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When you see a hot girl for the first time and realise that you might not be as heterosexual as you first thought.

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hey friend...i see some fe heroes over there my dude, idk if you want to write him but...i freaking love alfonse, i need some angst fluff if you know what i mean

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It was when you were gone for long periods of time that Alfonse worried. You weren’t really one to wander around or spend time alone, after all.

Without you by his side, it felt strange. It felt empty, lonely; that’s what scared him. Sure, you were allowed to do whatever you wanted. You were an independent human being, after all.

But it didn’t help that the feelings of anxiety that swallowed him constantly increased a thousand-fold when you weren’t beside him.

Just like this moment, when you were nowhere to be found. The crown prince frowned deeply, looking around the camp. You weren’t with Shareena, or Anna. None of the summoned heroes knew where you were, either. It was perplexing, and terrifying.

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Cute Librarian - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: What about Jay coming home to his SO rearranging their bookcase(s)? Like IDK if they got bored, tired of the mess, or are in need of something cathartic, but Jay just comes home to them surrounded with stacks of books and he starts helping. Good old fashioned domestic bookworm fluff

Jason was welcomed home to a loud crash sounding out in the other room. Immediately he was on edge, ready to defend himself.

“Fuck! Seriously?” You groaned out from the same direction that the loud noise came from. Jason’s guard lowered and shook his head in amusement at you. He wasn’t even close to prepared to the sight he would see when he turned the corner.

You were sitting amongst stacks upon stacks of books cross legged as collected the books that had just fallen out of their stack. You were in your most comfortable sweats and one of Jason’s oversized hoodies with your hair carelessly thrown into a messy bun. It was the most beautiful sight that Jason had ever seen.

“What are you doing?” He asked with a chuckle.

“I’m trying to sort our books. I was trying to find Pride and Prejudice the other and I couldn’t find it so I figured I’d make some sort of sense out of our collections so that I don’t have to search too hard ever again.” You replied cheerily as you sorted the books into whatever system you had come up with.

Our collection?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah our collection. I figured I’d marry our collections! I’m over here enough that it just makes sense. Don’t you want to have a collection large enough to rival that of Bruce Wayne?” You asked temptingly. Something ached deep in Jason’s thought at the thought of you being committed enough to want to leave all of your books at his place. He liked the idea of the two of you settling down like this more than he’d care to admit.

“You hate it don’t you?” You asked after Jason didn’t respond. Your voice sounded hurt and rejected.

“No, no! It’s not that! I love that you’re moving your collection here it’s just … shouldn’t we be living together before you go and mess with how I organize my books?” He asked.

“I was kind of hoping this would be a big enough hint that I wanted to take that next step with you.” You admitted, toying at the indented script at the spine of his copy of Crime and Punishment. Jason found himself a place to sit amongst all the books and took your hand in his, gently squeezing to get your attention.

“Yeah, let’s do it.” He said.

“Really?” You asked. Jason nodded in response. You let out an excited squeal and threw yourself at him. Jason was knocked backwards at the force of your embrace and he fell on a pile of books, causing them to slide everywhere. He was pretty sure it was your worn copy of The Canterbury Tales that was stabbing him in the back right now. Any thoughts of discomfort fell away when you started peppering his face with kisses.

“Hey babe?” He asked when he attempted to shift his body to a more comfortable position only to have three more books painfully press themselves against his back.

“Yeah?” You asked, completely unaware.

“I love you but I’m pretty sure Moby Dick is halfway up my ass right now.” Jason said, wincing slightly.

“Oh!” You cried, immediately getting off of him. “Sorry.” You apologized sheepishly. Jason sat up and pushed a strand of hair that had fallen out of your bun behind your ear.

“It’s alright, really. So how are we sorting these?” Jason asked looking around at the seemingly mismatched piles of books.

“I’ve been sorting them by genre and then alphabetizing them by author.” You explained.

“What was wrong with the system I was using?” Jason asked. You snorted in response and continued on with the section that you were sorting before Jason got home.

“Jay. You had no system. You had the Kamasutra next to Lord of the Flies and fucking Metamorphosis next to the Anna Karenina. I’m pretty sure that defies so many laws of nature.” You criticized.

“Everything had it’s place and I knew it’s place. It worked out.” He defended with a casual shrug.

“Can we try it my way for now?” You asked.

“Of course.”

Anna: “I don’t even know what love is.” This is the most complicated, broken, and profound line in the entire movie that was said by an equally complicated, broken, and profound character. Wait, What?

