anna keller

They did?   Did we ever see them on the show?  I remember Suze and Jill seemed really close during that time she was visiting Josh and Anna; did they get to know each other through those visits?

Either way it’s odd that they say this while showing pictures of Josh’s siblings chaperoning.  Maybe whoever it was didn’t want to be on camera, but I can’t think who that would be.  Prissy and Suze seem perfectly content being shown, and weren’t her adult brothers and Esther already married by then?  I mean, surely Esther was.  9 singletons born in wedlock means she’s been married for a while. 

Also, holy crap, look how thin Josh was.  I sympathize; I say the same thing when I see old photos of myself.  Uh, with “I” in place of Josh’s name. 


This is where, if I had a heart, I might feel a little bad for Anna.

But considering that she knew that he wasn’t “pure” when she married him - as a result of groping his tween and Kindergartner sisters - my sympathy for her remains pretty low.

I do, however, feel bad for her in the sense that it’s not a “gift” if you’ve been forced to save it for and give it to someone.

If fundies are so against abortion, why do they shun young women who decide to keep their babies? For example, Anna Keller’s sister who had a baby out of wedlock isn’t included in family gatherings because of her “lifestyle”. Sorry fundies…you can’t have it both ways. Fetuses have rights, but the young moms faced with raising them are unfit for your social circles?