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A Rant/Breakdown Of The Relationships In Daredevil

All right. I have a lot to say about the relationships in Daredevil. Namely, Matt + Karen, Matt + Elektra, and Frank + Karen. Here we go. 

I don’t ship Matt/Karen. Never have, never will

So that’s where I’ll start. While I don’t ship it, and honestly, their scenes as a couple in season 2 are actually cringe-worthy, I’m glad that they’re there. We needed those scenes. We needed to see them at least try. But the reality is, is that they can’t make it work. There’s too many problems. Karen is the type of person who Matt wishes he could be with. Matt is the kind of person Karen wishes she could be with. But that’s not the reality. They love the idea of each other more than they love each other. 

And that’s the main problem with the Matt/Karen relationship. But I’m glad they tried. And they did, but it wasn’t meant to work. And they part pretty quickly, and what’s significant about this is that after that, Matt goes to Elektra. They begin to rebuild that trust that they had before. Karen continually ends up with Frank, building trust with him. At this point, it’s pretty clear who Matt and Karen belong with. 

The next problem with the Matt/Karen relationship is, firstly, that Karen can’t see Matt as anything but the lawyer. She doesn’t find out he’s Daredevil until the end, but that’s not necessarily important. She knows something is going on. The scene where she walks into his apartment while Elektra and Stick are there, she runs as quickly as possible, because she doesn’t want to know what’s going on. She doesn’t want to see anything about Matt than what she’s come to expect. 

On the flip side, Matt only really sees Karen as the fluffy, happy person we see her as a lot. He doesn’t see the messy Karen, the hardcore Karen, the Karen who can take care of herself and get crap done. No, that’s not what he sees. And he’s constantly telling her to stop digging, to not get herself in the way of danger - and yes, it’s partially because he cares, but it’s also because he doesn’t really think she can do that. Also, let it be noted that Matt realizes that something is up with Karen, but never tries to figure out what?? He just kind of ignores it and goes back to what he’s working with - namely, Elektra. Matt and Karen were a mess. 

They were doomed before they even started. 

And so, moving on. Without Matt constantly holding her back, Karen can do what she needs to. The whole season, everyone is telling her to stop. To stop digging, to stop fighting for Frank, to stop looking for the truth. But honestly? She’s the only one really getting crap done. She’s so determined to find the truth and stick by it no matter what other people say. 

And so, we got the beautiful thing known as Kastle. Karen never stops fighting for Frank. She has seen who he is outside of the media stories, outside of the lies, and she believes in him. She knows that, yes, he’s done a lot of bad crap. But the man underneath that isn’t a monster. He never was. He’s a man who hasn’t had anyone believe in him for a long, long time. And so when Karen did just that, and fought for him, and cared for him like no one else, I think a little switch flipped in Frank’s head. 

And so, he started to protect her. She doesn’t always need protecting, but he’s always there. He tells her to leave him alone, but follows her around, saves her life, he keeps coming back because she’s the only one who sees him as a human being and he needs that. 

What I love about Kastle is that Frank sees Karen not as the fluffy person, but the person underneath. The panicking Karen suffering from PTSD. The messy Karen. The passionate Karen. The hardcore Karen. The Karen who will not let anything stop her from finding the truth, and what she believes in. And he never tries to see her differently. He loves her as she is, and she loves him as he is, even if it’s not strictly clear and noticed in the show. 

Karen sees Frank as a man, a human being, rather than a monster. Frank sees Karen as the woman who is struggling, stubborn, but is so, so determined and passionate and lovely. 

And so, there’s trust formed there. It’s fragile, but it grows. Especially after the glorious full-body tackle to protect her. The song in the car. Little things, so that Karen knows he’s looking out for her. And she’s always so relieved when she realizes it. Meanwhile, Karen does at times push Frank to become better. She tries. She tries to make him see him as she sees him, and maybe she doesn’t fully succeed, but some of it sticks with him. 

While this isn’t a comic-canon relationship, as far as I’m concerned, screw the comics at this point and give us this beautiful relationship more in the show. 

And now, Matt/Elektra. Not to pick favorites, but I am Very Passionate about these two and their relationship. 

Even before Matt and Karen break up, Matt is constantly going to Elektra. Yeah, he wasn’t happy about her being back at first, but as the season progresses you can tell that Matt wants to believe in her. He wants to push her to do better, he truly thinks that she can. This is a very important aspect of their relationship. 

