anna punches hans

[draws art for a dead fandom] mm :^)

“There is still a double standard in Disney films. For example, that anon who was mad at Anna for punching Hans (despite the fact that he tried to murder both her and Elsa). The anon said it was a bad trait for a Princess. But if Anna was a man like Aladdin or Hercules, I bet it wouldn’t matter. It’s ridiculous that women, even in Disney films, are held to a different standard than men, especially one that is so stereotypical and unrealistic. Women have the right to defend themselves too!”


Elsa had to lie to Anna about where she was going to avoid any remarks from her own sister when she tells her that she was going to Hans’ ship for a few minutes. Kristoff was with Sven getting carrots when he saw Elsa in a rush to the docks.
“Elsa what-? What are you doing?” he asked.
Elsa hesitated to tell him so before she could tell him that she was trying to tell Hans something she set it aside. “Nothing.”But it wasn’t nothing at all. Elsa could tell Kristoff about it. That she’s just simply going to thank the prince of the Southern Isles despite the things he’s done, but she remembered that this guy who was ready to punch Hans who let Anna down and also tried to kill her and Elsa, until Anna stopped him and punched Hans instead, to the point that he fell off the boat.
Kristoff understood what her purpose was and surprised her by saying “Elsa he’s not coming back, he tried to kill you and Anna. So why did you come here to see if his ship left?”
Elsa didn’t know if she could trust him with this yet but she answered his question anyway. “Hans took good care of the kingdom” Elsa could go on because she still could recall the other good things he did, but so that Kristoff wouldn’t get any ideas she decided that that would be her reason. “Even if his intentions weren’t good he still deserves forgiveness.”