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My contribution to Anna Weekend 2017, prompt: Sunshine. Done with pastels.

She’s visiting the Ice Harvesters’ Village with Kristoff (she has his sash!!!), probably during some festivities, that’s why she wore more traditional outfit I based on lovely Norwegian bunader. I drew her in one braid because I was curious how she would look in more Elsa-ish hairstyle, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, I prefer her two braids, though ;)

Anna Weekend: Sunshine

Anna is the sunshine.
Anna is the light
That spills through drafty corridors
To cast away the night –

For night hangs o’er the castle halls
And o’er her sister’s heart
And over Anna’s heart as well…
In Anna’s heart is the dark
Of loneliness, and quiet tears
Outside a wooden door.
Hers is a heart made to bear suffering
And she will bear it more –
The darkness of one quiet room
Will be where she collapses,
Hair ice-white – hating herself
For what she feels are her own lapses…

Yet the heart that’s coldest with despair
Can find the brightest light
Still flick’ring in its chillest chambers
And that flicker burning bright
Can bring a glow to all the soul
And set all other souls aright!

In The City of Angels - Chapter 3

(swearing… eventual smut… you know)
I literally cannot help myself with this one, I’m having so much fun.  It is what it is and its heavy on dialogue.

“So,”  She said leading him into the garage.  “Which one?”

He had been on pins and needles all night and day waiting to go out with Anna, even if she did have a boyfriend and he knew it was a completely plutonic thing. She simply just made him feel so wonderful that he couldn’t wait to be around her.  He was tired from barely sleeping for thinking about her, and the day had been long and arduous, but when she answered her door he was instantly revitalized.

“The sled, definitely the sled.”  He said and she tossed him the keys with a wink.  He caught them easily and grinned at her.

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Good morning- AnnaWeekend2017

Celebrating AnnaWeekend2017 organised by the amazing @radiantsunflowerprincess I decided to write a small thing. It felt so nice to write after a long while.


Warm rays of light were coming through the window, illuminating her room in a bright glow, the wallpapers nearly shining pink and yellow. With still closed eyes she drew the warm blanket up till her nose, enjoying the relaxed feeling that stretched through her whole body. The light shone bright and steady, so she slowly and carefully opened her eyes, peeking outside, greeted by clear blue sky. Even while it was more then comfortable lying in the big bed, she felt the need to get up and greet the new day. Turning around she let her feet down to the floor, the cold air making her shiver for a second before she reached her warm slippers. Her sister always insisted on her wearing them. Sitting now up in bed she stretched her back and arms out, the morning sun still warming her from behind. A few moments passed with her just sitting still, the last shimmers of a nice dream flickering in her eyes, before she grabbed her robe and left the room.

The long hall she now walked was quiet and as much bathed in warm sunlight as her room a few moments before. The huge windows allowed the still weak February sun to show all her morning glory, making the passer by forget it was still winter. Her soft slippers made no sound as she walked over the well-worn carpets. A small yawn escaped her lips and she decided to look out the window closest to her. The morning light was glittering on the fjord, appearing like thousands of diamonds spread over a bright blue satin cloth. Fisher boats and trading vessels were standing in the port, people could be seen already busy with their days work. By now, snow had made way for earth to be seen, and still, frost was thick on every house roof.

Making her way on she reached the small dinning room where breakfast was now served. Opening the door she was once again greeted by bright sunlight, and the smell of coffee and warm bread. Closing her eyes she let the moment fully sink in, and deep down felt truly happy. The table had of course one place already occupied and she made haste to join in.

“Good morning Anna. Slept well?”

“Morning Elsa. I did, but its even nicer to wake up.”


Elsa & Anna by alienalice


💐✨❤️👑💥🍿🎊🎉🎈🎁📣📢🎶🇩🇰🇳🇴😌👏🏼☝🏼️😘😍😎😜😉💃🏼👸🏼💁🏼💋💄👢🕶☃️❄️⛄️☄️🍧🍻HAPPY THIRD ANNIVERSARY FROZEN 💐✨❤️👑💥🍿🎊🎉🎈🎁📣📢🎶🇩🇰🇳🇴😌👏🏼☝🏼️😘😍😎😜😉💃🏼👸🏼💁🏼💋💄👢🕶☃️❄️⛄️☄️🍧🍻🍺🍾🍭🚨💋27/11/16❤️👑💥🍿🎊🎉🎈🎁📣📢🎶🇩🇰🇳🇴😌👏🏼🍾❄️