anna dear i love you

I reached 1700 followers weeks ago and I wanted to do something special, so here’s my favorite fanfic writers at the moment and some of their best works!
(thank you @clueingforlooks for doing this beautiful edit to me, ily Thais 💖)

GubraithianFire (@girljohn)

Kintsugi - teenlock; balletlock; case fic; fluff and angst
A Lucky Fellow - daddy kink; age difference; porn with feelings
Save Me or Let Me Drown - Shameless - AU; angst and humor; dysfunctional family; alcohol abuse/alcoholism
Reckless Serenade - teenlock; musicians; they play in a band; sexual experimentation; fuckbuddies
A Study in Flirting seriesunilock; librarian!sherlock; trash john; love at first sight; recreational drug use

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Hi Jacob, I can’t believe that I missed you again, you must be sleeping or building. What is it this time? A cot, a bed, an entire house just under your ribcage so I can move in and live there, right next to your heart? I can’t believe that I miss you as much as I do. I think that I move when you move. That’s weird, isn’t it? That I can feel you shifting from across the ocean. Everything pulls at me with greedy little hands and none of it is you. You don't know how much that I want it to be you. Always, at 1AM when I’m not sleeping because you’re awake and I can feel it. I can feel that gulf between us and I want to jump into it because maybe I’ll meet you there, somewhere in the middle. I don’t think that I saw anything before I met you, or felt anything, really. You touched me and it all lit up. The entire world opened its mouth and down there, right in the belly of it, was you. It was always, always you. Did you know that? How we’d be our only miracle. That first day when we drank tea, and my cup was as big my face. We laughed like raindrops. Did you know that you’d look at me like I was the most beautiful piece of furniture you’d ever seen? God, Jacob, it’s so fucking empty without you here. I don’t know how to breathe in rooms that you’re not in. You’re the best piece of poetry I’ve ever read. You’re the only one I’ve ever written, I'm serious, they all sound like your name. Like I’m signing off’ ‘To Jacob, come back come back come back, love Anna.’ Dear Jacob, come home, please. I love you. I miss you Like Crazy, call me when you’re free.
—  Azra.T., “Love, Anna”