anna biting her lip


Inspired by this beautiful art.

Anna cannot believe this is real.

Elsa is so beautiful. Her hair is golden like wheat, her braid settled gently over her bosom. Her breasts are supple, with ruddy nipples. Her skin is the pale pink hue of a blossoming dawn. Anna’s eyes glide over her sister’s stomach – soft and smooth, the color of rosewater from across the seas, with a perfect navel. Anna bites her lip gazing down at the gold between her sister’s legs, so flustered…

But Elsa seems anxious as well – meek as a fawn new to the meadow. She laughs lightly, trying to shake off the uneasiness of their mutual nakedness – and soon Anna is laughing as well. Each one’s laughter is a comfort to the other, a sweet music that ripples through them, loosening their bodies and uncoiling their spirits.

Anna feels almost ready to melt when she feels her sister’s hand, silky as a flower in bloom, brush against her cheek. She has longed for Elsa’s touch for so many years… and now… in intimacy so intense… she is in awe. Elsa slips a finger ever so gently… ever so sensually… into Anna’s mouth. Anna suckles on the fingertip, a soft whimper rising from her belly…

They spend the rest of the night exploring, learning… coming to know one another.  

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I like the idea of Anna wearing skirts with no panties so that he can just eat her out whenever without the mess of clothes

I have a head canon about this kind of. We all agree that Kristoff follows Anna’s lead on how far they’re gonna go, pre-marriage canonverse. So maybe he’s slid his hand under her skirts before, only to be met with all the petticoats and bloomers and stockings and whatever else she’s wearing. And that was still kind of exciting for him and he never wanted to press her for anything more. Except one day their kisses, like they do sometimes, turned a little more intense, the petting a little heavier. When he slips his hand underneath her dress he’s met with soft bare skin. He looks at Anna who’s staring at him, biting her lip mischievously. She wraps her little fingers around his wrist and guides his hand to her center. It’s so hot and wet that Kristoff feels himself harden at the touch alone. Anna pushes herself onto his hand and begs him to push his fingers inside of her.

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Kristoff treating Elsa like the big sister he never knew he always wanted? And Elsa falling into the role so easily because she was BORN to be a big sister?


“Stay still, Kristoff,” Elsa says, sounding wholly unsympathetic as she continues to wipe at the deep scratch on his left arm.

Behind her, Anna flashes him a sympathetic grin, still poking gingerly at her freshly-bandaged forehead. Kristoff scowls; it’s not fair she got to go first. ”I thought I was,” he mumbles, and then decides to chance a look up, “Are you…mad?”

Elsa pauses, staring at the cloth in her hand like it’s a particularly difficult chess puzzle. “No,” she says, before pressing down just a tad too hard onto his wound. He makes a sound that is decidedly not a manly bellow. “There, now we can wrap this up.”

Kristoff groans, sure that this has to be punishment. It’s not his fault that Anna had wanted to go on a three-person sled ride, okay; it’s not his fault that wolves decide to attack literally every time they go anywhere; and it’s certainly not his fault that Elsa—

Elsa, he realizes suddenly, is still wearing her riding gloves.

"I just wonder,” she says now, the picture of regal serenity, “If His Royal Highness, Prince Consort of Arendelle, Ice Master and Deliverer—”

Anna does a celebratory kind of wiggle—official titles!—but Kristoff just grimaces, because this sentence can’t be going anywhere good.

“I wonder,” Elsa says, gripping his arm even tighter now, “If during the events of today His Royal Highness ever thought about how audacious and utterly stupid—”

"I was trying to be protective and stuff!”

“You threw me,” Elsa says flatly, shooting him a withering look. “You literally picked me up, and threw me off the sled.”

“Anna made me.”

“Did not!”

“No one asked either of you to fight wolves for me,” Elsa says, voice sharp now. The temperature in the room abruptly takes a dip, and he watches as her hands shake, just once. She still hasn’t taken the gloves off.

Kristoff sees Anna bite her lip, opens his mouth, and then closes it again. It’s definitely not his place.

"No one asked you to push me out of the way of that arrow last week,” he says anyway.

Ringing silence.

“Or,” he says, hurriedly and not at all high pitched, nope–“No one asked you to do that thing when Anna fell off the roof of the palace–”

“Yeah!” Anna says, catching on, “When you jumped after me and like, flew? With your magic?”


“That's not the same!” Elsa’s eyes flash and for a second Kristoff thinks that her gloves might be icing over–then the rigid line of her shoulders seems to snap in half, and she slumps down. “That’s not the same,” she repeats, dropping her head into her hands. “I’m the one who–”

“It is the same,” Anna says, quiet now. She scoots sideways, so that her shoulder can touch Elsa’s, so she can brace Elsa up. “Do you think we like it when you scar for us?”

Elsa doesn’t respond. Kristoff watches the frost on the walls grow and recede with each breath she takes, and then clears his throat. “Actually–I wouldn’t mind having you catch Anna like that again–that was just awesome.”

Anna shoots him a scandalized look, but Elsa laughs–a shaky thing, but it’s there. “You two,” she says, rubbing her forehead, “You two are the most tiresome people in all of Arendelle.”

“Well,” he says, leaning over so he can reach Elsa’s hand, “Yeah, probably.”

He starts taking her gloves off; finger by finger, left then right. She doesn’t stop him.

Anna classes herself as ‘’Straight?’’

Anna is so beyond straight i dunno maybe she’s sexually confused like in the movie when she said ‘’ just because you’re making me very sexually confused.’’ and fyi she improvised the insults to Kommissar.
But i think she is genuinely confused because the comments she makes about girls like the one comment she said ‘’ im a boob man’’ katy perry boobs! and when she comments about her and Brittany and the shower scene she was like ‘’ I’ve got it memorized.’’ meaning she has Brittany’s body memorized.
I also think that because Anna has a boyfriend she can’t truly be who she wants to be yes, she said she’s said she’s ‘’Straight.’’ but i just think she’s confused, I genuinely feel that she has feelings or something for Brittany? i mean the way she acts around her is so not straight like when they are in interviews together Anna cant help but look at Brittany’s lips whenever she’s talking and i think the same goes for Brittany im not just saying this because i ship Sendrick but i genuinely do feel as if these something more between them then just ‘’ friends’’ you know? something neither of them has the courage to say.

here’s some evidence to make your mind up.


look at how Anna’s looking at Brittany’s lips like she’s thinking about how Brittany’s lips would taste on hers.

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Just look how Anna’s about to whip Brittany and Anna’s got her tongue out her eyes are on Brittany’s arse and her little coy cheeky smile to Anna, she’s loving every second of it.

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just look at how as Brittany’s leaning in as if she’s about to kiss Anna, Brittany’s eyes glance down to Anna’s lips as if to say this situation is making me want to kiss you but i cant because its not in the script.

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Just look at how Brittany’s looking over at Anna and laughing to herself and Anna catches Brittany looking and Brittany shyly looks away, [defo reading the tent scene]

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This is the most precious thing i mean its like Brittany and Anna are serenading eachother i mean what? like they Bump hips and as Brittany looks away Anna’s eyes are still fixated on Brittany like i fucking love you so much dear god.

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Just look how Anna deliberately says ‘’ A Blue Bird was getting me Dressed.’’ and looks in Brittany’s direction to see her reaction and it looks like Brittany’s blushing or imagining Dressing Anna. ‘’ You’re so Weird.’’ 

and after that the interviewer was saying what about you Brittany? and she said to Anna you’re so weird then after that its like Brittany was so flustered she stuttered and said i dont sing anymore… and the interviewer said do you have nodes? and Brittany said yeah i have Nodes like in the movie. and Anna interjected and said ‘’You’re weird!’’ Brittany said i dunno what to say to this… you’re making this weird!

