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notbobmarlie So THIS happened😻 @annakendrick47 super comfy in her seat so I didn’t want to bug her for a picture so instead I slipped her a note (and ran away a mind you). It was about how she’s one of my favorite actresses and super inspiring and honestly, it was hella cheesy.
Anyways! Toward the end of the flight she’s like do you know who wrote this? When I said me she’s like omg do you want to get a picture together? I told her it’s okay she didn’t have to, but she’s like no we’re taking one!! And afterward she gave me a hug. Pardon me while I freak #tf out 😻


ShibSibs vlog: Gala time.


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What's the first thing you and Tess are gonna do when you meet up again? :D


and then I’ll bring her home so she can sleep because i know she’ll be super tired. I’ll try to post pics on tumblr and instagram here so you guys know more of what we’re doing.