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Anna T Hicks of White Plains, New York, age 77, passed away in Poughkeepsie October 31st, 2014.

Anna was born to Bert P. Hicks and Darla L. Hicks in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A devout woman, Anna was a member of St. Mary’s on Pinecrest Drive. After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Anna devoted even more of her time to the church, organizing bake sales and shoe drives.

She decided to spend her remaining time with her family and community, serving God. Ultimately it wasn’t her cancer that did her in. The old bird died in a skiing accident when her nephew Davis skied off her roof, not realizing she was relaxing in her above ground hot tub below. Davis is currently serving 3-5 years for manslaughter.

Anna is survived by her loving husband Eddie, her children Susan and Matthew, and her granddaughter Stephanie.

Anna has requested that her body be burned in a viking funeral off the Hudson. That, it turns out, is illegal, so instead her family will be throwing her body into the lake. In lieu of flowers, please donate to Newton, MA’s Women’s Shelter.

 almost human rewatch in correct order [0101 - pilot]

too bad detective vogel died in this pilot, i kinda like him you know, and he seems to be best friends with valerie. i wonder how she was after vogel died.