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Everyone stop what you’re doing and watch this immediatly

Nuvo Phoenix Solos

Club Dance
Floating (Chevelle Heller)
Forgotten (Kaya Walsh)
No Angel (Sophie Simas)
Show Me Love (Taryn Bee)
Depart (Bostyn Brown)
Glow (Carlee Schield)
Change (Jenna Valenzuela)
Tide (Makenna Chase)
Waterways (Jazlyn Robinson)
Another Look (Tatiana Savedra)
Awaken (Tessa Renee Wilkinson)
Bad Blood (Dylynn Jones)
Fireshrine (Tatum Kuhse)
On A Note (Kendall Wheeler)
The Dawn (Kamilla Johnson)
Are You There? (Nathan Hirschaut)
Shield and Sword (Brandt Czerniski)
Fragile (Alexis Adair)

Master Ballet Academy
Angel on Fire (Rylee Kiel)
Are You There? (Reina Stamm)
Drifting on the Edge (Melanie Benoit)
Your Day Will Come (Ryan Williams)
Come Undone (Sophia Lucia)
Dominae (Claire Mertens)
Fragments (Avery Stamm)
Introduction (Mia Rosin)
Almost Lover (Marley Gorman)
8896 (Erina Ueda)
Ghost (Ambry Mehr)
Drift (Megan Amen)
Breaking The Cycle (Ava Maskin)
Black Widow (Breckin Rosciszewski)
Higher (Mia Larkin)

Murrieta Dance Project
Carry Me Home (Caylie Almada)
Mysteries Of Love (Camilla De Siqueira)
Silhouettes (Kendall Le)
24 (Elizabeth Rudisill)
Champagne Taste (Mackenzie Clemens)
Fair Game (Victoria Frank)
I Of The Storm (Payton Sullivan)
Metamorphosis (Alyssa Hlava)
Moonlight (Brooke Stewart)
Pendulum (Alex Gonzalez)
Sun (Skylar Yeung)
Undertow (Talia Seitel)
I Could Write A Book (Justin Pham)
Impossible (Damian Terriquez)
TBA (Kaelie Osorio)
Numb (Chryssa Hadjis)
Red Arrow (Avery Dorflinger)
Secret Love Song (Savanna Cashell)
Smooth Criminal (Artyon Celestine)
This Place Is A Shelter (Carly Allyn)

Project 21
Landslide (Kelsey Millar)
Resilience (Cami Ritzler)
TBA (Addison Moffett)
As She Passes (Daylyn Lucky)
Growth (Brooklin Cooley)

YYC Dance Project
Royalty (Halle Robinson)
Time Piece (Taryn Miller)
Let Go (Tatum Tanner)
Lost (Peyton MacDonald)
Resolve (Kimberly Newman)
I Became The Storm (Bella Klassen)
Emerge From The Spoke (Taylor Walters)
Threnody (Evan Tysowski)
Waves (Autumn Thom)
Everything You Have (Shaelene Standing)
Lonesome Valley (Brianna Del Mundo)
Slip (Amelia van’t Riet)
Come To You (Sarah Stephen)
Time (Jade Marion)
Asht (Anna Fortier)
Carrion (Alyssa Federico)
Fate (Mary Armstrong)
Departed (Alexis DeLucas)
Missing (Sofia Carriere)
The Wait (Alexandra Schmidt)

Company C Dance Club- TBA (Quinn Starner)
Mather Dance Company- Farewell (Dominique Arciniega)
OCPAA- Black Ships (Julia Harnetiaux)
West Coast School of the Arts- tba (Aaliyah Zolina)