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Hufflepuff kiddos (2/2) !!! …oh boy, this ended quickly. O-oh well, as I’ve already said, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor will feature only two sets of MCs instead of three, for various reason ;; here’s @zigarettes-are-cool, @flannerycake, @bambieambieboo, @makichaotic, @jolyne-jiyuu and @ploogaumm‘s mcs! As always, if you didn’t want your character to be part of this little project, or you don’t like the result, or I’ve messed up etc. etc., I’m sorry! ><

  • Frodo: At least now it's all over.
  • Merry: Yep.
  • Sam: Ring gone and all.
  • Pippin: That's great. Can I just stay here in Minas Tirith and maybe write home to you guys once a year?
  • Frodo: What?
  • Pippin: I can't go home.
  • Merry: He's right, Frodo. He can't.
  • Sam: Can't imagine his father will be happy.
  • Frodo: But-
  • Pippin: If I go home, I'll be eating fuck-up cake for the rest of my life for every meal, I can't go home.

She was napping, when she felt a slight tap on her wing. The visions of sweet light sugared icing and fluffy, crumbly bread melted away.

“Hmmm?” she said, fluffing herself and getting ready to face a sad, cakeless existence.

She was met with the sight of a large, unlit candle.

The cake was almost larger than she was, several tiers, festooned with macaroons, covered with sweet dollops of icing, nested with brightly colored fruits and treats.

“Here,” Alfonse said, making a swift sharp cut with Folkvángr to the edge. the small triangle sat invitingly, the candle tucked into the top layer of icing.

“We had a second one!” Sharena called excitedly, giving Feh a pat.

“In case,” Anna grumbles, “these two tried anything.”

Fjorm raises a hand to the spoon still in Anna’s grasp. An intense dirty look from the former silences the complaint before it begins.

“Oh!” says Feh, cautiously, aware of the crumbs still scattered on the first empty plate. “Is this…is this for me?”

“Of course!” Sharena says. “All of it. We’re very sorry. Happy birthday, Feh!”

The others join in, a chorus of happy birthdays alight with joy. Effie brings out a match, lights it, and for a moment, Feh’s dreams of a new cake seem very far away.

“Happy birthday,” Alfonse says seriously, one last time. “We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Is it canon yet that all angels have a sweet tooth?? Like, it’s just a family trait? (along with obsessiveness)

Anna and chocolate cake.

Gabriel and basically anything sugar.

Metatron and whip cream covered waffles.

Ishim and coffee with his cream and sugar.

The little girl angel out for ice cream.

Castiel with PB&J.

There are more I am sure I forgetting, but can this be an acknowledged family trait?

Frankly I do not trust Anna’s intentions, and I still have a lot of questions about her and Villanelle’s past.

Firstly, though her keeping allllll of V’s correspondence was certainly useful for the plot, and for Eve’s investigation, what’s the character justification for Anna doing so? She claims that the obssession was one-sided, she claims to have never slept with Villanelle (is the jury still out on this one?), and she seems genuinely upset that her husband was castrated and murdered by this woman. So why would she keep a huge box full of constant reminders of Villanelle?

Next, is Villanelle aware that Anna has thought she was dead these past few years? Clearly at first V did not know, because she sent the coat containing the hidden passport and currency to Anna. But has she since been informed by Konstantin “Anna thinks you are dead, and we are going to keep it that way”? When Konstantin tells her she must return to Russia to take out Nadia, Villanelle is apprehensive about the possibility of encountering Anna, and Konstantin assures her that it won’t happen. And at her assessment, she’s asked if she still thinks about Anna, with the implication that it would not be regarded positively by her employers if she was. Clearly she is meant to be staying away from the other woman, or perhaps even wants to stay away from her. So the question is why? Why would she want to stay away from a woman she was obssessed with?

In My Head (S.M.) Two

Summary: Olivia McNally, an inexperienced and workaholic editor meets one of Hollywood’s golden boys by chance. When Shawn suggest he teach Olivia the ropes of show business she jumped at the opportunity unaware of everything it wouid entail.

Word Count: 3368

Warnings: Swearing, alcohol consumption, sexual content

Paring: Shawn Mendes x Professional Editor! OV



Throughout the entire meeting Olivia felt Shawn’s eyes on her. She would look up between typing and see his eyes trained on her, watching her every move. A few times she caught his eyes and the boy would quickly direct his eyes in another direction. Olivia tried not to blush under Shawn’s gaze, but despite her efforts she still felt herself becoming warm.

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Don’t imagine the Bellas getting Beca a Father’s Day cake but somehow it falls and no one knows who to blame so they all turn towards Emily because it was her idea to get the cake and Emily in return blames Beca because she gave Emily the original idea because she wanted recognition that she never recieved.


“I am hard on myself. But isn’t it better to be honest about these things before someone else can use them against you? Before someone else can break your heart? Isn’t it better to break it yourself?” || Stephanie Perkins, Isla and the Happily Ever After ||