her passionately.

“No Harry.” Anna pulled back again. “What about Adam?”

“Who is Adam?” Harry’s brows knit together on confusion before he kissed her again. Anna sighed in pleasure as he kissed her.

“Adam. The guy I was seeing.” She said trying to think clearly.

“Seriously Anna?”

This time Anna pulled his mouth back to hers eagerly.

“Niall.” She said taking a breath again.

“Stop thinking Anna. Just let this happen.” Harry kissed her again and started to move his head down along her collarbone, nipping at her skin slightly.

“Harry we can’t.” Anna’s voice was breathy and her resolve was weakening.

“Anna, if you want me to stop I will stop.” Harry looked up at her seriously wrapping his arms around her and pulling her flush against his body. With that movement Anna’s resolve was weakened and she kissed Harry with everything she had.

Harry groaned into the kiss. He wasn’t expecting Anna to let go; he thought she would fight him some more, but she’d let go and Harry felt the difference immediately. She worked her fingers into his hair pulling at the roots slightly as she tried to access his mouth more. Then they were playing with the hem of his shirt before they dove under his shirt and her fingers ran lightly over his taught stomach muscles.

“This needs to come off.” Anna gasped pulling back from the kiss and making quick work of the few buttons he’d had done up before pushing it from his body. Harry’s large hands moved down her back and cupped her behind pulling her closer towards him. She lightly pressed against his hardness and he shivered at the contact. Suddenly Anna pulled back from him, her lips plump and glistening.

“Are we doing this?” She asked, her eyes roaming over his chest and stomach making him wish that he worked out more.

“Only if you want to.” Harry replied trying to read her expression.

“Fair enough.” Anna answered sliding the straps of her sundress from her shoulders and letting the material pool at her feet. She was left in only her underwear and her shoes and Harry had never seen anything sexier in his life.

“Fuck me Anna.” Harry exclaimed his tongue moistening is suddenly very dry lips.

“I intend to.” She said kicking off her shoes and taking his hand leading him to her bedroom.

Niall’s words suddenly sprang to Harry’s mind as Anna kissed over his body. He’d removed his jeans making Anna laugh at the brief struggle with them. “She does this thing when she gives a blow job.” It was such a distant memory and Harry felt his stomach bundle with anticipation as she moved closer to him. Suddenly her hands were palming him over his straining boxes and he didn’t think that he would be able to hold on for long. This is all he’d dreamt over for almost two years. It was finally happening. He would show her how much she deserved to be loved, how much she meant to Harry. Anna nipped at Harry’s hipbone making him flinch and harden almost painfully. Carefully she peeled away the strained material allowing him to be free, his dick bounced up and Harry looked at her concerned. What if she wasn’t impressed? What if she changed her mind? Anna licked her lips once before taking his head into her mouth and moving down his length. Harry groaned loudly at the sensation. Now he knew what Niall was talking about. Her hands fondled his balls gently and he felt himself tighten, a signal that he was getting incredibly close. Slowly Anna moved back along his length until just the tip was between her perfect lips before she dove back down on him.

“Fuck Anna. If you do that again, I’m going to come.” Harry said through clenched teeth as he worked not to thrust himself up into her mouth.

“That’s the point isn’t it?” Anna asked taking her mouth off him.

“I want to make you feel good.” Harry could feel the beads of sweat starting in his hairline and she sucked on him and he felt himself twitch slightly.

“Question is, what’s your recovery time?” Anna said before moving quickly against him. Harry was right, he wasn’t going to last long and within a minute of the heat of her mouth surrounding him her came in her mouth hard. She continued to suck long after he’d finished and Harry couldn’t believe how quickly he was hardening again. Finally she sat up and wiped the sides of her mouth.

“Good recovery.” She giggled before kissing her way back up his chest. Harry’s breathing was labored but he stiffened fully as he felt her naked skin brush against him.

“May I?” He asked as she straddled his lap, his hands moving to the clips of her bra.

“Thought you’d never ask.” Anna sighed as Harry unclipped the material and removed it from her body, blushing as his eyes went wide.

“Fuck. Anna. You are perfect.” Harry’s lips attached themselves around one of her breasts and sucked harshly. He was further spurred on by the moan that escaped her lips as she unconsciously ground herself down on him. Switching breasts his hands grasped her and squeezed gently. Harry still couldn’t believe this was happening. It was better than his imagination, the heat of her body, the softness of her skin and the sharp intake of breath each time he did anything; Harry thought this couldn’t get any better. Until she leaned down and whispered softly, “I need you Harry. I need you.”

Harry flipped them quickly and discarded the final piece of material guarding her from him. He ran his fingers lightly over her heat pleased when they came back glistening.

“So ready.” He mumbled before licking his fingers clean.

Harry ran his tip over her and she shuddered in response. Slowly he pressed into her, her slick heat providing the perfect amount of friction and warmth.

“Fuuuuuu.” They both hummed in unison as they suddenly felt whole together.

“Am I ok to move?” Harry’s voice was hoarse and he was barely holding himself together.

