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Inktober day 02: “Noisy”

Sassy Nu Goth Cerberus and her journey to achieve the perfect Instagram selfie. ;) I’m sure it would be challenging to get a good shot with all three heads paying attention… Ink, with digital shading.

“Run from me darling, run my good wife. Run from me darling… You better run for your life.”

My friends and I have been hooked on Timber Timbre, so here’s a portrait of two of my friends being handsome, badass sociopaths.

Ink and digital


BiTE is a short student film about bisexuality and it’s crossover with the Byronic character (a.k.a. the Anti-Hero) archetype. It is a personal exploration as well as a visual essay that explores the relationship between these two things.

To make this film happen, I need some badass music! I’m interested in collaborating with singers, bands, and musicians who identify as Bisexual. If you identify in this way, and you would call your music BADASS, please send me some songs!

I need 1 - 2 songs that are 2 to 5 minutes in length (longer songs are fine, but they will be edited down for time).

You will always retain credit in conjunction with my film, as well as credit on all social media that includes a link to your website.

All genres are accepted, although I have a personal preference for the following genres:

Rockabilly / Psychobilly / Americana



Folk / Folk rock / Folk punk


Basically, if you can drink beer to it in the middle of night while wearing a leather jacket and basking in the glow of a diner’s neon sign, then it will be perfect. (Don’t let this strange description stop you, I’m just trying to help with a mental picture of the tone I’m going for!)

Also please SHARE this with other bisexual creatives or communities that you know of! My reach is limited, so please reblog!

Please send submissions to Anna with the subject “BiTE Music Submission”:

Illustration © Anna Lensch, 2015.

A little ParaNorman inspired sketch of some chick gasping in horror/disgust/disbelief. I reaaally like how this turned out, so I colored it digitally in the way that… gingerhaze?… shared here on tumblr. It’s so simple and looks fantastic and I’m sort of embarrassed that I didn’t figure it out before. So… yep!


“Self Portrait in Simulacra”

After taking a picture of myself with a digital camera and using it as reference for a self portrait in watercolor, I traced that original watercolor again with paint, using a light box and a fresh sheet of paper. Then, I traced the second iteration of the portrait again in the same way, on a new piece of paper. I continued this process 22 times, ending up with a portrait that no longer resembled me and barely even hinted at a human form. These 23 images in total were compiled into this video file, with the final piece taking form as the last 8.5 x 11″ watercolor painting.

In tracing each iteration of the portrait, I eventually lost the “original” in my process, separating the forms that were created over and over again and essentially creating “nothing”. The subject matter was destroyed, and in its wake left something entirely different to be considered: the simple gesture and bleeding colors could potentially be far more representative of an individual’s essence than any detailed depiction of their visage ever could.

Music by Jahzzar.


Two posters in acrylic that I made for the short film I’m working on, Let Dreams Lie. They’re way too big for a scanner, and I’m not so pro at taking photos of artwork yet… but hey, I tried! The Frankenstein is inspired by Tamara de Lempicka and Lynd Ward, and The Great Gatsby one is inspired by Erte. I found a lot a lot a LOT of love for these artists, and you should love them too!


Just cranked these out for the credits of my sweetheart’s horror film! Badass, fist-fighting, rockabilly siblings ready to slice and dice their supernatural foes (and a few football players)! These images will be in the credits of the film, so I made them transparent. Their names are Jimmy “Dean” Queen and Shelley Queen. Ink lines and digital.

Jimmy “Dean” Queen & Shelley Quenn © Alek Sabin

Illustration © Anna Lensch

I decided to color this sketch on the computer, since I haven’t done that in FOREVER. I was looking at SuperMarket by Brian Wood for color inspiration i.e. I was stealing the color palette and figuring out how the freak colors are supposed to work… anyways I feel pleased. If you want to know which page I was looking at specifically, it was 20-21. Yup.

Ink and Photoshop

This is an illustration I made as a book cover design project for class. I chose the wonderful children’s book, “The Phantom Tollbooth” by Norton Juster. It’s one of my absolute favorites, and it was an utter delight to redesign Tock! I made him a Bullterrier with a pocket watch body. I’ll post the color variations sometime too. :)

Ink and Photoshop. About 15 hours. :P

© Anna Lensch 2014

FINISHED! Clocked in at about 12-13ish hours of work. The assignment was to place a character with predefined characteristics (I got hyper, curious), and place them in an environment that is in contrast with them somehow. I chose to go more with visual contrast… So have a smokin’ n tokin’ college party scene of craziness because why not? Actually it looks like a pretty chill environment… Yeah, I dunno, I’m just glad it’s done!

Ink, Photoshop