anna is so tiny

Jumping into olympic season ft The Faves™


- wow the COSTUMES
- so much hard work with the details so amazing
- tiny Anna and Elsa are literally 1000x more talented than I’ll ever be at anything
- props to that actor because walking on four legs for 2.5 hrs looks not fun
- Anna and Elsa are incredible singers
- first time in forever is BEAUTIFUL
- I may have cried
- I cried for a lot of the whole thing lmao
- Love is an Open Door with Anna and Hans is adorably awkward
- THE SFX WHen Elsa freaked out at the ball are incredible
- Kristoff is a beautiful man oh my
- and he can sing like an angel
- also paddie (who I always thought was pappy in the movie idk?) is RIPPED AF
- the trolls are now kinda avatar looking guys
- !Lesbian couple dancing!
- What do you know about love song by Anna and kristoff is AMAZING and so so cute
- 12/10
- I can’t even describe how incredible it was holy moly
- Hygge was hilarious and sweet
- the Yoo-hoo big summer blowout guy is great
- also Olaf is seriously amazing
- he sounds exactly like josh gad and plays him with so much heart
- the scene where Anna is trying to find Elsa in the blizzard on the fjord is incredible
- the cast members form this icy wind and stop her from reaching Elsa sooner
- Elsa unfreezing is so wonderful
- Anna and Elsa singing love is an open door together at the end 💓
- everything was incredible, absolutely would recommend
- the new songs ahhhhhhhhh

Book Collage based on ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ by naturallysteph (Stephanie Perkins)

Lola/Isla will hopefully come at some point, hopefully.

You can see the rest of my book collages HERE

a blooming of cosmos | 1 |

Summary: Home is inked across her skin in deep indigo and silver white and Hinata thinks maybe that’s the point. That she brings home with her wherever she may walk, and that family is found anywhere, especially amongst riotous cascades of flowers that come sailing in from a shift in the wind.
Pairing: NaruHina
Prompt: Tattoo/flower shop au
Chapter: 1 
AN: A very happy (and belated) birthday fic to @annalovesfiction​! (So sorry for being so late!) I give you this monstrously long first chapter to my first dedicated multi-chapter fic! I’m still terrified of this but, well, I just wrote 10k worth of words so maybe I’ll be ok. Apologies for any mistakes- I’m bad enough with just short drabbles, so this was a bit overwhelming to keep going through. Hope you enjoy!

When Hinata got her first tattoo, she never expected that she would keep coming back until the entirety of her back, the slopes of her shoulders, and the landscape of her collarbones would be covered as well. She had never even planned to get even one tattoo.

She was sixteen and in mourning when she walked in.

A boy sketching idly behind the front counter looked up at the sound of the door opening and her attention was immediately drawn to the two red fangs curving down over his cheeks. He was a rough composition of messy brown hair and layered torn t-shirts revealing intricate tattoo sleeves covering his arms. Black eyes reflecting the little light in the dimly lit room followed her halt in the middle of the doorway, a feral beast waiting in the dark. She wondered who was more surprised by the other here.

“You here for a tattoo?” he finally asked when it was apparent she wasn’t going to speak.

She wasn’t even supposed to be here at all, but she nodded instead, not trusting her voice. Her grip loosened on the doorknob before taking a step, then two into the darkness.

The room was warm, and she found the dark was not nearly as foreboding as she feared.

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Morning walk.

can we talk about the latest couple of eps of agent carter and especially the stuff about jarvis and ana not being able to have children, because i’m starting to see where the man that loved and protected tony came from and it’s simultaneously lovely and heartbreaking


A/N: Based on a recent Mod Chat about what demon puberty might, in theory, entail. This hardly covers a fraction of what was discussed, but it was a good way to bring Mark and Anna Pines back - it’s been a while since I wrote them.

It said a lot about the new state of the world that Mark’s first thought upon seeing the kitchen table was to google massive supernatural beavers and see if anything of the sort had come to light recently. It said a lot about Mabel’s life-long tendency to bring home new pets that he forewent googling in favor of shouting for her to come downstairs.

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Sooo… Even though it’s been mostly finished for like, 3 months now (I still have to redo that AWFUL glued on gold ribbon trim! GOSH it looks so bad!) I still don’t actually have any finished pictures of my Anna cosplay. But you guys have never seen it, so here! Have some dorky work in progress pictures me and my sister took at 1am!


So I believe today is the barduil fandom meet up? A lovely idea, this is honestly the nicest fandom, so chill and pure. I’m Anna, or @flurgburgler. I’m a tiny little English lady in my 20s, and I draw silly barduil fan art.

I’m a huge Tolkien fan and I am all about this ship, ever since I walked out of BotFA and my sister turned to me and said “Man, I really thought those two were going to kiss.” I am so here for it. Plus, it allows me to project all my faery folklore ideas onto it––Thran is literally the mischievous faery king from all your classic folk tales, I swear.

All the art and writing I see for this ship is wonderful, everyone’s so talented! I think the fic I enjoyed reading most recently was @barduil‘s Somewhere Only We Know, so sweet, oh my goodness! I’ve made some marvellous friends from this fandom, and hopefully today I shall make some more!

The Scent of New Beginnings, a Kristanna fic for Bri

This is for bri-ecrit! based on this prompt. I hope that your week gets better, Bri <3 I meant to write a drabble for you and post it much sooner, but it’s…not a drabble, and it’s late. 

I’m sorry in advance about all the errors and typos that I’m sure abound, I’m kind of anxious to post this and go to bed so I only skimmed over it :P I’m also sorry that it’s not very good

Note: Okay, so there’s no staircase in the ballroom in the film, I’m pretty sure, BUT let’s all pretend that maybe when Elsa used her powers in the ballroom she accidentally did some structural damage, and it had to be remodeled, and they put in an upper gallery with a staircase while they were at it because what good is a ballroom without a sweeping staircase

The Scent of New Beginnings

The engagement had only been announced a week ago, and already Kristoff was wishing that he could disappear into the mountains until the wedding. Better yet, he wished he could sweep Anna off to the mountains with him, elope with a troll wedding, and then spend their honeymoon all alone, far, far away from people. Far away from people who wanted to shake his hand, people who wanted to give him marital advice, people who wanted him to exert some kind of influence on his fiancée and future sister-in-law, people who just wouldn’t stop talking. Far away from all people who weren’t Anna, that was where Kristoff wanted to be. But he hadn’t even suggested it—it was winter, which was not the best time to camp out (although the challenge of keeping each other warm sounded so very appealing), and he wasn’t sure how legal a troll ceremony would be considered by the kingdom. Besides, she was so happy

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