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Summary of the year 2014 - transfers :)

Transfer window in 2014 was very sad, but … also satisfactory. We greeted the four great players, but we had to say goodbye to another five … also great! Transfer window is always difficult for the fans. It’s hard to say goodbye to favorite players. Let’s see whom we said goodbye in 2014.

Alvario Morata -> Juventus F.C.
19th July, 2014 - We said goodbye to Alvaro and his girlfriend Maria Pombo.

Carlos Henrique Casimiro -> F.C. Porto
19th July, 2014 - We said goodbye to Casemiro and his wife Anna Mariana Ortega.

Diego Lopez -> A.C. Milan
9th August, 2014 - We said goodbye to Diego, his wife Iria Otero and their sweet daughter Zoe.

Angel Di Maria -> Manchester United F.C.
25th August, 2014  - We said goodbye to Angel, his wife Jorgelina Cardoso and their sweet daughter Mia.

Xabi Alonso -> FC Bayern Munich
29th August, 2014 - The shock of the transfer window! We said goodbye to Xabi, his wife Nagore, and  their three wonderful children : Jon, Ane and Emma.

So now let’s see whom we welcomed :)

FC Bayern Munich -> Toni Kroos
17th July, 2014 - We welcomed Toni, his girlfriend Jessica and their son Leon.

AS Monaco FC -> James Rodriguez
22nd July, 2014 - We welcomed James, his wife Daniela and their daughter Salome.

Levante UD -> Keylor Navas
3rd August, 2014 - We welcomed Keylor, his wife Andrea and their children Daniela and Mateo.

Manchester United F.C. -> Javier Hernández
1st September, 2014 - We welcomed Javier and his girlfriend Leticia Sahagun.

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