anna draws weird things

akai-anna  asked:

(Also, I'M IN pain because so many characters I could ask for, so many perfect POSES LIKE SUCH PERFECT KISE AND KARAMATSU POSES, but then again, I CAN ASK FOR NIJIMURA SHUUZOU and he's top priority. Also. *JUMPS ON YOU AND HUGS YOU* I HOPE YOU'VE BEEN DOING WELL, and your days are full of gentle sunshine and happiness! <3)

A2. Dw Anna, I feel you, I also can never choose _(:3/ But here you have another one~ (the painful idiot). BC 1. I agree, there are some rly fitting expressions for those two, and 2. You are such cutie♥


there has to be a time where hiccup’s putting himself down and jack, being a good boyfriend, is all no bb i think ur gr8




it’s 1.14 AM here ok u_u;;