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All of the text from the conspiracy board in TF29 HQ

The Jinn

I would’ve thought you’d had your fill of these guys since Dubai, Jensen. The Jinn, a group of smugglers led by twin brothers Salar and Wasim Alam. Their exact base of operations is unknown, but it’s most likely Muscat, Oman. The brothers Alam have been in operations since 2020, and have greatly expanded their operations since then, recruiting mercenaries, ex-military, nationalistic agitators, and other colorful criminal agitators from Afganistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the surrounding region. They deal in drugs, weapons, medical implants, augs, and they occasionally throw in some human trafficking.

Wasim Alam

Ah, Wasim Alam, the Head of the Jinn, former LIMB clinic doctor and surgeon, before he turned to more profitable enterprises. He brings the same cold and calculated apprach he brought to  saving lives to running his business with his brother, Salar.

Salar Alam

This guy is the face of the Jinn and a charismatic force of nature. They call him the Bull of the North, and the Heart of the Jinn. Real name’s Salar, works in conjunction with his cold and calculatinig brother, Wasim, who saved his life during the Aug Incident. He is proudly augmented and parades his augs around wherever and whenever he likes. The hatred of augs from groups around the world has only emboldened him and his organization.

Aruhn Sigh

Ah… Agent Singh, great poker player, I still owe him a hundred credits. So I hope his incursion with the Jinn lasts another few months. You know, maybe he’ll forget I owe him the money.


Our arms dealer Sheppard, a.k.a. John Trent, is a former special forces commander and ex-Belltower operative. And, as is typical for these ex-Belltower employees, he’s been selling off old Belltower tech and weapons. But, we don’t need to worry about him anymore. He was killed by those gold masked guys in Dubai.


You’ve heard of these guys – ARC, or the Augmented Rights Coalition, they’re a human rights group who, on the surface at least, is trying to provide equal rights for augmented people. It was started by Dr. Talos Rucker, soon after the Aug Incident when Rucker started to speak out against the anti-Aug legislation that was being passed by several local governments. If you ask me, it’s not working, things seem to be getting worse. ARC preaches non-violence, but a string of terror attacks has put them on the terror watch list. So I’ll let you be the judge.

Talos Rucker

Dr. Talos Rucker. Former LIMB clinic doctor and current leader of the Augmented Rights Coalition. Rucker has chosen to leave his native Germany, and to live in the Utulek Complex near Prague, as a protest, to draw attentioni to the upcoming Human Restoration Act vote. Rucker is a pacifists and believes that what is happening in Prague is what will happen all over the world if the Restoration Act becomes law.

Dr. Talos Rucker, former medical doctor and former leader of the Augmented Rights Coalition. Now deceased. You know the rest.

Victor Marchenk

Everything we know about this guy can fit on one yellow sticky note. We know his name, Viktor Marchenko, if that’s his real name, and nothing else. I mean we can’t find a trace of him anywhere.

Juggernaut Collective

Ah, what to say about The Juggernaut Collective that isn’t speculation. A bunch of their members were running operations out of Montreal in ‘27, resurfacing for a while in '28. You heard of Rifleman Bank Station? Belltower? Anyway, the Collective is a group of hacker activists, or hacktivists – oh my god, I hate that word – dedicated to the cause of freedom. At least that’s what they say, or what their actions appear to say. They fight corruption by exposing hypocrisy and protecting the unprotected. No one knows the real power structure inside of the Collective, but there is one name that echoes over the Darknet, and that name that echoes even louder than Hex and you can talk to Peter Chang if you don’t believe me, that name is Janus. And some say Janus runs everything, while others think, there is no Janus.


Janus. I mean, what can you say about him, or her, nobody really knows who or what Janus is. But what many believe is that Janus is running the most dangerous hacking group in the world, attacking corrupt politicians and businesses on a global scale. The corporate world is terrified of Janus.


Samizdat is an underground news outlet that likes to think of itself as the “real” news. They are anti-establishment, and anti almost everything else, including business addresses, so we like to keep our eyes and ears open for any mention of them.

Samizdat is an underground news outlet that prides itself on being “the anti-Picus.” They offer incisive and opinionated takes on current events and eagerly disclose sensitive information and/or leaked documents to the public. Sometimes this information comes from secret sources, and sometimes it comes from actively hacking or even breaking into places where sensitive information is kept. Journalistic integrity and a genuine commitment to truth tends to balance the organization’s more extreme-leaning conspiracy bent. For every wild speculation, there are at least four reasoned arguments backed by tangible evidence. Of course, a tinge of paranoid conspiracy-mongering is inevitable, given that members of the group are considered criminals. Any kind of intelligence or international security agency is rightly very nervous about Samizdat’s cowboy approach to “information liberation”.