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In all of the excitement Brittany checks on Anna to see if she’s smiling and happy its so clear that Brittany adores the Bones off Anna its obvious i mean just look at the way Brittany checks on Anna and when she does she gets so happy its like it makes her even more happier. 

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The almost Kiss thing probably gets to me like even before they lean in and show how close they were and that they could of kissed, like Brittany’s face she’s so up for it she wanted to kiss Anna and Anna’s face was like is this really happening?!.

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Anna tried so hard not to Look down while looking into Brittany’s eyes while singing as they were both half naked but she couldn’t resist anymore so she took hold of her urges. 

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Just look at how Brittany goes into Kiss Anna and Anna’s obviously liking it so much the general overall cuteness of these two. 

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It looks like Anna’s saying something on the lines of ‘’Bhloe?’’ in the conversation with Brittany and clapping her hands together and Brittany laughing. WHY have i never seen this before?!

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Look at this how Brittany’s face though as she’s about to turn around to face Anna it looks like she bites her lip its just so not Chloe this is a total Brittany moment. 

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Just look how close Brittany pulls Anna in so close that her hands lands right below Brittany’s vagina? like Brittany you’re being so obvious right now and look how close they are.

Anna could of moved her hands like to a different direction to where they first landed but she chose not to, these two kill me with their utterly gayness towards eachother.

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We Should Go; if this isn’t a sign i dont know what is because Brittany and Anna are reunited and coincidentally Titanium starts playing and Brittany and Anna getting all awkward, if that’s not a sign then i dunno what is. 

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What straight person would say to their friend who they have just seen naked in a movie ‘’ Ive got it memorized’’ as in she’s got Brittany’s body memorized.

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Anna’s not so subtly side eye fucking Brittany and Brittany catches her and her face she’s loving every second of it her cheeky smirk to Anna as she looks away.

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This so isn’t a Chloe and Moment this a Brittany just looking adoringly at Anna moment she adores Anna so much that little smile on her face and Anna feels her looking so she’s getting nervous.

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There you have it! these the evidence but there is so much more with these two they have such a bond such a connection its obvious these some underlying feelings between them like seriously how can you just sit there and tell me these two are straight and are ‘’ Just friends’’ and don’t share some feelings towards one another, you can literally tell that there’s something more between them then just friends the interviews together for a start.

The Dragon Queen

A/N:  Alight here’s day 7.  I’ll come back to six once I get a decent idea. I’ve had this idea for sometime now, but reticently I put it on the back burner until I worked out some kinks with it.

In the middle a forest a woman stood sword drawn listening to every sound the place offered.  From the birds singing a joyous mid-morning tune.  Rushing water from a near by stream.  The wind rustling leaves in the trees and the on the ground, blowing through her fiery red locks, and whispering in her ear. Though there were two noises she searched for – no longed to hear.  Both extremely rare and sought after for years by hunters and warriors from her village.  The first a roar from a beast so dangerous and powerful that its call pierces the sky and can rattle anyone’s nerves.  The second, a noise that echoed in her ears, invaded her daytime thoughts, and nightly dreams: the sound of ice creaking upon the landscape.

Anna ran a hand through her hair linger on an area where the strands were colder and white.  To everyone else in her village they saw it as a curse, and gave her scorn whereever she went.  To her it was something special a gift from someone who saved her and her sworn enemy. It was a day Anna would never forget.  The moment would forever haunt her darkest nightmares, and entertain her deepest and forbidden fantasies as she got older. 

It was normal just another other in the small town of Arendelle a place she had lived in since she was born.  She was enjoying the sun and playing with her best friend Kristoff.  Like most children they were oblivious to the danger that lurked beyond the wooden gate always guarded every day and every night.  She heard hushed murmurs of what shadowy monsters roamed  the forest.  Though her mom chased her question away telling her they were silly stories to prevent child from venturing into the woods.

With her new red shiny ball in hand Anna called to her friend, “Alright Kristoff here it comes."  Rolling the toy Kristoff’s hazel eyes were locked on ready to kick it as far as he could.  Kicking it the ball went flying through the air both children watched memorized as it sailed farther from them but closer to the gate. Meeting gazes they chased after finding it rolling through crack of the fence just big enough for someone just there size to squeeze through. 

Anna slapped her friend’s arm for losing her ball.  "I saved up a months wore of chore money for that ball, reindeer boy,” she scoffed.

Kristoff took off his hat feeling guilty.  “I’m sorry Anna.  I’ll work extra hard to get you a new one,” he promised.  “Are we still friends?”

Even though she liked that ball it could never replace her best friend.  Smiling Anna replied, “Yeah, of course, but you owe me some of chocolate pudding.”

“Alright, my treat.  Race ya.” Kristoff took without realizing Anna stayed behind.

She glanced back at the gate wondering if she could slip through the hole. Biting her bottom lip Anna knew leaving the sanctity of the enclosed area could spell trouble for her.  Yet, she really wanted her ball back and most of the people did call her a spirally one as well as stubborn.  Looking toward the road leading back to safety and Kristoff she made her choice. 

Anna ducked under the hole squeezing though the tiny gap with a final grunt she made it through.  She gasped wide-eyed at the magical sight before her.  The whole world had changed from a dull brown, bustling town to a lush green practically alien to her. Anna could hear the bird chirping, feeling the wind caressing her face, and smell the fresh air.  The girl wondered what the fuss was about for such a serene place.  Remembering why she ventured passed the gate Anna began to seek out her ball.  Coming to the edge of the grass it dropped off to a hill.  In a squeal of delight Anna fell rolling down the hill covering her tangled red locks with blades of grass and flowers.  Giggling at the bottom teal eyes looked up seeing the clear blue sky above.  The beating sun made her tired yawning Anna nodded off with the beaming suns rays lulling her asleep.

The afternoon soon turned to dusk the sun sinking lower in the western sky.  A mighty roar echoed through the woods alarming Anna jolting her out of her sleep.  Frantically Anna looked around having briefly forgotten she wasn’t in her home or the village.  Getting up her shadow had gotten longer making her actually quite fearful of what exactly made that sound.  Brushing the foliage off Anna glanced around trying to remember how to get home.  Another roar had Anna scrambling to get as far away from it as possible, but she only got a few feet away. A large shadow blocked out the setting sun.  Wings as black as night flapped knocking Anna down from the sheer force of mighty gust.  On her knees Anna knew what the creature was, but she couldn’t believe her very eyes.  She muttered the name somewhere between sounding like a prayer and curse, “Dragon.” 

The dragon landed with a such force the ground shook and earth cracked.  The massive beast looked at Anna with its charcoal black eyes, and Anna could see her very reflection.  Nostrils flared with every inhale upon the exhale warm breath breezed through her hair.  The monster opened it mouth showcasing large yellow fangs the tips stained with fresh blood.  In the back of the mouth orange and red formed.  Anna closed her eyes waiting for the scorching heat of the fire, nothing happened.  She felt a raw icy chill in the air, an even louder roar, and the blood curdling sound of a death whine.  Reopening her eyes Anna noticed the black dragon laying on the ground dead, and a woman beside the carcass.

The woman looked just as wild as the forest itself. Her snowy white hair in matted tangled tufts.  In the red and orange light Anna noticed the blood smeared upon her cheeks and making them a violent red.  The woman wore a dress that sparkled under the dimming light.  Anna could have sworn it was made of ice, but that would be impossible.  She rose from the beasts carcass causing Anna to freeze.  Brilliant blue eyes locked onto hers and the younger girls breath caught.  For having just murdered a monster those majestic, mysterious icy blue eyes held a hint of concern.  Walking closer Anna noticed her feet were bare and with each stride closer ice formed upon the earth. Anna couldn’t will herself to move for she feared the wild woman would kill her as well.  She bent down and slowly reached out to touch the girl’s cheek Anna cringed away closing her eyes again.  “It’s okay little one I won’t hurt you." 