“Yes, fucking move.” Anna groaned linking her ankles around the back of his hips and pulling him closer to her. Harry gasped before he started to move slowly, tortuously slow. Her body gipped him and milked him, the tightness and heat of her sheath melted through to his bones and his arms shook as he struggled to hold himself up. Harry grunted with pleasure, he had no idea that sex could be this good. He was completely wrapped up in her body. Connecting their lips again, he didn’t know how life got any better. This wasn’t sex, this was love and this was what Harry pouring out to the woman beneath him. Even if he had a thousand years to show her how much he loved her, he knew it wouldn’t be enough.

Anna squealed as Harry drove further into her, their pelvic bones connecting.

“Did I hurt you?” He asked breathlessly moving in slower, shallower movements.

“Fuck no. Again.” Anna gasped before Harry ground down again. She held his body so well; it was like they fit together. Did Anna know? Was Anna feeling the same?

“I love you.” Harry breathed as he continued to move.

“I…. I….” Anna’s voice rose in pitch as Harry moved deeply in her swiveling his hips slightly.

“I’m going to…” Anna didn’t finish her sentence as her walls contracted around Harry and he somehow swelled even more inside her.

“Fucking… Fuck.” Harry wrapped an arm around her waist and began to pound into her, her breath coming in short gasps.

“Anna.” Harry groaned. He was so close. He was going to come. He was going to explode. He… he wasn’t wearing a condom. Harry pulled out quickly, just in time and he finished all over her stomach and chest.

“I’m so sorry Anna.” He panted as she was painted in his release.

“It’s fine.” Anna laughed, grabbing a tissue from the side of the bed and wiping herself down.

“I just remembered I wasn’t wearing a condom.” Harry gasped for breath as he fell beside her on the bed.

“Oh right. I’m on the pill. Should have mentioned that.” Anna smiled, her cheeks flushed.

“You would have let me finish inside you?” Harry asked surprised trying to get his breathing under control.

“I don’t see why not.” Anna shrugged still grinning at him.

“You are perfect. Did you know?” Harry asked moving to cuddle Anna into his chest.

“Oh, he’s a cuddler. Who knew?” Anna giggled wiggling closer into his chest.

“There’s a lot about me you don’t know Anna.” Harry said smirking. He’d just made love to Anna. At last. For the first time in a long time, Harry finally felt complete.

His heart fluttered as he heard Anna’s breathing even out, her eyes fluttering closed, asleep in his arms.

He’d done it. Everything was going to be different now.

Anna woke up slowly as someone was running their tongue lightly over her collarbone. She sighed in happiness as she felt the strain of her well-worked muscles.

Opening her eyes she saw a mop of curly brown hair tickling its way over his chest and down to her stomach.

“Harry?” Anna was confused before she was reminded why she was deliciously sore.

“Hello my love.” Harrys voice was raspy as he continued to kiss down her body.

“What’re you doing?” Anna asked watching him carefully.

“Waking you up.” He said after pausing, he’d settled comfortably between her legs, his fingers massaging circles into her thighs.

“Well I’m awake.” Anna giggled as Harry sucked on her hipbone, her body trembling slightly.

“I think you still look a little sleepy.” Harry smiled at her before he ducked between her legs and started to nip her thighs.

“Harry!” Anna squealed as his tongue tickled her and she automatically squeezed her legs together accidentally trapping his head.

“Anna, calm down” Harry laughed, his voice gravelly.

“I can’t! It tickles.” Anna was blushing bright red and she covered her eyes with her hands.

Her breath left in a huff as Harry licked a long strip along her slit.

“Oh my gosh.”

Harry licked again, separating her folds with his tongue and pulling her into his mouth.

“Harry.” Anna’s voice was shaking. Harry singled out the area of her clit and sucked harshly. Anna’s body bounced up on the bed. Harry looked up at her grinning.

“Sit still would you.” He laughed holding down her legs and attaching his mouth back to her.

Anna squealed but worked to keep her legs still as he continued to work of her. She could feel her stomach trembling as a ball of tension was created. Harry moaned against her and she felt her blush deepen as her breath caught in her throat. Harry’s fingers pressed into her skin, sure to leave bruises.

Anna didn’t know how she could be feeling any more pleasure until Harry gently slipped a single finger into her core causing her stomach to contract.

“Harry.” Anna gasped as desire assaulted her.

Harry looked up briefly, his lips glistening, a smirk on his face. “Say my name. Say it when you come.”

Anna thought that the blush on her cheeks was never going to wear off, she’d be feeling this for days.

Harry moved his fingers faster inside her while he sucked on her clit. The pressure was building and Anna couldn’t hold on any longer.

Hearing his groan and feeling the vibrations against her Anna shouted out his name as she came undone and still Harry didn’t stop. He continued to lick and suck through her orgasm slowly removing his finger from her. Looking up at her, he made eye contact as he licked his fingers clean.

“Oh my gosh Harry.” Anna covered her face with embarrassment.

“You taste delicious my love.” Harry said crawling back up her body. Anna could feel his hard length pressing against her thigh. Anna groaned with awkwardness.

