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OMG! Otto loved Anna Maria, that totally makes him less of a Villain!

One thing I see spider-ock getting a lot of praise for is how accepting he was of Anna Maria Marconi despite her being a little person.

yep. He is clearly the most accepting, non-prejudiced person ever…did we forget about his team-up with Kaine already!?

Pay attention to what he says in the last two panels. He says this about a cloned Gwen Stacy “An abomination. A worthless mockery of humanity. Just like all clones.”

Clones have no choice in whether or not they can be clones, not unlike people of different races or sexualities. They have no control over that part about them. Listen to that last part closely “Just like all clones”. Replace “clones” with another type of person that can’t change who they are or something about them.

“Just like all gays.”

“Just like all Hispanics.”

“Just like all Jews.”

Sounds a little fucked up, doesn’t it? In the marvel universe, mutants are often used as an allegory for people who face discrimination based on who they are(such as those of different races, religions and sexualities). I wouldn’t be surprised if clones were an allegory like this in this comic.

It doesn’t help that later on, spider-ock leaves Kaine and the other clones to die in the burning lab. He feels that clones deserve to die because….well, because they’re clones.

The fact that he loved and dated Anna Maria does not disprove this. He may not be prejudiced towards little people but that doesn’t mean he isn’t prejudice towards other groups of people. It’s possible for someone to be homophobic but not ableist and vice versa. It’s possible for someone to be sexist but not racist and vice versa.

What I’m saying is that Otto is still a prejudiced bastard that felt that clones were beneath him and deserved to die because they’re clones. His relationship with Anna Maria doesn’t excuse this. He’s not the most accepting person ever because he dated a little person and that doesn’t make him less of a villain.


Peter’s tears are my tears too.

Otto erases his memories from Peter’s mind, including his love for Anna Maria Marconi - my heart is so completely broken right now, you have no idea how bad my feels are hurting. Seriously, I cried real human tears over this.

Scans from Superior Spider-man issue 30

As you know, when someone discovers that the person that they have been sleeping with is actually a supervillain who, less than two years ago (Or however much time has passed considering the sliding timescale), tried to fry the brains of everyone in the entire world JUST SO HE COULD BE REMEMBERED AS A GREATER MONSTER THAN HITLER, that someone realizes that the only way to cope is by baking, and because your wuv was twue or whatever, it means that he wasn't really the monster the world remembers him as, and of course, let’s not at all consider the implications that you and the person your significant other stole the body of have both been victims of rape by fraud.

Remember kids: Dan Slott wants you not to think about the implications of rape. Anna Maria managed to make Doctor Octopus a better man!

Why the hell do people still buy this guy’s crap?

Oc’s relationship with Anna is a shining light in his personality. He doesn’t discriminate against her because she’s different, he actually doesn’t even notice. He is very kind to her while being instantly furious with anyone who isn’t. As horrible as he has been to just about everyone, his treatment of her is a sign that there may be a decent person under all his crap.

So Amazing Spider-Man #16 really hit something home for me. I don’t like Peter Parker. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a good guy and all, and if he were real I’d be happy to have him be a superhero in my city, but as a character? I can’t stand him.

I am literally only reading this series for Anna Maria and whatever hints I can glean that Otto’s still around. Not only was this issue only half about Peter and co, during which he was either on a phone call during a fight which would be IMPOSSIBLE to disguise or showing up infuriatingly hilariously late to a meeting. Comedy, folks! Our hero is incompetent and a huge doofus. Also he’s probably running his company into the ground, squandering any and all of Otto’s work.

huge rant about “what Otto’s work could mean for diabled people and how Peter’s just throwing it away” deleted for brevity

I miss Otto.

(The Black Cat story was interesting, though. I’d read a Black Cat series over Peter’s Amazing Faffing About Adventures.)
Things I hate about Dan Slott's run

These are the major blunders Dan Slott has made on The Amazing Spider-Man:

  • The Superior Spider-Man fiasco: He thought people were taking Peter for granted, so he decided to replace him with the worst possible substitute. Apparently, having a movie and a TV show means disrespect towards the Wallcrawler.
  • Black Cat’s turn to villainy, effectively a 180° on her character development.
  • Spider-Verse: Shattered Dimensions, only bigger and done wrong.
  • Silk: Slott’s horrible OC who only exists to be Spider-Man’s one true love. Rape and racism accusations be damned.

I can’t be the only one who feels this way, right?

You forgot

  • Turning Doc Ock into an attempted rapist with Superior #2 and an actual rapist with Anna Maria Marconi and maybe touching Peter’s own body without his permission
  • Pushing Carlie Cooper as the best character of all time
  • Asserting that every AU Spider-Man ever is just the same as Peter Parker, thus undermining the lead character
  • Eviscerating Mary Jane’s character
  • Everything in Peter Parker Paparazzi
  • retconning Harry Osborn’s death thus somehow making the Clone Sag even MORE confusing than it was already
  • killing Spider-Girl’s Dad and removing her own iconic outfit
  • Turning Spider-Man into Tony Stark-lite
  • Having Spider-Man interfere into the international politics of a warring nation in the continent of Africa
  • turning Doc Ock into a cancer riddled mummy-cum-Hitler wannabe
  • fridging Silver Sable and Ashley Kafka entirely pointlessly
  • ruining Silver Sable’s character
  • claiming Peter was shallow because unlike Doc Ock he dated traditionally attractive women, which is both untrue and also says a lot about how he views relationships
  • claimed Otto was morally justified in a lot of his tactics including not fighting small crimes
  • claimed that Felicia is justified in her anger at Spider-Man because it was his own fault that he let Otto take him over (???)
  • claimed Mary Jane was a three dimensional character in the silver age (lol) and that her tragic backstory ruined her
  • claimed Venom and Carnage were too sci-fi for Spider-Man but then had Spider-Man fight an interdimensional war against ancient immortal magic vampires alongside genderflipped and animal versions of himself
  • claimed Jessica Carradine, the daughter of Uncle Ben’s killer was lame in spite of the fact that he created the Regent, Paperdoll, Carlie Cooper, Silk, Clash and variant action figures of Morlun
  • has bullied people online
  • Has done stuff in Spider-Man literally so that people will remember that he did it

Also Shattered Dimensions only bigger and done wrong? I think you mean the last 2 episodes of the 1994 Spider-Man cartoon only bigger and done wrong.

Silk has to many people found redemption through Robbie Thompson