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This is the second of two commissions I bought for my birthday, by the wonderful and fabulous @comickergirl!  Elsa is teaching Anna how to ice skate (and it appears that Anna has mostly got it).  Thank you so much, Sarah—you’re the best! 😊

I commissioned this at the same time as the other (if you missed it, it’s right here), and while I had some second thoughts (about whether I should ask for something specific, like a scene from one of my fics), I settled for something simple.  There’s plenty of opportunities, after all.

Tagging: EVERYONE, because you’re all here for Frozen anyway. 😅

applebritters  asked:

I don't know if you've gotten any similar asks, but what do you think would happen if, against all odds, the theories about Niki faking his death and being a green member are true? Say, sometime in s2 he and Saru run into each other during a big battle or something, and maybe there are Scepter 4 or Homra members around too? I'm curious how you ink it'd play out, and the effects it might have on his relationships with everyone

I think Fushimi’s first reaction would probably be to assume that Niki’s just a hallucination – the Green King’s tried that tactic before, after all, and Fushimi has no reason to think Niki being alive is the more plausible explanation. But then say Yata’s there too with everyone else and he suddenly says something like “Wait, wait, it’s that guy! Saru’s…” which is when Fushimi realizes that oh shit everyone else can see him too. At that point I think Fushimi goes into immediate auto-pilot not-even-thinking Kill Mode, like ‘it doesn’t matter if that guy is alive if I kill him.’ And Niki probably laughs and says something about how much he’s missed his little monkey while using his Green electric-y powers and probably throwing Fushimi to the ground or into a wall or something (Niki’d probably be a pretty high-level clansman if the Green King made him go to the trouble of faking his death). Fushimi probably just lies there – I think his mind would’ve gone pretty blank from shock by that point – and then I think Yata would almost certainly dive in after him to protect him. Niki’d probably take down Yata pretty handily too and start laughing like, oh, look, it’s my monkey’s little friend aren’t you cute, let’s play. I don’t think it would get much farther than that because if Munakata or Anna are anywhere in the immediate vicinity I think they’d intervene to chase Niki off. I think they’d both probably have a pretty good idea of exactly who Niki is and I don’t think either of them would be very well-disposed towards him. I can see  Munakata being really cold and just scary pissed off even as he politely but firmly tells Niki that he needs to leave right now. And Niki just laughs it off and waves as he walks away, like “I’ll see you again, Saruhiko~~”

The aftermath would probably be messy. I think Fushimi would be trying very desperately to keep it together while being pretty traumatized. Yata I think even if they hadn’t made up or anything at that point would be trying to help him, like even after Niki walks away Yata’s crouching over Fushimi protectively and wondering what the fuck is going on while swearing that he’s not letting that guy get wthin ten feet of Saruhiko. And Fushimi tries to push them all away, not wanting to explain who Niki is or what just happened because he doesn’t want to think about it, he just wants to go after Niki and kill him and be done with it (actually I think Fushimi would have trouble explaining it even if he was asked, I have sort of the vague feeling that Fushimi is not entirely aware that what Niki did to him is actually abuse. Like I can see him thinking that he hates Niki and that Niki was horrible to him, that Niki was a worthless parent, but the idea that he was really, actually abused doesn’t quite come into his head because he’s kind of got his own blinders on there, being in the center of it he can’t see it even though it’s obvious to everyone on the outside). Yata’d probably end up having to be the one to explain everything and Fushimi would keep telling him to shut up because he doesn’t want anyone knowing and he doesn’t want anyone pitying him either. I can see Fushimi even attempting to go after Niki on his own, just to end it, and then ending up sort of freezing in front of Niki because he’s got all this trauma that’s come screaming back. And then the rest of the cast show up and just kinda circle the wagons around Fushimi and Yata especially is super protective, and Fushimi is sort of shocked by the whole thing and doesn’t really know what to do. (And then Munakata squashes Niki like a bug.)

“I think Kristen Bell has a nice voice, but something about her voice as Anna has always bugged me, and I can’t exactly describe it. The closest I’ve gotten was that it was too “sweet”. After going on a Frozen listening spree, I heard Anna’s Swedish voice actress, Mimmi Sandén, sing For The First Time In Forever, and I fell in love. Her voice isn’t perfect but it feels warm and natural. I can never listen to the English version anymore: I have to hear it in Swedish.”