Anna opened her eyes at the soft gentle tone the woman spoke with.  She nodded, but still flinched at the strange woman’s touch.  Being so close to someone who killed something, but seemed so kind Anna could see a small dusting of freckles on either side of her nose.  Her touch pricked her tender young skin, but it also felt soothing with comfort.  “Sorry, you had to see that human, but sometimes my followers tend to go rogue, and I have no control of their actions then. That means I must disposal of them before they can do any real harm to themselves or anyone.”

She finally found her voice, “T-thank you.”

“You know I have never seen a human child this close,” the dragon lady leaned closer examining Anna further.  “It’s rather interesting.”

“I heard dragons k-kidnap kids.”

The woman gave a lighthearted chuckle, “Not everything you hear about my kind is true.”  Hearing shouts in the distance.  “Now, if you will excuse me, I must leave.  Your kind and I are enemies.”

Anna watched the woman start to leave, “Um wait,” she paused, “Will I ever you see you again?”

Turning the dragon woman knelt down placing a kiss along Anna’s hairline.  She shivered a bit as the woman’s cold lips upon her skin and would later realize what had happened.  “Perhaps when you are older we will meet again.  On what side you will be on only time will tell.” 

Anna felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist picking her she found the familiar eyes of her father tears in her eyes as he hugged his daughter knowing she was safe and sound.  Though Anna was far too distracted as she watched the tail of her savior disappear into the clouds wondering how long she would have to wait to see her again.

Still siting on her rock in the forest a noise caught her caught her attention.  Getting quickly she followed it to a clear where the waterfalls meet a stream.  Ducking into the brush saw a figure standing under the rushing water.  Reading her crossbow she waited wondering, and praying it was her target.  The person emerged from the water naked, save for long blonde locks covering her breast.  Anna nearly dropped her bow recognizing the female as the one and only dragon queen, and her savior long ago.

Anna gets a Pug, Elsa gets an Anna

Prompt from the wonderful Baku-Babe, thank you!

-Anna gets a puppy as present from a citizen, only it seems the puppy has its eyes set on Elsa and follows her around, which makes both Anna and the puppy follow Elsa around xD At night Elsa lies in bed with Anna cuddled up to her and the puppy asleep on top of the comforter :)

Elsa fidgeted, maybe she won’t like it.

The package wiggled and woofed softly at her.

Elsa glanced down at it.

The package wiggled again.


Elsa stood up with the package and made her way down the hallway. A few servants quirked their eyebrows at the wiggling package in her arms, but no one said anything. Elsa only blushed when Gerda giggled at the soft woofing.

She turned a corner and stopped, the practice grounds stretched out in front of her, Anna. Elsa was very tentative to let Anna start fencing practice. The first month had been rough for Anna, the rigorous training left her exhausted every day. Elsa’d asked her almost every day if she wanted to quit.

But if Anna was anything at all, she was stubborn, persistent Elsa, and now, three months after her training had begun, Elsa was very happy Anna had convinced her.

Anna was wearing skin tight breaches and as she lunged forward, Elsa remembered all of her manners classes just to keep her jaw from dropping. Anna was gorgeous. She’d changed in the last two months. The confidence she was so good at faking was now real, Elsa saw it in the way she walked, her smile, her flirting.

Elsa choked and almost dropped the package. Anna had accepted a water canister and was pouring a decent amount over her head. The water droplets slipping down her neck made Elsa week at the knees, conceal, don’t feel, don’t be jealous of water. Anna stretched and her shirt rode up to show off wonderfully toned muscles.

Elsa groaned.

The package woofed.

Anna spotted her and a smile spread across her face, “Elsa!” Anna jogged over and laced her fingers with Elsa’s own outstretched hand. Anna glanced down as the package wiggled, “What?”

Elsa held it out to her with a little grin, watching the sun dance across Anna’s freckles. Anna tilted her head but took the package and unlaced the ribbon. Anna opened the box and gasped, “Puppy!”

“Woof!” Two brown eyes stared up curiously at Anna.

“It’s a puuuggg!!!” Elsa smiled, at least she’d chosen correctly. Anna scooped out the puppy, discarding Elsa’s carefully wrapped box, and made cooing noises as the pug wiggled and wagged its tail.

Anna cradled the puppy with one arm and grabbed Elsa into a hug, “Thank you, Elsa! Thank you!” Elsa didn’t even mind the sweat and hugged Anna right back. Maybe her hands strayed a little further down than was necessarily sisterly, but Anna didn’t seem to mind as she just pulled Elsa in closer.

The puppy wiggled up between them and balanced on Elsa’s chest, Elsa laughed lightly and glanced up at Anna, “She’s not named yet.” Anna was staring at the pug and Elsa glanced back down to see what was up.

The puppy was wiggling and had edged Elsa’s dress slightly lower than appropriate for open spaces, oh. Elsa blushed and released Anna, taking a step back after repositioning the puppy in Anna’s arms. “I uh, have work I need to get back to.”

Anna cleared her throat, her freckles dimming with the reddening of her face, “oh yeah, uh, I’ll go take care of her.”

Elsa fiddled with her braid and nodded, “I-I’m glad you like her.”

Anna rubbed the back of her neck and looked at the puppy. “Yeah, Elsa, thank you,” she looked back up and gave Elsa a smile that had the blond blushing and turning away. With a little wave they parted ways and Elsa all but skipped back to her office.

Elsa sat down to the amazing world of taxes and building plans. She was a bit distracted though, the thought of sun-kissed skin and freckles always made work a little difficult

Elsa didn’t know how much time had passed but woofing and running footsteps alerted her to the possible incoming of Anna.

“Icicles, hang on!” Elsa raised an eyebrow as the pug came rocketing into her study followed closely by Anna. Elsa smiled and pulled her chair back from the desk so Icicles could jump into her lap.

Anna was breathing hard and trotted over to Elsa, collapsing in front of her chair. Elsa giggled at the exasperated look on her sister’s face and scratched the puppy’s ears with a smile. When Elsa looked back up to Anna, she was gazing at Elsa with the warmest smile Elsa’d seen in a long time.

Elsa blushed when Anna caught her gaze, “I-is she giving you trouble?”

Anna didn’t break eye contact, “No, she brought me to you.”

Elsa blushed harder and Anna got up, still holding Elsa’s gaze. Elsa’s heart began to beat harder and her fingers stilled as she watched Anna inch towards her.

She’s giving you time, Elsa realized, as Anna’s hands came slowly up to brush across her cheeks. Light blue eyes came closer and closer as Elsa slowly lost her breath. Talk about confidence.

Her heart stopped when their lips met.

It was tentative and gentle, but when Elsa’s hand came up and wrapped itself in Anna’s shirt both leaned in closer and Anna’s tongue swept across Elsa’s lip, asking for entrance, and Elsa didn’t have the brain power to stop her. Anna groaned into her mouth and Elsa lost it.

Neither thought about the still open door but Icicles was tired of being ignored and barked quite loudly. The sisters broke apart immediately, blushing hard. Not more than two seconds later a knock came at the door.

Elsa took a breath and tried to slow her heart, her blush was still bright red. “Yes, Kai?”

Kai, with much practice and experience with the oddities of the royals, didn’t even bat an eye at their behavior, “Dinner will be ready in just a few minutes your Majesty, Princess.”  

Elsa sighed, “Thank you Kai, we’ll be down in just a bit.”

Kai nodded and left. He had a bet to collect on. Anna’s shirt was ruffled. Kai hummed down the hallway, scaring a few servants with his smile, all the way to the dining room where Gerda awaited.

Anna was chewing on her lip when Elsa got around to looking at her again.

Elsa’s blush didn’t go away.

Anna stepped forwards and hesitated, then glanced away and took Icicles, “thanks, see you at dinner.” Anna shuffled out with Icicles, blushing at the floor.