“What’s wrong?” He grinned at her trying to pull her hands from her face.

“I am mortified.” Anna laughed.

“Why? Baby look at me.” Harry chuckled succeeding in pulling her hands away.

“I can’t believe that’s how you woke me up.” Anna rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“I would do that every day if I could.” Harry replied seriously.

“I don’t think I could handle that.” Anna laughed.

“I love you Anna.” Harry sighed resting his body weigh against her.

“What’s the time?” Anna asked suddenly rolling over to check her clock beside her bed.

“Erm, almost 5:30pm.” Harry glanced up looking at the clock.

Anna stretched out. “I’m meeting Adam for a drink tonight.” Anna paused before groaning. “I also haven’t done the lesson plan for the week yet.”

“Who is Adam?” Harry asked confused.

“The guy I’ve been seeing. Very casually. Just a few drinks.” Anna clarified. She didn’t like the hurt that flashed across Harry’s face.

“Then cancel it.” He said happily.

“Harry.” Anna grumbled.

“What? I’m serious.”

“Harry you can’t just fly in here and… and….” Anna was lost for words.

“What Anna?”

“I don’t know. Mix everything up. This was great and everything…” Anna didn’t want it to end but the inevitable truth was that Harry was going to go away again, whether it was two days or six months.

“Please don’t say that this was a one time thing.” Harry begged.

“What else could it be Harry.” Anna took a shuddering breath. She was about to cry and she knew it. How could she and Harry even go back to being friends again?

“This can be something Anna. Please. This can be something great.” Harry replied earnestly.

Anna shouted in laughter suddenly. “Did you just quote a song title at me?”

“What?” Harry asked confused his mouth in a small pout.

“Something Great.” Anna repeated smiling, the tension breaking a little bit.

“I… I didn’t even realize.” Harry blushed.

“It’s fine.” Anna shook her head laughing. There was a long silence between them, Harry played with Anna’s hair gently.

“I am serious Anna.” Harry sighed after a while. “We could be something.”

“Did you forget what I said the last time you were here?” Anna asked.

“I didn’t forget.” Harry shook his head. “But you won’t even give us a chance.”

“I’ve been through this Harry. I can’t do it again.”

“It will be different. I’m different Anna. I love you, does that mean nothing?”

“Of course it means something Harry. But I didn’t ask you to love me. I didn’t ask to love you.” Anna shuddered.

“That means something Anna. Please. Don’t give up on us before we’ve even begun something.” Harry pleaded with her.

“I can’t… I don’t want to make any promises Harry. I’m still just a mess of a person.” Anna shook her head.

“I’m just asking that you give me a chance.” Harry sighed.

“Ok.” Anna conceded after a long time. “But Adam gets the same chances. Anyone gets the same chances.”

“That’s all I’m asking for. However much I don’t want you to go out with this guy.” Harry sighed happily.

“Speaking of which, I need to get ready.” Anna said sitting up suddenly and running out of the room naked, a blush covering her face.

Anna looked stunning, she’d changed her outfit at least three times, each one needing Harry’s approval. He still thought that she was showing too much skin to a guy she barely knew but Anna had promptly told him to stop being such a granddad. The truth was, he didn’t want this Adam guy getting too attached to her. Anna was his, Harry’s, he was the one who made love to her, and he was the one that would continue to love for however long he could.

“Ok. I’m off.” Anna said picking up a leather jacket and hanging it over her arm.

“I’ll wait here shall I? Round three?” Harry raised his eyebrows suggestively.

“Or you could not.” Anna rolled her eyes at him. “I told you. Same chances.”

“I know, I know. I just wish you didn’t have to look so gorgeous.” Harry conceded.

“That’s just something you’ll have to live with I’m afraid.” Anna laughed sarcastically as she shooed him out her front door.

“Can I walk you there?” Harry asked running a hand through his long hair.

“How would that look Harry? Seriously.” Anna laughed locking the door behind them.

“I know. I just don’t want to let you out of my sight. You can still cancel and I can “wake you up” again.” Harry smirked at her.

“Stop it. I’ll call you later ok.” Anna shook her head, but couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her lips.

“Make sure that you do, or I will turn up again and have to remind you how much I love you.” Harry threatened playfully.

Anna scoffed and rolled her eyes again turning away from him.

“One last thing.” Harry said reaching out for her hand and pulling her back into his chest.

“I love you.” Harry murmured against her lips before kissing her.

Ok but about Moriarty

I miss him so much like… If he really is dead and we only get the consulting criminal in Sherlocks mind anymore… I would be fuckin disappointed !
Not only because something would be missing in the show but I want : Jims Backstory, I want Sherlock hunting him down because I clearly love Sherlock most when he tries to catch Jim, I want to see scenes OF MORIARTYS BUSINESS LIFE…and most of all, I want to see a tiny little glimpse of everything. Give me vulnerable Jim, give me badass Jim playing tricks on the government just for fun or to entertain Sherlock.
Oh and did I mention Jim and Sherlock just having super intelligent conversations ?
Please Moffat. Don’t take him away from me so early , there’s still so much potential in him D: