anna cappellini and luca lanotte



These are my favourite figure skaters of each competition💕


2017 Fantasy On Ice in Makuhari Part 2

Part 1


Inktober 2016 Part 3: Days 21 - 30

Mostly figure skating and yoi doods I drew over the GP season (both fictional and real haha). Forgive me if they don’t really look like some of the skaters, I was drawing while paying attention to their performances

2018 Olympic Prep Challenge! Day 7!

Dream Exhibition Programs For The Olympics

What’s a program without a good, little story? ❤️

Tessa and Scott
- A program about a passionate forbidden relationship. They know that their time together is limited, so they regard every single night like it’s their one last night.
♪ A Medley of One Last Night by Vaults and Pillowtalk by Zayn

Madi and Zach
- A program about two people who were in a romantic relationship. They broke up because of their career paths. On good terms, they still see each other regularly. Feelings are coming back and they just can’t help falling in love with each other. Sounds familiar…don’t ya think? 😉 
Ed Sheeran Medley of Give Me Love, Kiss Me, and Photograph

Kaitlyn and Andrew
- An angsty program about a couple. The girl has doubts on the longevity of their relationship… The guy tries to show her that he will love her till the end of time.
Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

Aleksandra and Ivan
- A program about best friends who love each other deeply, but are too scared to admit their real feelings.
Certain Things by James Arthur

Tiffany and Jon
- Two people meet. Instant connection. Both on vacation, they bond and embark on a passionate romance, knowing that it won’t last. On their last 24 hours together, they make the best out of every second. Fast forward many years later, even though they haven’t seen one another since, their memories with each other still live on in their dreams.
Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift

P.S. At this point, I think it’s pretty clear which two ice dance teams I want on that Russian Olympic Team…😉

Christina and Anthony
- A program about first loves. A journey through ups and downs.
Over and Over Again by Nathan Sykes ft. Ariana Grande

Anna and Luca
- This lighthearted program is pretty much a reflection of Anna and Luca’s amazing career and partnership. A great thank you to each other.
 An Instrumental Cover of Without You by The Piano Guys

Piper and Paul
- An Irish escapade for Piper and Paul! If they can make an 18th Century Short Dance work, they sure can nail a fun Irish-themed program. I think it suits their eccentric style…🍀🍀🍀
Humours of Glen Dart from the Harry Potter Soundtrack

Valentina and Ondrej
- A program about a couple who constantly fights. They always say that they want each other gone, but every time they try to get out of their dysfunctional relationship, they can’t seem to make it happen. They always end up craving for each other.
 Dark Times by The Weeknd

Ksenia and Fedor
- A lyrical program about how opposites attract. A puzzling love story comes to life. They eventually become each other’s half.
Mirrors by Justin Timberlake


Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte - ITA by Danielle Earl Photography
Via Flickr:
Copyright Danielle Earl/Golden Skate

Top 5 FDs - 2016/2017 season

1. Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir

This is not my favorite FD of the season but it was still beautiful and their emotional commitment to it really made an impact. They are the main reason I enjoy ice dance which means that whatever program they make it will make my top 5. Still, I hope they will go with a powerful undeniable FD for next season.

2. Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte 

This is definitely a program that fits their style like a glove and they nailed it at Worlds. They managed to capture the small nuances the program needed as well as the audience.

3.  Madison Hubbell & Zachary Donohue

I loved this FD, from the music to the movements and choreography and I hope H/D rise will continue since they are the superb US team IMHO.

4. Madison Chock & Evan Bates

This was a different FD that suits them greatly (much more that their SD that had lots of potential but was reduced to hairography and hand flailing at times) and managed to cover some of their flows as a team. The music choice did 50% of the work here (which again emphasizes the importance of choosing the right music).

5.  Laurence Fournier Beaudry & Nikolaj Sorensen

I love this FD but even if I didn’t the sweetness of Nikolaj at the end alone is enough to get them on my list 💗😊 And again, fingers crossed for them to go to the Olympics. 

6. Kaitlin Hawayek & Jean Luc Baker

Stupid Tumblr won’t let me embed more than 5 video so you can (and should) all watch this beautiful SD here and settle for a gif 😊

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All on Ice at the Gala Exhibition of the 2017 World Championship Finale