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I was going through the Frozen tag and

I saw a snippet where someone said that Olaf was kind of a manifestation of Elsa’s love and friendship for Anna that filled in for her when she wasn’t there.

And I thought.

What if given if she hadn’t had been locked up and crap, Elsa would have had a more relaxed and casual personality like Olaf.

And then I proceeded to imagine the scene where Olaf and Anna are first introduced to Kristoff’s family, but it’s just Elsa there instead of Olaf but doing and saying everything he does in that scene.

“He’s craaaaaaaay-zy”

Snow Sisters Week Prompt 1: Gloves

Immediately, this raises the question as to whether that is Elsa’s glove or Elsa Inu’s glove. Personally, I feel like Elsa Inu chews on that glove, making it hers.

Elsa having a panic attack and anna comforts her; requested by anonymous 
not 100% what i had in mind but yeah; also super messy whoops~
hc; As a result of being trained to keep emotions inside, her skin starts freezing when she panics, but it’s usually not more than the fingertips … 

For DisneysFrozenPosts who had the idea in the first place <3 

The plan was that Anna would carry their child, but when they found out that that would be impossible they already were too caught up in plans and pleasant anticipation to just cancel the whole thing again. So despite her worries about the icy magic in her vines Elsa got knocked up. 

At some point Anna changed Kristoff’s official title from ice deliverer to food deliverer because she was so fed up with her sisters cravings at the strangest times. Kristoff didn’t really enjoy his new job, since it also meant that he had to get everything else that Elsa wanted (she was the Queen after all) and it was usually in the middle of a moodswing that she wanted him to go and get something. 

Though she was able to leave a bit of work to Anna and some more to her advisors, Elsa still had quite some work to do, even when she closed in on the estimated delivery date. In approx the 34th week it was needed that she showed up on an official gathering in the southern isles. The King had send Hans off into the mountains with guards and put him under arrest there. So that wasn’t a problem and everything went well as always. Apart from the endless, annoying conversations about motherhood. 

On the evening before her departure, Elsa went for a walk in the royal gardens but she was too absent minded and wandered off without realising it. The Queen found herself lost in the woods when, without a warning, her water broke. Anna who had refused to stay home, was however in bed in the southern Palace. Much to Elsas dismiss a well known figure found her before she could have a mental breakdown. It was due to Hans that she made it back save, in time for Anna to be there when their child was born. 

e may or may not considered to kidnap the newborn heir to become king after all. 

Kristoff forgave Elsa for shooing him around so much, once he saw the tiny, and way too early born baby. 

The first weeks with the little one were full of panic, since he was 6 weeks early, no doctor would assure them that the curly head would make it at all. Anna had a full blown, loud panic attack when he fell asleep in her arms for the first time. 

But everything was fine in the end.