anna from arendelle


Painting of Anna and Elsa! In view of Chinese New Year, I’ve painted them in traditional chinese outfits :>

Fire and Ice (Elsanna week, day 1, June 18)

Deep in the wilderness of Arendelle, grew the mist valed Gods Wood, wherein dwelled the gods, old and new. It was a place for the gods and the gods alone and any who managed to make it through the mist, were swiftly and harshly dealt with. On this early morning, the duty of expelling their current intruder fell to one of the old gods, the winter goddess Elsa.

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Watercolor of Anna of Arendelle.

Hey guys! If you have an idea or an opinion, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll answer all your questions even when I don’t know what to say. 

I’d like to talk to you people! 

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This was my New Year’s Eve picture of Kristoff and Anna. My idea was basically to depict a lovely dancing scene between Anna and Kristoff while he is playing with his guitar but they kind of turned out pretty drunk. It was pretty hard to draw those characters even though Anna’s character design seems generic she was kind of hard to draw. She looks more like Anne of Green Gables than Anna from Arendelle but I hope you don’t mind.So I pulled all my energy in making Kristoff as acurate as possible because I love his character design. Especially their clothes where so much fun. I love these nordic designs.