Elsa sighed again. Dinner would be awkward. Especially since Anna had a habit of licking her lips between bites. Elsa rubbed her temples, she could feel a headache coming on and the flitting images of red-hair and freckles weren’t helping.

They sat across from each other at dinner. Icicles was the only reason they didn’t just combust into flames.

After chewing on the chair legs and whining at Elsa’s feet, Elsa had a servant bring over another chair so the pug could sit beside them. Icicles wiggled in the chair, snuffling happily.

Elsa glanced up to find Anna looking at her. Elsa glanced away, blush already returning.

Gerda held her tongue through most of dinner, but all of this was much too fun to pass up on, “your majesty, do you have a fever?”

This caused both women to blush even harder and Kai and Gerda shared a very discreet high five while the two surreptitiously checked out their food.

Elsa cleared her throat and said, “No, no, I’m fine, but I think I will retire for the evening.” Elsa stood up and bid a quick farewell to Anna before retreating out the door to her room.

She tasted of chocolate and summer, Elsa shook her head again as she entered her bedroom, pushing the door shut as she headed toward the bathroom. A cold bath, a very cold bath.

It didn’t help Elsa. She could still remember Anna’s smell, the feeling of her lips, the ghost of Anna’s hands over her heated cheeks… Books are good, books are calming.

The Highlights of Architecture: Romans to Greeks. Some light reading to clear her mind.

A woof and some scratching came from the door.

Elsa sighed.

“Icicles! Come on, get away from there!” Anna hissed.

Elsa groaned.

Whining and a very saddened woof came floating in.

Elsa placed her book on the night stand and called out, “Go ahead and let her in Anna.”

The woofing paused and eventually the door was inched open. A very excited pug came bounding in and leaped at the bed. Unfortunately the bed was at least four times taller than the little pug could jump. Much whining ensued.

Elsa shook her head again, “Anna, will you come in and lift her onto the bed?”

Anna peeked through the door and, wringing her hands, she shuffled inside. Where’s all that confidence now?

“Close the door please, I’m in my night clothes.” Devious, devious, Elsa ignored the little voice in her head.

Anna nodded and closed the door, then continued to lift Icicles up next to Elsa. The pug immediately climbed over to Elsa and snuggled in next to her.

Despite the overly tiring series of events, Elsa laughed a little. What a crazy day, she looked back up at Anna to find her just as uncomfortable looking as before. Anna stood by the foot of the bed, night gown disheveled, twiddling her braids and keeping her stare solely on the ball of fur pressing into Elsa’s leg.

“Anna,” Anna looked up in surprise, a blush already rising on her cheeks, “I don’t think Icicles will be going anywhere tonight and as her owner, you should probably stay with her.”

Anna glanced at the door and then back at Elsa, her eyebrows pulling down in confusion, “then… uh, where are you going to sleep?”

Elsa’d come this far already, the hole was dug, may as well make it her grave, “Well, I was thinking in this bed, but perhaps your arms would be more comfortable.”

Anna’s freckles disappeared with her blush, “o-oh”

Elsa moved the blankets aside, giving her sister a wonderful view of the creamy skin not covered by her nightgown, “come here.”

Anna’s spirit slowly ascended to heaven as they settled into each other’s arms. Icicles was the only thing to come between them that night.

Overall, it was a good day, Elsa though before drifting into slumber.

This is much longer than I anticipated. But I still like it. 

You can tell I fought valiantly against the smut too. -le sigh- I am trash. XD

Retribution - a Kristanna/Frohana fan fic

The idea came from this by the wonderfully talented sarulak

Rating: K+

Words: 1784

Summary: Hans returns to Arendelle. Kristoff punches him. (basically)


Kristoff knocked softly on the door, shifting his weight from one foot to another as he waited anxiously for an answer. A few agonizing seconds later, the door opened slowly, just wide enough for Anna’s puffy, tear-stained face to appear.

“Oh Anna,” Kristoff cupped her face with his large hand, brushing away a falling tear with his thumb. “Please talk to me.”

Anna nodded her head, biting her lip to keep the sobs from escaping. She stepped aside to let the substantial figure of her newly minted fiancé into the room. She closed the door behind him with a soft click, and turning around to meet him she was greeted with strong arms wrapping around her. One arm looped around her waist, and the other hand rubbed her back, the warmth of it soothing and calming her. She sank into him, nestling into his solid frame. She felt safe there, loved.

They didn’t speak for a while, just holding each other, but Anna could feel the tension threaded throughout Kristoff’s body. She also felt he needed an explanation as to why she left their engagement ball like she did. She sighed heavily, clearing her throat as she prepared to begin.

“Kristoff, I- I owe you an explanation.” She began, but he cut her off.

“Anna, please don’t feel you have to explain. I think I know what’s going on.” He sighed now, pulling away from her slightly to look her in the eye.

“Y- you do?”

“Yes, I do.” He took her by the hand and led her to the nearby chaise, motioning for her to sit. Sitting beside her, he took her hand in his and held her gaze, his brown eyes intense.

“This… is about Hans, isn’t it?” He hesitated slightly, but pushed through, his eyes never leaving her face.

Anna opened her mouth in shock, words escaping her. She finally dropped her gaze, shaking her head.

“H- how did you know?” she whispered.

Kristoff rubbed the back of his neck, and Anna suddenly noticed the creases in his brow, the dark bags under his eyes, and she felt a pang of guilt stab her in the heart.

“Ever since I proposed, you’ve been acting… different.” He started, and fixed Anna with such a pained expression that her breath hitched.

“I’m sorry.” She sobbed, and would have broken down more had Kristoff not taken both her hands in his, squeezing them and looking deeply into her eyes.

“No! Please don’t apologize! I understand now.” He stroked her face, tucking wayward strands of strawberry blonde hair behind her ear. “Actually, I didn’t understand at the time, but Elsa helped me.”

“She did?” Anna was surprised. She had seen her sister and Kristoff interact casually, but she had no idea they had talked about such emotionally charged things.

“Yes, well, I didn’t know what was happening. After I proposed, I thought you would be happy, but then you had gone to your room saying you weren’t feeling well, and I got scared. Elsa found me pacing in the parlour, and uh, after much cajoling,” Kristoff bowed his head sheepishly, “I finally told her what happened.”

“What did she say?” Anna tilted her head in his direction, clearly anxious to find out what her sister had said.

“She told me you would probably be dealing with the fallout from what happened with Hans.” Kristoff paused, shooting a tentative glance in Anna’s direction. Anna only nodded her head, so Kristoff continued, “She said that it would probably bring up some painful memories, but that it had nothing to do with me, or the way you felt about me.”

Anna nodded her head, absent-mindedly playing with the end of one of her braids. Kristoff watched her intently, unsure of how his words would affect her. She stood up and walked towards the window, Kristoff’s eyes following her.

“She’s right.” Anna said softly, gazing out at the fjord, “My sister knows me so well, even after so many years apart.” She bowed her head, fisting the front of her skirt in her hands.

“Hans was a scheming bastard, and he doesn’t deserve another moment of my time, but he really got to me. He really made me doubt myself, doubt my abilities, my judgment.” She stopped roughing up her skirt and started smoothing it now, running a flat palm against the rumpled fabric.

“But then you were there, and you loved me, and dispelled every doubt I ever had about myself that he had brought on, and I was happy.” She turned to face him, bringing her hands up to her heart, a radiant smile finally breaking through.

“And then I proposed, and it threw you back to that time.” Kristoff said, not unkindly, but just to help connect the thoughts, as much in his mind as in hers.

“Yes.” Anna replied, smile fading, “Even though it was completely different, even though we’ve been together much longer, I just couldn’t help it. I thought back to his proposal, and how earnest he had been, how I had wanted it so much. And then how it had ended, so very badly, because I was a stupid fool.” She dropped her face into her hands, the sobs finally bursting from her, and Kristoff crossed to her in two long strides, gathering her into his arms.

