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You can have a broken heart, a heart of gold, a heart of stone, a beating heart, a bleeding heart, a heart of steel, the heart of a lion or a wild heart, but at the end of the day, after the fight, after the pain, our hearts still beat at the same rate.


A/B (Banna) Appreciation Week

I got a pretty good response to having an Anna and Bates appreciation week, which makes my fangirling heart very happy and tingly ❤️  So here’s the details I have worked out:

Dates:  4-10 June 2017 

(Giving time to prepare)

Tag: banna appreciation week 2017 

(I’ve never been all that fond of ‘banna’ because it looks like ‘banana’ but I’m going with it because the slash does weird things in the tags whoops hahaha)

What to Post: At least one post of pics (stills/caps/gifs whatever) of your favorite Anna x Bates scenes from the show is kinda what I am going for, posted sometime within that range of dates.

It would be super awesome if you guys want to post something per day, but no pressure. I just would love to see some Anna x Bates pictures fill my dash again, and also celebrating their love and seeing what scenes everyone loves of them. If you want to expand upon it too, and post a drabble or a song that reminds you of them, that’s fantastic!! But I would like the focus to be on canon A/B, please. Most importantly though, have fun!! :D

  • Anna: Hey, are you free on Friday? like, around 8 pm on Friday?
Thomas: Yes?
Anna: What about you?
Jimmy: Yes, I am
Anna: Great! because I’m not. You two go on without me. Enjoy your date
Thomas: Did she just-

I thought Anna might have come down for her dinner