The editor of Samizdat is a man known only as “K.” He works out of an underground newsroom somewhere in Prague, which is the principal hub for an extensive network of secret sources and rogue journalists working all across Europe.


The New Sons of Freedom or NSF, is a small group of militant constitutionalists and secessionists operating in the continental United States, particularly ini the Pacific Northwest. The group was formed as a reaction to the American government’s increasingly authoritarian regime. NSF if committed to fighting the influence and control of a group of unknown people they believe to be the Illuminati, with strategic guerrilla warfare strikes. They are suspected of having ties with Janus and the Juggernaut Collective.

Church of the Machine God

Here we go, the Church of the MachineGod, and to some, the Church of the Machine - without the God. And then again, to others the Singularity Church of the MachineGod. This group has so many names and sub-groups, it’s hard to keep track. And believe it or not, they’ve been around in one form or another since the early 1970s. There are a lot of contradictory reports on who they are and what they want. But, iin general, they all want the same thing. They want to merge their consciousnesses and become one with the MachineGod through a ritual they call Ascension.

Mother / Allison Stanek

The Church of the MachineGod has a leader, but all we know about her at this point is that she’s a woman, and they call her Mother. That’s creepy, right? I think that’s really creepy.

The Builder

There is a rumor that the Church of the MachineGod is building a machine that will help bring forth the Singularity. Sure, I guess that’s a possibility. I’m just not sure what they would plug that machine into.

Joseph the Builder, former member of the Church of the MachineGod, now deceased. It seems he was the main architect and designer of the consciousness collector, the church of the MachineGod want to use to help them merge with the Singularity.

The Dvali Crime Family

Oh, here we go. The Dvali Crime Family. As you may already know, they’re one of the largest crime syndicates in Eastern Europe, but they do business allmost everywhere, from Northern Europe all the way to the Middle East. After their humble beginnings in a coastal town in Georgia, the Dvali quickly moved from gambling to more lucrative criminal enterprises, till they found their specialty: Smuggling, which includes human trafficking too. The Dvali can get anything to anywhere. It’s as if borders just don’t exist to them. But their rapid expansion came at the cost of their Georgian purity, when they started incorporating an ever-increasing number of Russians into the group. If you ask me, I think a major power struggle is coming within the Dvali, one of the old versus the new. The past versus the future.

Radich Nikoladze

Ah… the elusive Radich Nikoladze, this guy’s a piece of work. Driven and ruthless. When he came up, he was the youngest boss in the Dvali Crime family. The man spends more money on suits than most people spend on their houses. But don’t let the looks and haute couture fool you. He’s the boss, he’s in control, and he’s squashed more than a few people who’ve tried to take him down along the way.

Otar Botkoveli

Otar Botkoveli, this guy’s a classic. They don’t make many like him anymore. Sharp mind, a real business man. One of those gangsters who thinks that crime is a necessary evil, you know? If it’s gonna happen, he’s there to make sure people have respect and make good money. Good business.

Pakhan Spy

The classic Dvali structure has two spies, or pakhans, working for the lieutenant who reports directly to the boss, to make sure he stays the boss. These guys are pretty violent.


Ah, the Dvali called this guy Konstantine. Like that’s supposed to be intimidating, right? We don’t have a last name for Konstantine, but until his death in the Ruzicka bombing, he was a high-placed member of the Dvali Crime Family, answering to Otar Botkoveli. We suspect he has lots of connections in the upper echelons of the organization, all the way up to Radich Nikoladze and beyond. Between you and me, I suspect that he’s a pakhan, a spy that watches a Dvali lieutenant closely, to make sure he doesn’t make a move on the boss.


Otar’s right hand man, is this guy Vano. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, if you know what I mean, but he’s strong and loyal, something Otar values greatly.

Gold Masked Mercenaries

You know as much as I do about these guys. They’re augmented, well-trained, and very dangerous.

Purity First

Purity First is an anti-Aug group dedicated to keeping humans human. All pure, no augmentations. In their obsessive pursuit of this goal they have taken extreme measures and are suspected of being responsible for multiple acts of breaking and entering, vandalism, and theft. On occasion, they’ve even become violent, being implicated in several assaults and murders as they push for their goal of human purity. They’ve been quiet since the Incident.


Benjamin Antony Saxon: Heavily augmented soldier, weights at least twice as Anna.

Benjamin Antony Saxon: Ex-Special Air Service Agent, ex-Belltower Strike Team Commander, ex Tyrant.