“Next time, please let me hit him.” He said through gritted teeth.

The following morning, they had been enjoying a lovely breakfast when Kai unexpectedly rushed into the dining room, stopping at the queen’s chair and whispering urgently into her ear. Kristoff and Anna exchanged confused looks, their spoons hovering in mid-air.

Elsa had suddenly straightened up, her face pulled hastily into her unreadable queenly mask, and excused herself from the table. The only outward sign that anything was amiss was the faint trail of frost that followed her out the door.

“What do you think that was about?” Kristoff stood rooted at his spot, turning towards Anna. She had moved to the window, looking out towards the harbor.

“Oh no.” The words had slipped shakily from her mouth before she covered it with her hand. Outside at the docks, a ship was moored, flying the familiar flag of the Southern Isles.

Elsa hurried along the pier, the frost trailing behind her crusting over to ice the closer she got to the ship. She no longer cared about the hushed voices and concerned stares as she made her way, she only wanted to get to the ship, and send it swiftly back to where it came from.

Prince Hans is here, Kai had told her, his face ashen.

He gave no prior notice that he was arriving. He says he’s here to congratulate Princess Anna on her engagement.

Elsa’s hands balled into fists, small shards of ice falling to the ground. Her anger threatened to overwhelm her, and she managed to calm herself to the point where the shards no longer emanated from her hands, as she took notice of the children gathering at the pier, their faces upturned. Ice remained on the ground behind her, however, and as soon as she passed the children screamed gleefully as they slid around on the temporarily slippery surface.

Elsa’s heart softened slightly as she heard the children’s laughter. Above all, she was a queen, and no matter how she felt about Prince Hans, she would have to conduct herself appropriately. She must be a role model to these youngsters, a queen her subjects could respect and admire-

Her thoughts were interrupted by a large mass of a person shoving past her, evidently more eager to get to the ship in question than she was. She opened her mouth to reprimand this ill-mannered citizen, when she looked up and recognized who it was. She stopped in her tracks, a smile curling on her lips.

When he heard Anna say where the ship was from, he was out the door without a thought. He could hear Anna shouting behind him, Kai’s concerned voice following, but he only had one singular purpose clouding his brain. His long strides left them all behind, their attempts to catch up to him hopeless.

When Kristoff reached the pier, he saw Elsa up ahead, but while she seemed distracted by some children playing about, he looked forward and locked eyes with the object of his rancor. Prince Hans was standing on the pier beside his ship, surrounded by a few Arendellian guards no doubt dispatched by Kai as he had rushed up to the castle.

Prince Hans’ eyes betrayed no emotion as he stood on the pier, his hands folded behind his back, boots polished, dressed impeccably. Kristoff could feel the heat prickle his skin, never taking his eyes away from the prince, as he barreled on. It barely registered that he had brushed the queen of Arendelle aside, bent as he was on his mission.

Anna ran as fast as she had ever run in her life, but she still couldn’t catch up to the swift-moving mountain that was her fiancé. Beads of sweat formed on her brow, both from exertion and from the thought of what Kristoff might do once he reached Hans. Anna hoped that Elsa had gotten to him first, but this wish was crushed when she reached the pier and saw Elsa standing to one side.

“Elsa!” Anna called, and she wondered why Elsa wasn’t responding to her. She followed Elsa’s gaze and her heart sank at what she saw. Kristoff was only mere steps away from Hans. In a few seconds, a confrontation would be inevitable.

“Kristoff!” Anna tried to run past Elsa in order to stop him, but Elsa suddenly reached out an arm to hold Anna back. Anna looked at her incredulously, her mouth falling open in shock.

“It’s alright.” Elsa said calmly, and motioned towards the oncoming confrontation, “Let him.”

The sisters watched as Kristoff finally reached Hans. At his approach the guards stepped back, leaving a wide opening for him to step through. Hans observed the whole thing with a bemused air, certainly never expecting the ice harvester to swoop through, right fist raised. Up until Kristoff’s fist connected with his jaw, Hans was convinced that no one would have the gall to even attempt to do what Kristoff was doing. And indeed, as the pain started to reverberate through his jaw bone he was aghast as to how a queen could let her subjects behave in such a manner. His last thought, as he was falling into the fjord for a second time, was regret at having come to Arendelle at all.

Ties That Bind - Kristanna Smut Week, Day 1

I’m so grateful that other people also went straight for the kinky on day one, because I haven’t been this nervous about posting something since my very first smutty fic (which in retrospect is so very tame and innocent). At least I’m in good company <3 This is right out of my comfort zone, so please be gentle (but do please give me constructive feedback). 


Ties that Bind

Rated MA for explicit sexual content

Words: 3020

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I’ve actually kind of had this sitting on my computer for a long time now, and I know the topic’s been covered before, but I still wanted to give my spin on it. 

Rating: K+

Pairings: None

Summary: The question repeats incessantly in the back of her mind. Did Elsa hear the sword being drawn? Anna’s afraid she already knows the answer.

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Welcome Home (Part 5)

WOW! This chapter just rolled off my fingers. That’s a good thing I suppose!! Anyway, i hope you enjoy it!!

By your second day of work on Tuesday, you already know you’re going to love it here. When you’re out in the field with the creatures, you don’t even think about Owen or the past or any of the mess, you just revel in their beauty. The Apatosauruses are extremely big but surprisingly gentle. In fact, they love to be pet and hand fed; this probably is how they were treated as babies. However, you haven’t heard from Anna since Sunday, and you’re in desperate need of some girl time. Your coworkers, while friendly, aren’t exactly the type of people you like to hang out with, and you hate to call or text her, in case she’s hanging out with Owen. It’s just easier to not think about him at all.

By Wednesday, you finally give in and go to text her, but just as you do, your phone rings.

“Hey! Sorry I’ve been out of touch, it’s been so busy over here. We should hang out tonight!” The excitement and real kindness I her voice makes you smile, and you accept readily, making plans. When you show up to her trailer later, she’s got two beer bottles on the counter and a large pot cooking on the stove.

“It’s chicken and dumplings,” She says when she sees you staring at it. “The guys at work love it so I thought I’d make a big batch and take some in tomorrow.”

“That’s really nice of you.” You smile at her as she dries her hands and you both pick up a beer. “I guess you’re kinda like the mom of the group, huh?” you ask, teasingly.

“Well, more like the big sister I would say,” She returns, “I look after them, but they don’t always listen.” She winks and you can’t help but laugh at this. Being around her is so effortless; if someone as great as her trusts Owen so much, maybe you should too. But you put that thought out of your mind so as not to get sentimental.

“So, you said works has been busy this week. Is that not normal?” You ask her, trying to make conversation and she jumps on it quickly.

“Oh my gosh, yes!” Her eyes get wide as she tells you about the boy who got pulled into the paddock. You listen, slightly in awe, as she tells how brave Owen was, facing the raptors in the cage. “I mean, I know you probably don’t want to hear it, but everyone thinks he’s a hero.”

For some reason, talking about him like this doesn’t make you feel sad or angry, you actually smile.

“Yeah, well he was always hero material. He’s got that kind of heart.”

You take another sip of your beer and she smirks at you, “Is that right? Y/n, be careful talking like that, people might get the wrong impression.”

You laugh at her and ask playfully, “And what impression is that?”

“That you don’t hate his guts.” This sends you both into a fit of giggles.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t want anyone thinking that.” You wink and continue to laugh with her. After the food is finished, you make a bowl and sit next to her on the couch. She puts in a DVD and you smile when you see the opening scene for The Little Mermaid playing.

“I hope you don’t mind?” she asks, raising her eyebrows.