I know people will most likely agree or notice that Elsa is more glorified and magnified than Anna. Elsa is widely celebrated that she has become a whole franchise on her own singlehandedly. In Disney stores and in other stores carrying the “Frozen” merchandise, I notice that everything with Elsa’s face in it are always sold out whereas Anna’s…you can see that there are always a lot floating around. That she’s only just a spare. If a kid asks for Elsa, and her dolls are out of stock, she settles for Anna. Anna, the princess, not the Queen. Anna, the klutz, not the elegant and graceful character. Anna, the underrated character in her own movie.

What’s my point here? I’m not talking about sales statistics. I’m merely stating the obvious. We see more of  Elsa’s story get more notes and analyses here on Tumblr. She’s this utterly gorgeous muse with a tragic backstory that makes her so complicated and so enigmatic. She’s the one with the anthemic song with the sexy hips and gorgeous ice dress. She has ice powers, which make her so disarmingly hotter, and way more interesting that Anna, the younger sister who’s unashamedly ordinary compared to her sister.

I’m not trying to push Elsa off the pedestal and make Anna outshine her; wrong. That’s just how it is. Anna is underrated and there’s no denying that. But it makes me quite sad when I see people write about how Anna is just this naïve, gullible, and shallow character who fulfilled Disney’s aesthetics by being the typical princess who is love-starved and seeks romance as her main goal throughout the movie; to find a prince, kiss, and live happily ever after. Anna fulfilled that, yes. There was Kristoff, the kiss, and happily ever after. But that all came with a price. But she’s more than that. Way more than that.

“I don’t even know what love is.” My focus is this line because there are so many layers to it. 

Let’s tackle the question with some hypothetical questions and some counter statements that I also thought about, shall we?

1. Anna knows what love is. It’s not like she was locked away like Elsa was. She had her mom and dad. So if anything, Elsa should be the one who would be fitting to say that.

Yes, Anna had more contact with her mom and dad and I’m sure they compensated for Elsa’s absence by being there for her. Anna was free to hug her parents. She was free to play with her mom and dad. They had a good relationship for the most part. Anna loved them and they loved Anna. But honestly, if my sister just stopped talking to me and my parents wouldn’t give me an actual answer as to why, I’d feel pretty devastated.

I’d feel hated by my own sister. I don’t know how much (or if at all) it was emphasized by her parents that Elsa didn’t hate her whenever she asked why Elsa won’t see her anymore, but it still doesn’t excuse the fact that they kept her in the dark. Anna was betrayed from the very beginning by her own parents. All these doors. All these excuses. All these unanswered questions. It was unfair. Although her parents meant well, I’m pretty sure Anna had already formed conflicting thoughts about the concept of what love is. Why is Elsa gone? Why won’t Mama and Papa tell me? Don’t they trust me?

2. If Anna is so desperate for love and the company of people, why didn’t she go with her parents on that ship? That could’ve been her chance to explore the world. Heck, she also has a choice of leaving the castle. It’s not like Elsa told her to be locked in, too. 

I’ve seen someone write about this, but I’ve reblogged it a long time ago so I can’t really find it right now. It’s interesting how Anna stayed behind when she could’ve gone with her parents. She was fifteen years old and during that time period, hell yeah, she’s pretty darn legal. People got married even before fifteen. She didn’t need to go with her parents. She had a choice. And her choice was to stay.

Why? Okay, so Mama and Papa will be gone for two weeks. TWO WEEKS. That’s enough time for me to convince Elsa to come out of her room. Hopefully. I’ll even camp out by her door! I’ll bribe her with chocolates! Wait, what? It’s been way too long. I’ll use this time to come up with a plan to make her talk to me without Mama and Papa telling me not to go near her door. Elsa doesn’t hate me. I think. I mean, she’s my sister! Maybe, even for just a few days, Elsa and I can finally have some time for ourselves without anyone telling me not to bother her. I need to stay behind. I need to talk to her. Joan doesn’t say much. I miss Elsa. 

I think that’s how it went down in Anna’s mind. Or close to it. I mean, if she went on that ship, she would’ve died and uhh…there will be no movie. But two weeks became forever. And the door remained shut for another three years although the plan to have it opened did not waver.

She never opened those gates and left Elsa alone because where Elsa is, there she will be, too. Who will embrace Elsa with open arms when she finally opens that door? Anna won’t miss it for the world. 

