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Law & Order & Authori[tea] | Chapter 23: White Hair, Silver Needle

Fandom: Turn: Washington’s Spies
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Edmund Hewlett/Anna Strong
Characters: Anna Strong, Edmund Hewlett, Caleb Brewster, Ben Tallmadge, Abigail, Mary Woodhull, Abe Woodhull, Richard Woodhull, John Graves Simcoe, Robert Townsend, Samuel Townsend, James Rivington, Akinbode, Ensign Baker, Cicero, Aberdeen, Bucephalus, Thomas Woodhull (Sprout)
Genre: Modern AU / Coffeeshop AU

Timing, Anna knew, was everything. Selah had taught her that.

Sixty seconds’ hesitation could prove the difference between a mug of hot water too pale even to stain parchment, or a tea so tannic it made every sip a cringe. The line between the two was finer than silk. You could try to make a science of it; Edmund, probably, would have tried to make a science of it. But in Anna’s experience, science had no proven no substitute for instinct. Proper steeping depended too much on the hardness of the water, the heat of the kettle, the personality of the leaves. The only truth she’d gleaned from all her years of trial and error was that anything left stagnant turned bitter before long.

And that was the worst thing about Setauket—for everything stagnated there.

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Anna tries to surprise Kristoff on his birthday by baking him a cake, but she doesn't let the layers cool enough between stacking them and her three-layer cake becomes a three-layer pile of frosting and cake. She's about to toss it when he comes in (tipped off by Elsa) and eats a chunk of the mess despite her insistence that it be thrown out. He says it's great and sheepishly tells her that no one has ever made him a cake before. From that day on Anna attempts to make him something each week.

okay but they would be just a tiny bit undercook bc she cant wait anymore! or they are too hot because she didnt let them cool long enough because who has time for that when you have chocolate cake to stuff your face with!!!!!

Some lines from my dream journal so far.

  • There was a dead girl. But she wasn’t really dead.
  • I couldnt catch the lizard, but the snake and spider got into a fight.
  • But noone actually was hot.
  • When they were trying to put out the fire, she got naked.
  • Mom and dad were nervous and they wanted to buy them a present too, an oven.
  • Inside his house there was a dog with no tongue and it was the saddest dog. I felt like crying.
  • We were at a different planet and had issues with heat and cold.
  • After that I dont remember but I think I died or played dead to my parents and drove away.
  • I was outside with Anna, she was ploting to kill a man and I was telling her it’s not the right time.

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So without further adieu…

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#9 kristanna ;)

Kristoff sat back in his chair, watching Anna fall into absolute bliss, eyes closing, lips curling into a warm crescent as she took her first sip of hot chocolate. He found himself smiling too, her moment of bliss infectious in its genuine nature. Opening her eyes, she set her huge mug back down on the table, stretching a hand out to take his, intertwining her fingers between his own.

“So…” Kristoff cleared his throat, “Second year at university this week, right?”

“Zoology,” Anna confirmed with a grin, “It’s amazing so far!”

“And your sister is doing biological anthropology?”

“A post grad diploma–doing a dissertation related to biological anthropology. It’s kind of about primates.”

“There’s a lot of those. Which one?”

“Great apes in general–orang-utans, I think.”

“So, any other reasons you decided to do zoology this year after all?”

“You want the good, honest truth, Kristoff?’

“Why wouldn’t I?”

Anna tilted her head back in a good-natured laugh. “Truth is, among all the reasons I could have to want to be a zoologist, ‘side from Elsa’s work? The only reason I want to be a zoologist is so I can name animals I’m studying after Disney characters.” 

Kristoff blinked at her, unsure what to say at first. "Really?”

“Yup. Really.”

“So you’d go out there and study, say, ostriches, and name them after Disney characters?”

“Don’t be silly, Kristoff, I’ll be studying lions of course.”

“Of course. Lions. Only natural. So if I read a paper in the future on lions, and their names are Mufasa, Simba, and so on, I’ll know it’s you, right?”

“That paper is being written in my head as we speak, Kristoff.”

“Mufasa, Simba, and all?”

Especially Mufasa, Simba, and all!”


Pumpkin King and Queen

Anna spilled hot chocolate all over the front of her shirt. “Here, take my sweater.”
“Won’t you be cold?”
“ Don’t worry about me.”


Outlander s1 e7 The Wedding - Favourite Moments (semi-SFW)

Just a couple of special mentions:

3. That ribbon was/is/will forever be the death of me. Just UNF.
6. In Vanity Fair interview (I think) Anna said that their direction to Sam for when he first touched her in her shift was too act like he doesn’t know if she’s too hot or too cold and that made me really appreciate female-directed sex scenes. His hesitation through excitement was so expertly depicted and I can’t praise that shot enough.
7. Jamie being cocky makes it even funnier that his ‘cockiness’ stems from having observed plenty of farm animals copulating. Oh honey.


         “Hans! Hans! Heyyy, hey, haha- nice to see you again. Whew. It’s hot out here. How are you doing?” A big smile on, Anna tugged and pulled on the edges of her cheer shorts to keep them from riding up as she leaned over the metal grate fencing. This guy was seriously dedicated, it was adorable. She crossed her arms and grinned wider at him as she waited patiently for a response.

accidents (Rp with Snowflak-issen-dronning)

Anna had hurriedly ran to her car. Of course she was late. She was always late. Stupid stupid alarm clock. She grabbed her keys and peeled out of her drive way and took of down the street.

She cranked the music up on her cd player and tried to take a sip of her hot tea. Until she dropped it and the hot water splashed all over her seat. 

“Crap!” She wailed looking down for a second. A second was all it took. 

By the time she looked up she didn’t see the other girl crossing the road until it was too late. 

  • Kristoff: Anna wouldn’t even talk to me, she just kept sticking her tongue down my throat.
  • Hans: Oh boohoo, Bjorgman! You get to fool around with a totally hot chick and you never have to talk about her feelings. Pshh, you poor French-kissing bastard.
  • Elsa: Yeah, Hans is right. One time I asked Marisol what was wrong, and she didn’t shut up for like three straight days.
  • Kristoff: Look Westergaard, all I know is that you’re talking to my girlfriend and I don’t like it.
  • Hans: Hey man, I was engaged to Anna before you ever became her little boyfriend.
  • Kristoff: Westergaard, you’re pissing me off!
  • Hans: Why don’t you think, Bjorgman! You get to make out with one of the hottest chicks in Arendelle, while I’m being all sympathetic and relating my crappy life to her, and I’m pissing you off? YOU'RE supposed to be the friend and I’M supposed to be the make-out guy! Now that I think about it, you’re pissing ME off!