“Are you kidding? I love Disney movies!” You can’t hide your enthusiasm that you actually have something in common with her. By the end of the movie, you’ve already got your ice cream bowls in your hands when someone knocks at the door. You hear his voice through the door and she looks at you, biting her lip.

“Hey Anna, are you home?” He calls from the door.  You look at her and just nod for her to answer it, pulling the blanket on your lap tighter to your chest. She gets up and goes to the door, opening it just far enough to see him.

“What’s up?” She asks quietly, and you hear his response.

“I lost my keys to the paddock and I don’t have time to get a copy ‘cause I’m heading it at 5 tomorrow. Can I borrow yours?” She lets out a heavy sigh and nods.

“Yes, but this is the last time,” She says sternly. The thought of Owen losing his keys often brings a small smile to your face for reasons you don’t understand. “Wait here.” She says as she turns and heads to the kitchen.

Owen ignores her request though, and pushes open the door to walk in, only to freeze when he sees you on the couch.  He quickly regains his composure and nods at you.

“Hey. Girls night in?” He asks, a little shyly. If you’re going to even contemplate forgiving him, you’re going to have to learn how to act civil. Glaring at him all the time is not doing anything for you. You put on a tight smile and try to look normal.

“Yeah, Little Mermaid and Ice cream. She sure knows how to treat a girl.” He chuckles lightly at this as Anna walks back in the room. She seems shocked at first to see Owen inside, but relaxes when she sees both of you laughing.

“I hope you two aren’t laughing at my expense,” She says, in mock embarrassment.

“No,” Owen pipes up, “just complimenting your dating skills.” This causes another round of snickers from the two of you and Anna holds out her keys, dropping them in Owen’s open hand.

“Thanks” he says, kissing her on the cheek. “I owe you big tim then looks to you and smiles.

“Have a good night ladies.” You smile back, unable to do anything but just nod at him.

When you hear his bike pull away, Anna drops next to you on the couch.

“Well, that didn’t seem too bad.” She says cheerfully, looking to you for an explanation.

“Yeah,” you rub the back of your neck, realizing how tense you had actually been. “I’m not doing either of us any good by being mad, I guess. Might as well at least try to be friendly. Especially since you’re his friend and I’m not really going to be able to avoid seeing him.”

Anna smiles widely at this, “Excellent point! In fact, this Friday some of the employees are having a bonfire down by the lake. I’d love for you to come!” You try to stop the grimace that flashes across your face, but she sees it. “You don’t have to, of course. He will be there, but maybe it will be easier, being with a group and not having to be alone with him.” She raises her eyebrows and you just smile.

“I’ll think about it.”

This gets you a smile from her in return and she answers back. “You’re coming.” She gets a smug look on her face and looks back towards the screen which she has now switched to television, “You won’t be able to stay away from him for long.”

You stare at her in shock and grab a pillow to smack her with, “Anna!”

She puts up her hands defensively, “Hey, hey I’m just teasing. You’ll do whatever you want to.”

You laugh at her and say, “Damn straight,” before she grabs a pillow of her own and hits the back of your head.

“Don’t challenge me to a pillow fight, because I will win.” You both laugh and continue to gossip for the rest of the night about work and home and the tabloids. It’s a new feeling since getting here to not be tiptoeing around Owen’s name and not to feel upset every time you hear it.

Friends, you think to yourself; Maybe you could just be friends.

Day One: Wedding Day

A/N: Unlike my submissions for the previous Elsanna Week, which were a series of unconnected ficlets that I swear I’m still going to finish, my contribution to this week will be a 7 chapter story, with some time having passed between each part. I hope you’ll enjoy my tale of our lovely lesbians as they spend their lives together. Stay strong, shippers. [ link]

A Tale of Unconditional Love

Chapter One: I Do

Anna paced around the dressing room, biting her lip and furrowing her brow. She muttered to herself, constantly gesturing to nowhere in particular. Finally, she froze in place, throwing her hands in the air, shouting “I can’t do this! I just can’t do this!”

Kristoff gaped, sending her a concerned look. “Anna, you’re not just going to make her arrive at an empty altar, are you?”

Anna rolled her eyes at him and huffed, “No, it’s not that. I won’t do that. Elsa’s gonna get married so hard she won’t know what hit her.” Kristoff gave her a quizzical glance, deciding not to comment as she continued. “It’s my stupid hair!” She flipped it, watching despairingly in the mirror as parts flew every which-way, settling into an untamed mess. “I can’t get it into that fancy bun they did for the Melbourne Cup, it’s not agreeing with anything stylish, and I can hardly get married in pigtails!”

Kristoff walked over to her, placing a supportive hand on her shoulder. “Calm down, worry wart. Your hair will be fine. Just leave it out. You’ll have Elsa swooning down the aisle when she sees your luscious locks set free.”

Looking at Kristoff as if he were insane, she stepped back, exasperated. “Have you seen what I’m wearing? Letting my hair run wild’s not a good look with this getup.” Demonstrating her point, she thrust her arms down, as if to remind him of her ivory suit. The jacket was embroidered with intricate snowflakes, a custom request to symbolise joining her life with the champion skater.

“You’re wrong,” Kristoff insisted flatly. He grabbed her by the shoulders, careful not to crumple her suit as he pulled her to the chair and sat her down. She begun to protest, but he moved a finger to her lips, shushing her; standing behind her, he focused on their reflections for a moment, tapping a finger on his chin, deep in thought.

Anna puffed impatiently, a lock of hair rising and falling with her breath. “Are you gonna stand there all day looking at my bird’s nest, or are you gonna put those styling skills to good use?” She whined after a little while.

Like a lightbulb switching on, Kristoff grinned. “Right! Got it. Okay, close your eyes, I’ve got this.”

“But,” Anna said, pouting, “how will I know what you’re doing?”

“That’s the point,” Kristoff replied. “I don’t want you to fret. Now, no peeking.”

Reluctantly, Anna screwed her eyes shut. “Just don’t gimmie a mohawk or something.” She muttered warningly, hearing Kristoff chuckle as he started combing her hair. He combed it for a while before she heard him spraying something, probably some kind of hairspray.

After a surprisingly short amount of time, Kristoff smirked. “Open up.”

 “Already?” Anna queried, a little concerned, refusing to open her eyes. “You can’t be done with it yet.”

Kristoff chuckled. “You underestimate me so much. Have a little faith.”

Anna held her breath, slowly cracking open one eye, then the other. She was stunned by the sight before her. “I think you’re right,” she breathed, impressed by her friend’s work. “Twenty bucks she’ll pass out before she makes it to me?”


Meanwhile, in the dressing room across the hall, Elsa was on the edge of her seat, focused heavily on her makeup. She paid immense attention to each precise stroke as she applied her blush. Gerda watched her niece with great appreciation for her attention to detail.

Aggie had a smile of excitement plastered to her face, cooing, “Look at you, getting all ready for your big day.” She sighed happily. “You two will be the sweetest couple the sporting world has ever seen.”

“We’re already the sweetest couple in the sporting world,” Elsa joked as her lips twitched into a confident smirk.

Aggie waved her hand around. “Details, dear, details. Sweetest married couple.”

Gerda smiled as Elsa placed her brush down. “Sweetie, we’re your bridesmaids, shouldn’t we be doing that for you?”

Elsa chuckled. “You already helped me into this dress. I think you two need a break. This is the most complicated thing I’ve ever managed to get into.”

“Well,” Aggie giggled, “I doubt Anna will have trouble getting you out of it.” Both Elsa and Gerda spun to face her, stunned. “Oh, come on,” she chimed. “Have you seen how many straps she has to deal with around those horses? Your dress will hardly-”

“I’m not going to have my wedding night activities compared to horses.” Elsa shook her head before turning back to the mirror. She began applying her eye shadow, only a little distracted by the prospect of the night ahead.

“I can’t do this! I just can’t do this!”

