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The Enterprise Crew in Bed

not what you’re thinking, you pervs. We’re just talking snuggling, here. ;)

Bones - the ultimate snuggle buddy. Body like a furnace, is always big spoon, likes little forehead kisses. Sexy gravelly morning voice.

Jim - Treats you like the goddamn goddess that you are.

Chekov - The ultimate tickle monster. He’s relentless.

Uhura - Girl’s got a nasty mouth. Don’t start anything with the pillows - she fights dirty.

Sulu - Big softie. Sweet-talker.

Spock - The human ritual of “snuggling” is an illogical and frivolous behavior. Vulcans do not snuggle. *snuggles anyway* Perhaps exceptions could be made. *justifies snuggling at every opportunity*

Scotty - Kind of shy at first, but warms up quick. Nice hands. Fidgets. Makes you laugh until your ribs ache. 

AOS FIC: From Your Fences

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The AOS crew goes camping.

This is Post-Beyond. Scroll to the bottom for Anna’s author’s notes. I have a ton.

Big ol’ thanks to @outside-the-government for her inspiration/support, even if it didn’t turn out like I planned. If you have not checked out her blog, go now. It’s fabulous. She is fabulous. 

This is part one of three, but can certainly be read as a standalone. Full of fandom cliches, ‘cause I’ve never had an original thought once in my life.

Also, McKirk. It’s always McKirk.

Somehow, Jim had convinced them all to go camping.

They’ve been transferred back to San Fran after Krall’s attack. Len’s been holed up in the lab for most of leave, has grudgingly accepted a part time mentorship position working with senior cadets.

“C’mon, Bones,” Jim whines. “The White River is gorgeous in the fall. Everyone’s going. Ben’s even taken sabbatical.”

Len had bitched and moaned and grumbled,Years stuck in space, and the first opportunity you get, you wanna sleep on the cold ground under the damn stars.”

He finds himself in Washington, anyway.

Len spends most of the first day on the river. He hasn’t gone fly fishing since David’s illness, and dammit, if it doesn’t feel good. The breeze is cool on his cheeks and the rush of the water over his boots is a comfort. Ben and Hikaru have Demora at the shoreline. Ben’s splashing her gently, and she’s squealing. 

It brings a lump to Len’s throat.

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And my Disney lady sticker designs are done!!!! So there may be a few noticeable absentees from the crew (Elsa, Anna etc) but I’m afraid I elected to pick my favourites!!!

They are still in need of tweaking…mainly where proportions are concerned (some have giant heads, others teeny tiny ones) as apparently continuity isn’t really my thing but I’m happy they’re done and can move on the next series…Studio Ghibli YAY!!!

misadventures in the mist. mistadventures?

damn, i can’t believe i actually finished this drawing, the sketch is actually a month old, but my drawing program crashed on me so many freaking times, that i just kept putting it off. the only one who escaped the loss of progress and redrawing is diath (uncanny dodge??) everyone else had to be redrawn at least once.

Finally finished getting caught up with Dice, Camera, Action and boy was that an emotional roller-coaster. It’s going to be frustrating having to wait a week between episodes now, but I’ll get to watch them live! I have no clue what I am going to do until next Tuesday.

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