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More Billy Dilley’s Super Duper Subterrean Summer Crew!!!

  • Janice Kubo - One of the designers of the 2010 Pound Puppies reboot 
  • Jessica Forer- previous works include Ducktales and Penn Zero
  • Anna Boyadijan -  previous works include Tangled The Series, Milo Murphys Law and Penn Zero
  • Rob Lilly - board artist on Wander Over Yonder ,Jake and the Neverland Pirates 
  • Angela Li - Color Artist on Wander Over Yonder, Gravity Falls & Miles Of Tomorrowland 

part-time-psychic-deactivated20  asked:

Can you draw some Petilda (Penn/Matilda)?

I AM SO SORRY HOW LATE THIS IS PLEASE DON’T BE MAD AT ME// anyway prom night am i right?? :O

Here’s the outline because i know some people like to color and add backgrounds and their own spin to things

“Pitch Perfect 2” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Official Album Tracklist]

  1. Elizabeth Banks & John Michael Higgins – “Universal Fanfare”
  2. The Barden Bellas – “Kennedy Center Performance”
  3. The Treblemakers – “Lollipop”
  4. Das Sound Machine – “Car Show”
  5. Anna Kendrick & Snoop Dogg – “Winter Wonderland / Here Comes Santa Claus”
  6. Das Sound Machine and Green Bay Packers and The Barden Bellas and The Treblemakers and Tone Hangers – “Riff Off”
  7. Das Sound Machine and Green Bay Packers and The Treblemakers and Tone Hangers – “Jump”
  8. The Barden Bellas – “Convention Performance”
  9. The Barden Bellas – “Back To Basics”
  10. The Barden Bellas – “Cups (When I’m Gone) [Campfire Version]”
  11. Adam Devine & Rebel Wilson “We Belong”
  12. Penn Masala and Pentatonix and The Cantasticos and The Filharmonic and The Singboks – “Any Way You Want It (World Championship Medley)”
  13. Das Sound Machine – “World Championship Finale 1″
  14. The Barden Bellas – “World Championship Finale 2″
  15. Ester Dean – “Crazy Youngsters” | Ester Dean, Deandria Dean, Harvey Mason Jr.
  16. Mark Mothersbaugh – “Pitch Perfect 2 End Credit Medley”
  17. Jessie J – “Flashlight” | Sia Furler, Sam Smith, Christian Guzman, Jason Moore
  18. Adam Devine – “All Of Me (Bumper’s Audition)”