Hearing Anna’s outburst, Gerda and Aggie both turned to Elsa, concerned. Elsa simply smiled, making sure her makeup was even. “Do you think she’ll…?” Gerda couldn’t even finish her sentence.

Elsa moved her eyes to meet Gerda’s reflection. “It’s her hair.”

Aggie and Gerda shared a look. “You’re not at all worried?” Aggie was wringing her hands.

“Nope,” Elsa spoke confidently. “Wait for it… wait for it…”

The three of them paused, keeping their ears out for any sign of Anna’s voice.

“It’s my stupid hair!”

Elsa leaned back, a snarky I told you so written across her features.

“Well then.” Gerda shrugged, declaring “I guess nobody knows her better than you.”

“You’re right,” Elsa smiled, dreamily. “And I know she loves me, hates her hair, and wouldn’t dash off into the woods on our wedding day.” Leaning back toward the vanity, she started on her eyeliner. “You two should know better than to doubt my wife-to-be.” Aggie and Gerda shared an apologetic look. “Did you really think the woman who proposed to me would freak out and leave?”

Aggie breathed uncomfortably. “Well, no, but-”

Elsa cut her off with snorty chortle. “You know I’m not serious.” She shook the mascara tube as that dreamy smile returned to her face. “I just can’t believe today’s really the day! If it weren’t for the dress, I could be getting ready to go on the ice.” Her bridesmaids smiled warmly as she continued.

“Anna’s my everything. Even if I slip up a performance, she makes me feel like I’ve aced it. She could come home covered in dust, hay and horse hair every day for fifty years, and I’d still love her as much as I do now.”

Just as Elsa put the mascara brush back in its tube, there was a knock at the door; a man announced, “The bride’s ready for the… other bride. Time for the wedding march.”

Elsa steadied herself, pulling down her veil. “This is it.”


The next morning, Anna and Elsa were on the couch of their honeymoon suite, hunched over the messy pile of newspapers and sporting magazines gracing the coffee table. Anna had insisted on buying them check out how their marriage was portrayed by various news sources. They had provided some good humour, to say the least.

Elsa shook her head. “I can’t believe News Express. What was the title again, “‘Olympic Gold Medalist Elsa Valkoinen Marries Girlfriend?’ They didn’t even mention your name!”

“Well, at least Riding Words has my back,” Anna beamed. “‘Top Breeder Anna Hart Seals the Deal with Pro Skater.’ Now look who gets left out.” Her eyes shined with pride as she stuck out her tongue.

Shooting her a mischievous side-smile, Elsa picked up Ice United. “I’m not so sure you’ve won just yet, my dear wife.” She displayed the front cover, photo of the pair smiling happily at the altar gracing the gloss cover. “‘Gold Bearing Skater Elsa Valkoinen Marries Horse Rider.’”

“Horse rider?” Anna balled her fists. “Horse rider?! I’m not even a pro rider! I just… That’s not even my job!”

Chuckling, Elsa raised a hand to cover her mouth as Anna snatched the magazine off her. “Well, it’s not like being versed in the horsing community is Ice United’s job.”

Anna furrowed her brow as she flipped through the magazine, finding the two page spread covering their wedding day. The main display was a snap of their wedding kiss, with a few other smaller photos of Elsa skating her signature performance at the recent Olympics. “Let’s see what this hack wrote… ‘A joyous ceremony was held this weekend as the recent Gold Medal figure skater, Elsa Valkoinen, married her long-term girlfriend, esteemed horse rider Anna Hart.’”

“Well, at least they had the kindness to say you’re an esteemed horse rider.”

“Most of this isn’t even about our marriage! They’re still talking about your Olympic win!” She squinted, hunting for the journalist’s name. “‘Sven Stephens.’ Do you know this guy?”

Groaning, Elsa pinched the bridge of her nose. “Oh my God. Oh my God.”

“What is it?”

Elsa let out a sudden burst of laugher. “Oh my God, Anna, I’m so sorry.” Anna cocked her head to the side in confusion. “Sven’s kind of a friend. He’s been following my career since before I was in the public eye, sometimes shows up at the rink to take snaps of my practice. Oh, Anna, this is my fault.”

What’s your fault?”

“He said you were a horse rider. When he asks about you, I call you ‘my little horse rider.’ I can’t believe he actually put that in the article.”

Balling her fists, Anna looked like she could strangle her new wife at any second. The moment passed, and Anna smiled dreamily. “Your little horse rider, eh? You’re too cute.”

Elsa ruffled her red mane. “You’re the cute one, little horse rider.”

“Okay, okay, since this argument never goes anywhere, let’s see what else we’ve got… Oh, The Equine Examiner! This one’s gonna be good.”

Elsa grabbed it before Anna had a chance. “I’m not even on the cover of this one.” Elsa pouted. “It’s just you and that horse.”

“Hey!” Anna raised a pointed finger at her. “I’ll have you know that horse is on his way to becoming a historical champion!”

Elsa sighed, followed by a light chuckle. She admired the well-bred white horse by Anna’s side. “Well, I don’t doubt that. Let’s see, ‘Breeder of Champions Bonds Her Life with Olympic Skater.’ Well, they didn’t mention either of our names in this one.”

Anna leaned back. “We’re probably mentioned in the article itself.”

“Ah, there!” Elsa found the spread, donned with another photo of their wedding kiss. “It opens with… ‘Anna Hart, profound champion breeder, scored a hot babe this-’ What?! A hot babe?” It was Anna’s turn to burst into laughter. She looked like she was going to choke. Elsa eyed the writer’s name with suspicion. “Anna… do you know Sitron Westergard?”

“Yes!” she coughed through her laughing fit. “Wow, I didn’t think he’d actually do it…”

Elsa shot her a stern glance. “Anna…”

Anna waved her off. “It was a stupid bet. I dared him to call you that in the wedding article. I never thought he’d actually do it.” She beamed with pride. “He owes me a 4 page spread on Winter’s Heart.”

“Well,” Elsa shrugged. “I suppose you’ve got to promote your new stock somehow.”

“That’s the horsin’ life.” Anna stretched. “We got any of these left?”

Elsa checked the pile, eyes widening with horror as she saw the lone remaining magazine. “Oh no…”

“What’s the- oh, oh no…”

They both stared in shock at the copy of Hot Hot Gossip. “Anna, why did you even get this one?”

“It’s… bound to be… fun…” She giggled nervously.

Elsa sighed as she watched Anna grab the horrid rag, trembling. “Actors, actors, singer, actor, band… ah, here we go.” Their marriage was covered on a half-page article, showing various angles of their kiss. “Ahem, ‘Sporty chicks Elsa Valkoinen and Anna Hart shared a lackluster kiss at their wedding. We would have liked to see some hot les action this weekend, or some tongue, at least! What do you think? Share your thoughts, @hothotgoss #valkoinenhartkiss.’ Oh, I’d like to share my thoughts, alright…”

Elsa sighed. “Well, it’s not like we’d expect anything better.” She leaned over to see the journalist who seemed to be expecting some kind of make-out session at a formal wedding. “Hans Westergard. Wait, Westergard?”

Anna chuckled. “He’s Sitron’s brother. Used to work for Equine, but his articles were sub-par. Boss told him he’d only be fit for Hot Hot. Nobody thought he’d actually take the job. He’s been kind of mad at me ever since.”

“Why you?”

“No reason, really, just anger by association, I guess.”

“Well,” Elsa beamed, “At least we’ve got some good ones in here. I think I’ll frame the Ice United spread.”

“Yeah, you just want more reason to brag about your Olympic stint.”

“Or,” Elsa kissed her forehead, “Maybe I just want to put ‘esteemed horse rider’ on proud display.”

“Well… in that case…” Anna smirked mischievously. “I’m gonna frame the Equine Examiner article. My wonderful achievement of snagging a hot babe has to be immortalized.”