Benjamin Antony Saxon: Australian Civil War veteran. Survived a drone ambush mid-air and destroyed the drones after the plane crash. Survived a fight against 4 Tyrants onboard their jet. Survived a jump from said jet mid-flight into the Atlantic Ocean. Survived being carried across the Atlantic Ocean by a trawler. Successfully escaped from a exploding plane. Punched his way through the Humanity Front’s bodyguards. Punched his way through a Tyrant sniper. Punched his way through the entire Geneva Police Force, with a stab wound in the gut. Stole a quad bike from the Geneva Police Force (literally fought the officers driving it). Stole a jet ski. Fought Jaron Namir one on one to a stand still (again, having a fresh stab wound).

Anna Kelso: *Just recovered from seizures that had her immobilized, whimpering from pain.*

Anna Kelso: The streets of Panama are too dangerous. I must protect him.

  • Anna Kelso in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Task Force 29 HQ computers

Robert Allen’s computer

Janus/Lebedev connection
From: Rees Davis
To: Robert AllenBob,

You asked about possible connections between Juan Lebedev and Janus. The connections are very vague, but in the way Janus likes to be vague: hiding things without making it look like they’re hidden.

We have one link for certain: a disgraced US government agent named Anna Kelso has been (1) spotted in Lebedev’s company, and (2) rumored to have been acting on Janus’ behalf in Panama a few years ago. Kelso’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but if we find her I’m sure we could confirm a connection between the head of the Collective and the founder of the NSF.


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//I am coming out of the trash can to admit that I ship Anna Kelso and Juan Ivanovich Lebedev.

That’s it I said it. I ship the crackiest ship of the Deus Ex universe.

  • And since I like to make myself sad:

I imagine they actually manage to marry in secret before Juan’s death. Sometime around the year 2030.

And for the wedding they do that ritual of breaking the ceramic pot. And it breaks into 22 pieces. And everyone is happy because with all the sh*t that’s going on in the world. And all the stuff they are mixed into, 22 years of marriage is like A LOT.

Come 2052. The operation to recover and distribute Ambrosia takes place the day of the 22nd anniversary of Juan and Anna’s wedding.

Juan sends Anna away with samples of Ambrosia for Everett and Tong.

When Anna hears of Juan’s death she returns to New York. Not only he dies on their 22nd anniversary, when she recovers his body she finds his watch is crashed and the hour is that of their wedding.

And then whole rally up to storm M12 base and kills everybody happens…

{Accurate depictions of Anna storming M12 base.}

  • Anna Kelso and Ben Saxon in Deus Ex: Black Light

//Just one line, but I feel there is a lot implied here.

The main thing this does is confirm Anna and Saxon were not only active members of the Collective, but also on a mission in 2028.

“The Cube”, about whose identity I have speculated before, says bringing Jensen in would allow to move Anna and Saxon and some others from their current operation(s) onto another.

Now, my first reaction was that this meant Anna and Saxon were deployed on Prague at the time. (I’m assuming they were working together because they are constantly presented as a pair, and it’s a canon fact that where one goes the other follows.)

Thing is, the next page shows “The Cube” didn’t know Janus wanted to infiltrate the Prague Task Force.

“Hard Line” establishes Alex was active in Prague at some point in time between recruiting Jensen (during Black Light) and Jensen joining the Task Force.

So it is possible Anna and Saxon were in Prague, just not in the Task Force. But it is also possible, and less convoluted, to imagine that Alex was sent to Prague to prepare the ground to send Jensen there.

{Though I think it would be hilarious if Anna and Saxon DO were working in ANY of the Task Force units, all while Interpol has a wanted order on Anna.}

TL.DR.: The Juggernaut Collective had agents actively deployed in 2028. Saxon and Anna were two of those agents.

The Juggernaut Collective didn’t initiate their infiltration of the Task Force 29 until after recruiting Adam Jensen.

Deus Ex Invisible War - Anna Kelso Headcanons
  • AKA what I imagine Anna is up to by the timeline of Invisible War:

1) Anna is now 72 years old, but she is still in good shape (largely thanks to her augmentations) and perfectly lucid. She looks younger than her age, though she walks with a cane (which she doesn’t actually need). She still uses her cover name.

Anna is in no way capable of going toe-to-toe with a nano-augmented  opponent but neither should she be underestimated. She is still as resourcefully creative as ever when it comes to weaponizing random objects and exploiting opponent weaknesses.

2) It didn’t take Anna by surprise at all when the Illuminati exploited The Great Collapse to rise to power again, but she did feel betrayed by Chad Dumier becoming a leader of the Illuminati managed WTO.

3) During the events leading to and after The Great Collapse, Anna rallied up what was left of the NSF, the ex-UNATCO dismissed staff and, even some still members of UNATCO, to exterminate M12.

She goes on to exploit this, and the NSF former alliance with Silhouette, to gain a position within the World Trade Organization.

