anna morph


Anna & Kristoff always hold hands. She grabs at his arms when something interesting to share catches her eye. He settles a hand across her back to guide her through the crowded market. Their legs nudge against each other at the supper table. They cuddle while reading together in the library. They’re constantly brushing each other’s hair out of their eyes, twining their fingers together, leaning into each other. She flings herself at him, and he always catches her. They’re always touching, even when they don’t realize it, because they both went so long without positive physical contact.

Anna Kendrick / Natalie Dormer

I’m back! Did y'all miss me? Probably not; my 15 minutes of fame came and went like two years ago. The important part is that I’m back! Wohoo!

(For the uninitiated: I used to make these a few years back, and they got pretty popular. We’re talking; I-was-on-television-popular! And so naturally I had a nervous breakdown and stopped doing them for two years. So yeah!)