Having finished their morning fun of reading about themselves, Anna and Elsa simply sat on the couch, holding hands. Anna slumped her head on Elsa’s shoulder. After a while, Elsa started to get up, but Anna said “Don’t you dare break snuggle time.”

Elsa simply giggled, sat back and put an arm around Anna’s shoulders. “I love you, my little horse rider.”

“I love you too, my hot babe.”


A/N: Due to time restrictions, I had to choose between the magazine scene and the wedding scene itself. I chose the morning after for some fun fluff. Last part inspired by this Korrasami comic. You can be sure my submissions each day won’t be this long, hahah! From here onward, I’ll write shorter drabbles and probably come back to flesh it out as a full fic later. Enjoy this lovely Elsanna week, shippers!

Habeas Corpus

Fandom: Frozen  - Paranormal Detectives AU
Rating: T
Pairing: Kristanna
A/N: I don’t even know.

PREVIOUSLY ON THE PARANORMAL DETECTIVE AU: Vampires, zombies, and misleading want ads, oh my.

When Kristoff was hired on as a secretary for Arens and Arens Investigations, he wasn’t expecting the new job to be very exciting. File some paperwork. Answer phone calls. You know, secretarial stuff.

But as it turned out, the ad omitted one key piece of information, that being the whole ‘paranormal’ part of ‘Arens and Arens Paranormal Investigations.

(Anna Arens, co-owner of the firm, had dropped the word from the want ad because they’d been getting some…interesting individuals coming in for interviews. And while Kristoff could certainly understand the logic behind the decision, he also felt that the paranormal thing? Kind of important.)

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"Dark as Snow" (Chapter 3)

Rating: M 
Words: 6,244
Summary: After years of isolation and loneliness, Anna sees her whirlwind marriage to the handsome widower Lord Hans Westergard as her long-awaited happily-ever-after. But her troubled relationship with her sister and her growing closeness to a gruff but kindhearted stablehand loom large, and her husband’s darkest secret behind an eternally-locked door threatens to destroy everything Anna holds dear. [AU of The Bloody Chamber]


Notes: So after the darkness and angst of the first two chapters, this one is… definitely on the light side. Very light. We’re kind of undergoing something of a tonal shift as we move into the second act of the story. The real drama will happen when the first and second acts collide a few chapters from now. 

Until then, though, enjoy the happiness (and Kristoff and Anna being total dorks together).

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Night Watch

Note: nothing is what it seems in this ficlet. also, i highly suggest you read to the end. because i put the smut there haha

also, plot… what’s that?


“You summoned me, milady?”

It was a most unusual hour to be called to the queen’s chamber, thought the captain of the guard. But an order was an order.

The Princess Regent, Anna, gave no reply, keeping a pensive gaze on the roaring fireplace as if deep in thought. The Captain let out a short exhale. It was difficult to imagine the young woman as regent, ruler in place of her sister. She had a reputation for being reckless, lacking the grace of Her Majesty. But, the Captain thought, she had a heart for her people, and statesmanship was a teachable skill. In fact, had not the Princess Regent arranged tomorrow’s ball for the delegates to the fishing negotiations, and all on her own? And had she not brought her sister back from the treacherous North Mountains during the eternal winter?

Anna let out a sigh, rising from her kneeling position. The Captain’s breath caught again. It was most difficult to remember sometimes that the Princess Regent was a beautiful young woman, but the glow of the fire and the fact that she was wearing the dress she had worn to the queen’s coronation, which left her shoulders and her neck bare, drove home the point.

The Captain coughed, and then straightened up again, attempting to hide a blush. Those shoulders and that neck, with their milky soft skin – no, it would be well out of line to dwell on them, much less reach out and touch them. There was a gulf between the Royal Family and staff that was not to be breached.

“Yes, captain. I wanted to inquire about the state of the preparations for the delegates’ ball tomorrow. As you well know, my sister has yet to return from the export negotiations in Corona.”

Anna regarded the captain with an appraising eye. The soldier seemed young, close to her own age, most unusual for one promoted to Captain of the Royal Guard. She bit her lip. Though not of royal lineage, the Captain was a regal figure indeed. Platinum blond hair (with a stray lock gracing the Captain’s forehead, she noticed) framed two ice-blue, intense eyes. The captain could have been mistaken for a royal indeed, leonine bearing in that red uniform evident despite the obvious attempts to control it. It was how a leader of a kingdom would look. 

It was one of the many reasons the captain had caught her eye. As the captain proceeded to elaborate on the preparations for her safety during the ball, she found herself inattentive to the narration. She was too focused on the Captain’s eyes, which seemed to be watching her every move.

She wasn’t wrong.

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Adjustments- Kristanna fic

Edit: After I reread my writing, I realized that I didn’t, in fact, like how I handled the foreplay, so I rewrote it.

And if I had offended anyone with my writing, please know it was not intentional, and I am very sorry for any discomfort. Please do not hesitate to point out anything that may seem wrong or in poor taste. I do not want to offend any of my readers! Thank you!

So for those of you guys who requested smut and fluff, I did this for you guys. That, and I just really wanted to write this idea that I had for a while now. But fear not, those who asked for strictly fluff: it is on the way! I have a few fluff prompts just waiting to be written!

But for now, please enjoy, or at least tolerate some shameless Kristanna smut.

Summary: Kristoff has to adjust to a lot of things, and taking “special” baths is one of them

Rated: MA for adorable smut between these two dorks

Adjustments were extremely awkward and difficult especially if you had to adjust the way you lived. Kristoff jumped from rags to riches with a mere change in title. He never dreamed that being dubbed “Royal Ice Master and Deliverer” would entail an occasional royal treatment. If Kristoff knew anything about himself, he knew that he was stubborn. When Elsa first offered him his own personal room, he declined almost immediately, claiming he didn’t want to impose or mooch off of their fortune. It wasn’t until Elsa dismissed those claims and Anna pleaded with him with her beseeching blue orbs that he reluctantly accepted the room.

  What he didn’t expect was the constant and sometimes invasive service that came with the room. He had to adjust to people measuring him and making him clothes because a man of his stature wasn’t fit for the arsenal of slim attire the staff was used to. He had to adjust to managing certain ice harvesting duties that he was responsible for with his new title and all. And though Sven had easily welcomed new luxurious stall in the castle stables with ease, Kristoff had to adjust to not having him as his personal pillow.

  These were all crazy adjustments, not always bad, but incredibly different than what he had been used to. Most of the time he felt out of place and certainly out of his comfort zone, but it made Anna happy when he was near. That alone was a reason to endure every discomfort imaginable.

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Choosing Sides, a Kristoff week drabble

words: 2079

rating: T (for non-explicit implied sexy times)

Prompt: Day 3–Culture Shock

Before he got married, Kristoff had a vague idea that married couples slept on opposite sides of the bed. He heard men mention it in passing—‘the dog sleeps by my side of the bed and trips me when I get up,’ ‘my wife insists on keeping an extra blanket on her side of the bed, then she steals my blanket,’ ‘my side of the mattress is hard as rock.’ It seemed clear enough. Husbands slept on one side, wives on the other. He guessed, when he eventually paused to consider the question, that couples met in the middle to take advantage of their marital rights, and then retreated to their respective sides to avoid the resulting damp spot (another piece of knowledge absorbed from listening to men complain—‘my wife always manages to make sure that the damp spot is on my side.’)

On the first night of Kristoff’s marriage he doesn’t think about sides. He is very busy thinking about Anna—Anna biting her lip, Anna blushing pinkly all over her body, Anna demanding to know why he was still all the way over there and with his clothes still on, Anna pressing trembling hands to his chest and bravely lifting her face to kiss him. He is preoccupied with the question of Anna most of the night, and falls asleep close to dawn with her wrapped around him, too tired to notice that he’s on the wet spot.

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