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16 things I learned in 2016
  1. Leave everything up to God, like everything.
  2. Help people who look like you and don’t look like you.
  3. Whatever addiction you have right now, it will never satisfy.
  4. When it comes to friends: Quality > Quantity.
  5. Follow your dreams even if they seem absolutely infeasible.
  6. Travel alone when and if you can.
  7. Laugh, laugh and laugh again.
  8. Learn the difference between honesty and being rude.
  9. Marriage is not your endgame. It’s a part of the story.
  10. That being said, stop worrying about marriage.
  11. There is nothing wrong with being alone.
  12. The harder the journey gets, the more you’ve got to rely on God.
  13. This too will pass - breakups, bad grades, and everything in between.
  14. Sometimes the wisest thing to do is to stay silent.
  15. Strive for God’s best, not your own.
  16. Stop dwelling on the past and move forward.
Fics/Headcanons/AUs I’d kill a man for more of:
  • Prank war between Ransom-Dex & Holster-Nursey (I think Ransom-Dex would win personally)
  • Obliviously bisexual Holster
  • Confidently bisexual Ransom
  • Obliviously bisexual Shitty
  • Transwoman Shitty (with LardoShitty)
  • ADHD!Bitty
  • ASD!Jack
  • Roadtrips. I always want more roadtrips.
  • Queerplatonic relationships, in general (jackshitty, holsom, lardoshitty, etc.)
  • Any NurseyDex fics that show them being best friends, in detail, at length (also queerplatonic)

This is just my personal list, but if you have your own I’d be interested to see them in the tags or shouting at me in my inbox!
Trying To Put It Into Words - annalikestotalk - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
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Dex isn’t quite sure what’s happening.

He knows where he is, sure, and he knows who he’s with. He’s standing in the Haus kitchen, covered in flour because he’d decided that today he was going to be adventurous and tackle pie making without Bitty there to supervise, and he knows that Nursey is there with him because up until a moment ago they were having some stupid argument about lord knows what, Dex can’t even remember because frankly these days they fight more as something to do than for any real malicious reason. Everything seems normal.

Except for the part where Nursey’s kissing him. That’s not normal at all.

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Headcannon that Anna Jarvis gets her bernese mountain dog...

-Edwin carries the puppy home in a basket and Anna is delighted by the little fur ball.

-The puppy loves Anna, so everywhere she goes there is a pitter patter of little feet following behind. 

- The first thing the puppy barks at is her own reflection, yipping lightly as she paws the mirror.

- It takes them a while to name the dog, but they eventually settle on Stella.

- Both Jarvis’s are thankful that she was easy to toilet train.

- Anna doesn’t want to bring the puppy on the bed but Edwin can’t resist her puppy eyes so Stella joins them at night. This continues when she grows to her full size of 85 pounds.

-Anna didn’t realize how quickly Stella would grow and is amazed at how big she got.

-Stella wants to be friends with Bernard. Bernard does not want to be friends with Stella. Edwin swears his hair is going grey twice as fast as before.

-Anna learned very quickly not to leave any food on her coffee tables, but not before leaving an entire apple torte on one unsupervised and coming back to an empty plate ten minutes later.

-Stella sheds. A lot. Anna considers knitting sweaters from the tumbleweeds of fur around the house.

-Like many dogs, Stella begs during mealtimes. Anna and Edwin learn to resist but sometimes Howard Stark would come over and he always gave her treats.

-He didn’t even mind when she swam in his pool, most of his lady-friends liked her.

-Stella loves Peggy. Heck, she loves everyone from the Los Angeles SSR. Except for Samberly. He smells funny.

-Whenever Edwin comes home late from another adventure with Peggy, he is always relieved to come home to his two favourite ladies.

Headcanons AnnaStrxng: Small Hand Habits with Pictures as Evidence

Bringing her hand/ fingers to her lips when she is in deep thought or extremely emotional.

Curling her fingers into her cloak (when she wears one). It is done when she is anxious, angry, standing her ground, and sometimes… yes, it is done without thinking. 

Folding her hands in front of her/ subtly holding her hands close to her middle. This is probably due to all the work she does in the tavern with the carrying of drinks. 

She gestures with her hands when she talks.(( More often it is the two hands being held out than just one.)) Anna usually aggressively takes a step forward before she is about to give someone a severe verbal lashing and sometimes when she is having a private conversation with the other individual.

Subtle touches to the forehead to indicate annoyance, disbelief, frustration. Its also done in really stressful situations - ones she really wished she could quickly find her way out of.

Taking a swing at people and things who sneak up on and startle her. 

So a while back (almost a year, actually) I drew these guys right here and since then I’ve sort of come up with different ideas/headcanons so I thought I’d revisit the drawings.


There are times where someone will be like, ‘Do that thing! You know, do your thing!’ I get mildly annoyed by that. But on a greater scale, I’m lucky that’s [my] reputation; when I’m snarky with people, they know that’s just how I communicate.

Happy 31st Birthday Anna Kendrick! (August 9th, 1985)