I think this is the part where Anna’s faith in her sister wavered. God, she was so excited, so nervous, and so desperate to keep her sister’s attention. She standing so close next to Elsa. And Elsa is finally talking to her. They had, max, three minutes of screen time together. Three minutes or so of finally reconnecting. But Elsa and her own version of unconditional love for Anna, pushes her away once again and breaks her own heart again in the process.  Everything was going well….what did I ever do to her?

It’s just so absolutely brilliant how Hans comes in the picture a second after this scene to catch her as she tripped and about to fall. As if he was the one who will save her metaphorically. Hans, who echoes Anna’s pain (or pretends to) captures Anna’s heart immediately. He talks to her, makes her feel important, he…TALKS to her. It wasn’t a painting. It wasn’t her face against a door talking to a voiceless human being that was inside that room somewhere. It was someone finally talking to her and listening to her. Anna could not just let this pass. At this rate, Anna just wanted out. Marriage, whatever it may be, she needed an out. Not necessarily to leave Elsa because she did offer that Hans and her brothers live in their castle. But just…an escape from this gaping hole she was left with in so long. So much void. So much loneliness. Yeah, Anna was pretty naive to just say “YES” to marriage after four minutes of having a duet with a complete stranger. How gullible. But really, how much more loneliness and rejection can a person stomach? She saw an opportunity and took it. She wanted an out.  She wanted to be loved. And that’s perfectly human nature. Maybe this is her chance. Anna has been questioning what love is since that day that door slammed shut on her face. Maybe Hans will prove her wrong. He did, in the most sadistic and unexpected way.

“I don’t even know what love is.”

This is the face of complete defeat. Elsa throws her out of her ice palace after literally getting a near death experience and trekking that mountain for days. She dropped everything for Elsa just to be rejected again. Elsa physically built a monster to throw her out. Seriously, that blows more than anything even though we all know Elsa means well. And then, Hans betrays her. She’s dying and she doesn’t know what love is. She really doesn’t. She has this epiphany and realization that maybe she was just an idiot all this time. Anna, here, is convinced that whatever image of love she has in her mind is nothing more but demented wishful thinking and lies. Her parents kept secrets from her and allowed her relationship with her sister to fester. Plus, they leave her, too. They died with those secrets and those hugs Anna had looked forward to everyday growing up and wishing Elsa can hug her, too. Her own sister who was her best friend and someone she looks up to suddenly stopped being there for her unannounced; kicks her out after she goes on this suicide mission to find her, and accidentally freezes her heart. The one person that she confided in and trusted with her heart leaves her for dead after telling her she was a rebound because “no one was getting anywhere with Queen Elsa” that’s why he picked her. All of this seem to be undermined because of Anna’s radiant personality. But did anyone really actually consider that it may have been a fascade to mask the fact that she’s been crapped on all her life and everyday she wishes someone can make all of that stop?

So yeah, don’t tell me that Anna is shallow.

Anna screams “NO!” and blocks Hans’ sword from killing Elsa. By the time this happens, it’s already been established that Anna thinks Elsa doesn’t want to see her again. STILL, she literally defies that. NO, I will not let you touch my sister. YES, it’s probably true that she doesn’t love me enough or trust me enough to make it work, ice powers and all, BUT I will not let you kill her. This is not how it’s going to end. YES, I may have given up on trying to mend our relationship, but I CHOOSE HER. I may not know what love is, I may not know how it feels like to be loved. BUT I KNOW HOW TO LOVE. AND I LOVE MY SISTER. I CHOOSE HER OVER MY LIFE EVEN THOUGH IT MEANS I MAY NEVER SEE HER AGAIN. 

Guys, Anna died loving Elsa. Anna died forgiving Elsa completely…but she died not really and truly grasping how much Elsa loves her. She died thrown out, rejected, and betrayed.

Anna does not exist to fulfill Disney’s aesthetics to maintain a certain standard of being a Disney princess and a damsel in distress. Anna is none of that. Whatever happy ending she got, she deserves it, in all of its cliche and cheesiness. She has suffered just as much. She has cried just as much. And she deserves happiness and love just as much. She’s been a complicated character since her first screen time and for the next to follow. Sure, she made some really stupid mistakes. But that’s what makes her so relatable and so scarily human. Anna is the epitome of stubborn love. And that’s what makes her so beautiful. 

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You have the same name as my friend! And you're both so amazing! I also love the name Anna, I just think it's so pretty but this isn't the only reason I came here. I just wanted to say I love you and you are so great! Thank you for making my day brighter. Okay, bye now.

aw thank you!