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Valentine Day Collection 2017

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so. Anna @scorbius and I are meeting up next month, losing our goddamn minds at The Cursed Child, and then jetting off for some shenanigans on le continent. we are suUuUUUuUuUuper excited about it.

long story short(ish), Anna bought a third ticket for The Cursed Child, because she NAIVELY thought she’d travel to London for a couple of days with a friend rather than go gallivanting off across Europe for two weeks with a weird girl from the internet. we ruled out selling it to a millionaire whose daughter absolutely has to see The Cursed Child, papa a while ago, and then promptly forgot about it. (UNFORTUNATELY the rules around TCC entry are VERY STRICT and we didn’t want to (a) end up getting barred, or (b) have to look someone in the face after fleecing them for $10,000, otherwise we ABSOLUTELY would have taken some rich dude for every penny.) 

today we remembered that WE’RE GOING TO SEE THE CURSED CHILD IN ROUGHLY A MONTH – a realisation we have several times a week that never gets less exciting – and that WE HAVE A THIRD TICKET THAT NEEDS TO GET SOLD PRONTO, OR ELSE WE’RE GONNA HAVE A VERY EXPENSIVE PLACE TO PUT OUR JACKETS. Anna, as one does, took to twitter.

now. Anna is verified on twitter, because she’s “hip” and “works for Buzzfeed” or whatever, which means that occasionally Dwayne The Rock Johnson retweets her, and other assorted Cool Shit. she’s mutuals with some Cool People. so when she puts out THE CALL for a CURSED CHILD DATE, feasibly anyone could answer. anyone. ANYONE. 

I shit you fucking hell the fuck not.

yep. yes. seriously. IT IS HAPPENING. she and Anna are mutuals, they’ve sorted the deets, it’s been officially tweeted. me, Anna, and Gemma Styles just hanging out, watching The Cursed Child. I had to SIT DOWN when I found out because I started laughing so hard GRAVITY ABANDONED ME. I laughed for minimum 20 minutes. I told the group chat, and I laughed. I rang my mum, and I laughed. I ate dinner, and I laughed. I will be laughing all the way up until the day of, and then I will DIE. I WILL JUST FUCKING DIE. 

tl;dr we’re going to see The Cursed Child with Harry Styles’ sister. haha.


You should always have a white fur coat in your closet!