anna and jack frost

‘K, finally I’ve done it! It took me forever cuz of work and stuff, but finally it’s here, as promised!

Previous time things are gone so smoothly that we’ve reached 100 notes in half a day, so this time i’ll try a new trial: 1000+ NOTES AND I’LL DO THE SECOND PART, WITH ELSA’S REACTION ♥

UPDATE: done the second part ( click! )

thank you for the 1,000 follows! this is a redo of my old Big Four (now Big 8 lol) art back in 2012, idk if anyone remembers it or not though. but you can find the rebloggable version here, or you can view it under the cut for comparison. :))

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ROTBTFD: Superhero/Modern AU aesthetics pt 1

Jack Frost ~ Rise of the Guardians

Hiccup ~ How to Train Your Dragon

Elsa ~ Frozen

Rapunzel ~ Tangled

Merida ~ Brave

Anna ~ Frozen

For my superhero AU fanfic: The Snow Queen ~ Superhero aesthetics part 2  ~ Snow Queen Fanfic


This was so beautifully made!

  • Jack Thompson: relax guys i'm not really evil
  • Jack Thompson: ...
  • Jack Thompson: Or am I?
  • Jack Thompson: Don't worry I'm just kidding
  • Jack Thompson: ...
  • Jack Thompson: ...
  • Jack Thompson: Or am I not?
  • The Audience: Now sERIOUSLY wHAT THE friggiting fRACK