anna bland

Okay, I’m like 6 months late but Now that I’ve finally seen Frozen I can spout off some unpopular opinions about that. Firstly, I can say, without a doubt in my heart, the movie had the potential to be excellent and it ended up being incredibly meh.  A lot of fans of this film were clearly so vexed by the animation, as I was, that they couldn’t see how bare bones the actual plot was.

Anna was bland and basically Rapunzel from Tangled every time she was on screen I was wondering “where’s Elsa”, Hans was a shit villain, Olaf was okay but clearly not necessary, the romance was forced, there was too much singing for the sake of singing and only a handful of songs were actually good, the duke of Wesselton was punished for doing nothing wrong. Way too many questions went unanswered, like what’s the deal with the ice powers anyway or how exactly did Elsa go years at a time without leaving her room? There were several directions they could have went that would’ve turned out great, but they played it too safe just so it could end with nothing being lost or even at risk. 

Secondly, Elsa, hands down the best character in the whole thing, should’ve been either the main character or the villain or even both. A villain-protagonist. She was the cause of all the badness in the story, probably killed a lot of plants, animals and even some elderly and yet the story just pretends nothing happened. And not a “Mwhahaha” one dimensional baddie like in the early drafts, but a confused and definitely tragic figure whose desire to be left alone turns violent. They almost went there but they pussied out .

Finally, that movie was hardly progressive or feminist. At least it wasn’t the skewed view of feminism that so many tumblrites share. Oh and Disney, please stop trying to lampshade yourself. I don’t watch your films to be reminded that there is no “happily ever after” I want to escape the cold reality(lol), not walk right into it.

This is one of the few times when I can say without hyperbole that all the fanfictions, AUs and theories are better than the source material.

Stepsisters|| The Government's Daughter

It hadn’t wierded me out when Mycroft hired me to hack for him, hell I welcomed the opportunity to hack freely without repurcussions. It was a lot more fun when I knew I could do more.

It didn’t trip any wires in my brain when Dad and Mycroft started having dinners together to ‘discuss’ me. I guess I thought it was normal. 

When they started dating it was a…litte weird, but no big deal. 

Then dad announced he was going to marry Mycroft. I stared at him, dumbstruck, “Aren’t I a bit old to be getting a step dad at seventeen?” That wasn’t really the problem, as a hacker I analyze things, see them coming. I hadn’t seen this. 

Oh, and to sweeten the deal i was getting a new stepsister, Anna. Her file was bland and I’d only met her in person maybe once before. Her face blurry in my memory, but I figured that we’d have to get along, which was why I’d texted her to meet me at mine and dad’s flat this afternoon.

“Bonding with a Holmes.” I sighed, laying on the couch and waiting for her to arrive, “This should be…interesting.”