anna is flawless and i love practically every picture she takes

393. Nursery

Authors Note from Anna: Finding pictures of nurseries is harder than you would think, especially when you already have ideas of what they should look like.

Harry: You suddenly woke up to a very fussy baby crying. Instinctively you threw off the covers and sat up, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. Before you made it to your feet Harry’s voiced poured through the monitor. “Hiya peanut.” Whenever Harry’s home and cant sleep he always makes his way to your little girl’s nursery. He’ll sit there waiting for her to cry, just admiring her while she slept. By now he’d scoop her up, and lay her against his chest, his large hands softly patting her back to the beat of a song and showering her perfect head with kisses. “Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful, isn’t she precious…” his tired voice lulling her back to sleep. She was without a doubt daddy’s little girl. 

Liam: While Liam was in America for a couple of days you found out the sex of your bundle of joy. Instead of sharing the wonderful news with him over the phone you decided you were going to surprise him. “(Y/N) I’m home!” you heard Liam call from downstairs. “I’m in the nursery!” you yelled back. His footsteps were fast and loud, getting closer to you. “I missed you so much, how’s my ba…” he stopped talking once he opened the door. You watched as his smile grow and tears pool in his eyes. “What’s this?” his voice full of emotion. “It’s a boy,” your hands rubbing your belly. Liam swiftly picked you up and spun you around. You hugged and cried for awhile, taking in the moment. 

Louis: After 13 long hours of labor you and Louis were proud to bring home your flawless baby boy, all 7lbs 9oz of him. Once you got home Louis quickly made his way to you opening the door and help you out of the car, then he practically sprinted to get his little man. You got inside and slowly but surely made your way to the nursery, heading straight to the oversized chair. Louis insisted on holding him first so he could give him a proper tour of his new room showing off every knickknack. “This is all yours munchkin, mommy and daddy made sure it was perfect for our little prince.” He swears that your son smiled back at him. 

Niall: Your pregnancy has been awfully stressful on you which killed Niall. He insisted on sending you off for a day of pampering. When you eventually got home you felt like a new person. You were sure the day would be over but Niall said he had one more surprise for you. He let you walk up the stairs before he covered your eyes and took your hand, guiding you into a room. “You ready love?” you could hear the excitement in his voice, which only added to yours. “Yes!” He slowly uncovered yours eyes revealing your daughters finished nursery. “I know it’s a lot, but only the best for my little princess.” You were completely speechless. 

Zayn: You and Zayn had just found out you were having a boy, you couldn’t have been happier. It was two in the morning when you woke up to find Zayn not by your side. You got up and made your way down the hall, stopping at your spare room that would become your son’s nursery. You slowly pushed the door open to find your husband hard at work. He was startled by your presence. “Love, I’m sorry. I know we said we were going to paint it but I just had this great idea and I couldn’t sleep. Do you like it?” he was rambling on. You were completely taken back by what Zayn had done, all you could manage was a tiny nod followed by a warm embrace.

Written by: Anna