Anna accommodates former members of the NSF and UNATCO within both the Order Church and the WTO (depending on their augmentation status) to spy on the Illuminati.

Anna is very protective of Lin-May Chen, and reveals her real allegiances to Chen when the later discovers the truth about the WTO and the Order being Illuminati fronts. Anna encourages Chen to work on destabilizing the Illuminati’s power over the masses.

4) Anna’s driving motivation is to prevent Janus “Dead Future” vision from becoming reality, which she believes must be in the near future, as the rest of the visions have already been fulfilled.

While Anna does not support the Illuminati and hopes to thwart their plans, her main worry are the Omar and the Knights Templar, who she believes are the most likely to cause a “dead future”.

5) Anna shares intel with ApostleCorp to help them counter the Illuminati.

She does not support their goal of giving the world to JC/Helios, though she doesn’t bring this up to Tracer Tong to avoid breaking their alliance.

Anna does support the Tarsus Academies and believes the initiative is doing good for the world. Both by offering educational and job opportunities to young people and opening the possibility of making augmentation widely available to those who desire it.

She is fiercely protective of Tarsus Academy students, and hunts Silas Archer down when it is discovered he is a Templar.

6) Endings:

JC/Helios: Anna organises an off-line group, living separate from the hive-mind.

Illuminati: Anna starts a new NSF-like resistance.

Templars: Anna rallies up people from all possible factions to oppose the Templars extremist views.

Omar: Anna f*cking dies fighting the Omar.

His arms wrapped around her shoulders, looking to cover her with his body, bring her closer. He burnt with the need of the safety she provided. The way she eradicated his fear when she stood beside him in stark contrast with the fear of his enemies harming her.

He had picked this battle, this war. Not her. She had been dragged. She had made it clear she didn’t want it. And yet there she was. Ready to meet them at every turn. Teeth bared, weapons drawn.

It terrified him, how bright the fire inside of her was, knowing a flame like that couldn’t last much. That he would see her devour, consume herself.

Like a candle, he knew one day a breeze might claim her, or she would burn until there was nothing left. That trying to shield her would be to asphyxiate.

Her arms wrapped around his waist, holding the small of his back, supporting his weight. Looking to let him know she was there. Ready to catch him, lift him up. 

She rested her head against his chest, focusing on his heart beat.

He gave her purpose, direction, hope. He was her anchor. Her lighthouse. When she felt the storm reduce her to embers, he shielded, but never suffocated.

He had seen the world chained and imposed on himself the duty of breaking it free. All she wished was to ravage, like fire. Burn the chains, melt them.

Only after that, she would accept death dared come claim him. Even then, it would have to take her first.

—  Me? Writing Anna Kelso x Juan Lebedev trash at 1.30 am? It’s more likely than you think.
  • Anna Kelso and Ben Saxon in Deus Ex: Hard Line.

//Anna and Ben get mentioned in a flashback to Alex Vega’s recruitment into the Juggernaut Collective.

This flashback tells us a series of things:

  1. It canonises the events of the Unrealised The Fall content.
  2. It gives us a time frame for those events: 2 days from when Saxon leaves Panama to the final confrontation with Sam.
  3. Said events results include a crumbling office tower (I guess the UGSE as that’s where the final confrontation of The Fall was supposed to happen)  and plumes off smoke coming from the city.  {I say Anna and Alex had some fun.}
  4. There was a rushed escape to the roof of said crumbling office tower.
  5. Alex knows Anna’s and Saxon’s stories.
  6. Saxon mentions Anna nearly dying. At first I thought this was in reference to Sam kidnapping her, but Ben says he would have too if Alex had not helped him. So it probably actually refers to Ben and Alex’s escape from Panama, and Anna’s escape from Costa Rica with the NSF.
  7. Saxon mentioned Janus to Alex at some point since they left Panama and before offering her to join the Collective proper.

//I just realised that by the timeline of the original Deus Ex, Anna would only be in her early 50s. Which is not that old when you have augmentations that warrant your reflexes and senses stay top notch. Not to mention they do not allow you to get sick. Consider:

  1. Anna as a full member of the National Secessionist Forces. 
  2. Anna’s reaction to Lebedev’s death.
  3. Anna reluctantly working with Everett and the Illuminati to stop MJ12.
  4. Anna punching JC in the face for ruining the operation to distribute Ambrosia to the people.

By Invisible War she would already be in her early 70s. Which I guess do would be quite old. Still…

  1. Anna “I f*cking knew we should have never trusted those Illuminati sh*ts. Still 100% ready to fight you.” Kelso.
  2. Anna “I am too old for this conspiracy sh*t.” Kelso