Yeah, maybe Elektra isn’t the most healthy person for Matt. She has a lot of issues. But one huge aspect of season 2 is trying to balance out who these characters are. Matt struggles with this the whole time - lawyer or Daredevil. And the problem is, most people can’t accept him as anything but Matt Murdock, defense lawyer. 

But Elektra? She sees both sides of him. She accepts both sides of him. She knows that both are important to him, and doesn’t hold him back from either. Also, she reminds him that being Daredevil is a key part of him that he can’t let go, even if he sometimes thinks it would be for the better. Yes, Elektra crosses lines and encourages the darkness too much, but she tries. She tries hard to make him see that he needs this and can embrace it as part of himself and I love this. 

As for the other way around, Matt is always pushing Elektra to do better. I could rant forever about Elektra’s mental issues, and stubbornly fight people who say she’s a sociopath. Yes, Elektra is a screwed up person, but if you think about it, how could she not be? I’ll probably rant about this soon so I won’t go in depth here, but throughout her life she has been shaped to be the person she is, constantly being told by Stick that killing and this darkness is good. 

And so, when Matt allows Elektra back into his life openly, he tries so hard to pull her towards the light and out of the darkness that her life has locked her in, and I love him for it. Because this is exactly what she needs. She needs someone to believe in her, and who else would do that besides Matt? He sees the darkest parts of her and embraces it but doesn’t tell her it’s a good thing. He encourages her to do better, to be a better person. 

While, yes, sometimes they’re bad for each other, they balance each other out. They help each other do better, while simultaneously reminding each other that the darker sides of them are part of them, and that they really can’t fight that. But they can choose to be better. 

(Side note, the scene in… 2x08? when Matt gets back from court for the last time. Elektra’s injured. At this point, Matt’s life has fallen to pieces and he knows it. He lost the trial. But he didn’t lose Elektra, and he says as much. She apologizes. But he doesn’t. He doesn’t think she should. It’s clear that Matt made the decision about what was important to him even before he walked into court that last day.)

And I think that concludes my rant. There may be follow ups, I don’t know. But there you have it, a probably overdetailed breakdown of the daredevil relationships. 

I’m out. 

so i was thinking about my favorite daredevil ships (from the show only), as i so often do. and also about like… how there’s a lot of different types of love. it’s just really interesting to think about, to me anyway, how this applies to kastle/mattxelektra because how else would i spend my life. 

kastle is slow. i mean, it’s technically not even canon yet, but even from what we did see of these two in the show you can tell it’s slow. it’s reluctant and slow and tentative, because i mean it’s frank castle. the punisher. and karen page, who i think loves so freely and it always comes back to hurt her. even if kastle actually becomes a real, canon thing (in the punisher series??) it’s not going to be fast. i mean, did y’all see how that crashed and burned at the end of season 2?? yeah, that’s going to take a while. they have to build trust first, and that’s a hard thing to do. it’s two people who will fiercely deny/ignore any sort of attraction because that’s how they work, i think. it’s silent comfort, silent understanding, staying up with the other late into the night because neither can sleep because of nightmares. it’s a gentle touch to remind the other that they’re there, it’s 2am coffee in crappy diners while they’re both exhausted and trying not to smile at each other because it’s just so surreal. and i love this. 

with matt and elektra, it’s more of an all-consuming sort of love. all or nothing. holding nothing back. they aren’t soft kisses and going on actual dates. their love is passionate and fierce and love/hate at times. both pulling and pushing at the other until they inevitably fall back together again. i guess that’s kind of what they are - inevitable. i mean, even in the show as we saw, they really can’t be separated for long. life keeps dragging them back to each other, and in a maybe twisted way, they need each other. whether they like it or not, there’s love there. maybe it’s unhealthy, maybe it isn’t. taking without giving and trying not to think about it. and yet, in a way that’s disproportionate with everything else, it’s silent support, a push to do good, clashing moral views that somehow balance each other out. and that’s what i find really interesting about it because yeah, at first glance, it’s not a healthy sort of love. but if you look beyond that it’s… different, better, a lifeline, a way to anchor each other (especially to elektra). It’s fierce and harsh and it drags them down but keeps them up, keeps them fighting, all of it kind of paradoxical in itself. 

and idk guys but this just really fascinates me.

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