anna being nice


Based on prompt by @seriouspoobrain: “Would it be possible for one where the reader has a huge crush on Owen, but him being her boss would make things complicated so she tries to avoid flirting as much as possible and ends up in awkward situations with it eventually being fluffy? Does that make sense? I’m kind of going through this and your fics are my escape. Thanks for your time <3″

A/n: I hope you enjoy this one and it holds up to what you were looking for. Thanks for the prompt!

You watch Owen finish up with the girls and let out a longing sigh.

“What’s the point in pining after him if you’re not going to do anything about it?” Anna asks with a laugh and you shake your head.

“And my other option is to…?” You counter, turning around to see her sitting on the table and begin cleaning up the treat buckets before she speaks up again.

“Um, to date him? I seriously don’t think it would be that bad. I don’t see what’s stopping you.”

“A million different things, Anna. What if i get fired, what if he gets fired! What if people start talking about it. What if we break up and then I have to work with him. And the big one, what if he doesn’t like me back?” You finish your rant, taking a deep breath and Anna’s eyes are slightly wide.

“Y/n, honestly I think you’re worrying too much. If you like the guy then just tell him.” She shrugs her shoulders and you shake your head again. It’s just not worth it. You’d rather just continue watching him from afar. Speaking of, when you turn back around to look up at Owen on the catwalk, he’s no longer there.

“Hey there, ladies.” Owen’s voice calls out from behind you and you turn around to see Anna smiling at you wickedly.

“Hey, Owen. Good job with the girls today.” Anna says cheekily and hops off the countertop. “Y/n was just saying how well they’re doing.”

“Really?” Owen says, smiling down at you. “You should see them up close sometime. Can’t wait out on the sidelines forever.” His smirk is challenging and frustrating and alluring all at once and you shake your head.

“Not sure I’m cut out for the up-close life with them.” You try to not sound afraid but he can see right through it. “I like prepping treats and doing paperwork, Owen. I’m good at it.”

Something flashes in his eyes and you can’t tell what it is, really, but someone calls his name and he gives you two a smile and says goodbye before leaving.

“Did you know he was coming over here?” You demand and she smiles. “Anna, did he hear me talking?”

“Calm down,” She says, laughing at your fear, “He didn’t hear anything I promise. I might shove you in his direction but I’m not gonna throw you under the bus. But if it’s any consolation, he was totally just flirting with you.”

You feel your cheeks warm up and you shake your head, flustered. “No, Anna. He was just being nice. He’s my boss.”

“Yeah yeah, go ahead and believe that.” She grabs her bag and turns to leave. “Oh and tell me how it goes.” You look at her retreating back questioningly.

“How what goes?” You ask, but just as you do, Owen’s voice is behind you again.

“Hey, Y/n. I have to go to a meeting but I was wondering if you’d help me out with the girls tonight.” You raise your eyebrows questioningly and he smiles. “I know you said you don’t wanna work with them but I promise they won’t hurt you and I will be right there. I just wanna work a little more with them tonight before InGen gets here tomorrow.”

You bite your lip anxiously and wonder if this is him flirting like Anna had suggested. “Um, I mean I guess I could come by for a little while?” It comes out more like a question than an answer but his smile makes your decision clear.

“Great. I’ll see you around 8.”


When you make it to the paddock that night, you find Owen in the safety cage talking to the girls.

“…So be nice to her.” He says, stroking Blue’s muzzled face. “I mean it, I really like her.” You feel your cheeks get warm and you step back a few steps. Should you leave? It’s one thing to fantasize about Owen but another entirely to find out he likes you back. That complicates things more than you’re ready for and you turn to leave. However, you apparently make more noise than you assume because you hear owen call out, “Y/n?”

“Oh hey,” You say as he comes around the corner and sees you, wearing a brilliant smile. “I was just um-” You pause for a moment to think of an excuse. “-going to get my radio. I left it in the car.”

“Don’t worry about it.” He says, waving a hand dismissively. “I’ve got mine if anything happens. I don’t wanna keep you too late; I just wanted someone here to help out.” He smiles at you softly and your stomach does flips. The way he’s looking at you is definitely not the way a boss looks at his employee.

He goes into the safety cage and releases Blue from the muzzle, setting her free in the paddock and ushers you up the stairs to the catwalk with him.

After watching his usual routine, he turns to you. “Wanna give it a try?” He asks, eyebrow raised.

“I really don’t think that-” You begin but he cuts you off, reaching for your wrist and placing the clicker in your palm.

“Just hold your hand up like this,” he shows you, but you already know his routine by heart. You watch him do it every day. “And then click it for each command you say.”

After a few moments of calling out commands and the girls not paying you any attention, Owen stands behind you, hand on your arm.

“You have to stand up straight, look confident. They only listen to people they respect.” He says softly and you try to suppress a shiver.

“People? I’m pretty sure you’re the only person they will ever listen to.”

He laughs in your ear and you try to focus on what he told you. After a few more tries, the girls acknowledge you on the catwalk and a few moments later, they actually respond to one of your commands.

“Would you look at that.” Owen whispers, more to himself than to you and you smile proudly.

“Maybe I should call the shots tomorrow for InGen.” You tease, stepping away from him to face him.

“Well, I don’t think you’re quite there yet.” He chuckles, “But if you want to work with them more you’re welcome to. They seem to like you.”

And in an unexpected burst of confidence you say, “Maybe just because you told them to.”

Owen looks at you confused and you laugh, going on. “Be nice to her. I really like her.” You smirk as you paraphrase his words and a smile slowly develops on his face.

“You heard that, huh?” He asks, shoving his hands in his pockets and moving closer. You had finally gotten free of the bussing in your head from him standing so close behind you as you worked with the girls and now as he approaches you again things get fuzzy. You try to maintain your confidence and smile.

“Yeah, I just wasn’t sure if you’re gonna do anything about it.” You challenge him and he doesn’t disappoint.

“WHy don’t I take you out to lunch tomorrow and show you exactly what I plan on doing about it.”His voice is laced with forced seduction and you can’t help but laugh.

“Isn’t InGen coming tomorrow?” You laugh again, this time at the dejected look on his face.

“Damn, right. Make it dinner then?” He recomposes himself and gives you a charming smile. “I promise I won’t let anyone talk about you dating the boss. I don’t think you’d like rumors of nepotism going around.”

You give him an appreciative nod and agree. “That sounds good to me.” It may not even work out. WHo knows, it could crash terribly, but you’re done not giving it a shot because you’re scared of dating your boss. You decide to put your feeling first for a change and let yourself get excited for your dinner date with the amazing, handsome, charming Owen Grady.