anna chancelor

MALFS: Middle Aged Lady Fascination Syndrome

Caused by :
-Samantha Bond
-Anna Chancellor
-Penny Downie
-Sarah Lancashire
-Elizabeth McGovern
-Sarah Parish
-Kristin Scott Thomas
-Juliet Stevenson
-Emma Thompson
There may be other causes for this fascination but these are some of the more common ones.
Symptoms include high pitched irregular squeaking noises, face flushing and immense and frequent excitement when causes appear.
Unfortunately, there is no known cure.

Follow Friday...hooray no one is dead!

Welcome new followers. It’s been a strange week.  No posts for the first three days as I was busy at CinemaOCD doing a crazy three-day liveblog of Lawrence of Arabia. So “this week” has only been today and yesterday and luckily no major characters have died.  So there’s that.  As I’m gearing up to bring you my thoughts on Series Four, I thought it would be fun to have some spoiler-free eye candy from the series four cast as a way to say, thanks for hanging in there.

with real life husband, reused from slidingscale:

Rupert in a frock (top?) coat and t-shirt.  Dear lord. 

A blast from the past from Peter.  Borrowed from ofthebeginning:

Nicola looking fabulous on roadsnottaken:

Miranda looking cozy on cryurname:

With the following caption, “Dear Raza Jaffrey: the degree to which I find you attractive is inhumane. ” on sundrynotes:

Anna squaring off against Colin in Pride and Prejudice on letmeeatpears:

BTW, Colin, when are you and Jeremy Northam going to be on Spooks.  Every other actor in the Jane Austen Universe has done it.  I’m sure you ran a very good sort of shop before you ascended to the knighthood, but that doesn’t mean you should be too good for us now.  Yours, my internal Caroline Bingley.