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“Anna had nothing of the grande dame about her, nor did she look like the mother of a boy of eight years old. By her graceful, lithe movements, the vivacious expression of her face, her eyes that change from grave to gay so rapidly, you would have taken her for a girl of twenty. Her manner was natural and simple, yet Kitty felt that there was something about her that suggested an inaccessible world of interests, complex, poetical, and quite foreign to her own nature and experience.”


santiago cabrera as count vronsky

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“Where am I? What am I doing? What for?” she tried to get up, to drop backwards; but something huge and merciless struck her on the head and rolled her on her back. “Lord, forgive me all!” she said, feeling it impossible to struggle. And the light by which she had read the book filled with troubles, falsehoods, sorrow, and evil, flared up more brightly than ever before, lighted up for her all that had been in darkness, flickered, began to grow dim, and was quenched forever.“
— Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina


List of Favorite Actors/Actresses → Alicia Vikander 

↳ “I vividly remember watching women in films when I was nine or 10, picturing them being what I’d be like as an adult. I had these real female crushes on certain actresses. And I’d watch them thinking, one day I’ll be that. One day I’ll be a woman. … I get that wish to find your complete form.”