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Beauty Tips: Hair & Makeup

From smearing mashed avocado and honey on your face to completely covering your hair from the roots to the tips in coconut oil; there isn’t really a limit to how much fun and weirdness you can get yourself into when you’re trying to look after your skin and hair. Here’s a list of the things you can do to make your skin as smooth as satin and your hair as lush as ever. By the end of all this, you’ll make yourself feel, look and breathe beautiful! This article will focus mostly on makeup and hair tips that are fun, easy and affordable.

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just to be very clear that when i express anger towards the straights or drag the straights it absolutely does not include the straight actors who purposely portray their characters as gay whether or not their character is written as such im specifically talking about every other straight in the entire world that isn’t them that is all thank you for your attention


2015 Golden Globe Awards Fashion


rileythree Introducing…Wilky and the Ukuladies!
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Mapp & Lucia

aka all of my spinster fashion choices in one show!

What’s this? Jodhpurs, suspenders, knee high boots?

Red lips, slicked-back hair, swagger, be still my beating heart.


I JUST. That pin! That perfect collar! That waistcoat! That face!

And what’s this? Fat, jovial spinster sisters wearing tons of checks and knitwear? SIGN ME UP.

I want every item of clothing in this picture on my body.

Brocades. Beads. Curls. Conniving smile.

Omg, power shoulders, take me now.


Huge, billowy caftans? Yes, why not?

Pleats! And figs! And reclining with a book in the garden!

And finally, literally everything in this picture except in this case they have loving sex in the garden and then shack up together.

In conclusion, it is a DREADFUL TRAVESTY that we do not have 7 seasons and movie of British village scheming spinsters upon which to feast our eyes.

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Why don't you want Anna and Peter to be together?

It’s way to predictable for me.

The writers of One Chicago have the tendency to make the first person a main has feelings, or the first ship the fans have endgame. They also enjoy to throw in a relationship with someone else to hide or complicate their feelings.

CF = Dawsey (It was well known about Gabby’s feelings for Casey. Then she dated Mills, before getting with Casey)

CPD = Linstead (It was obvious that they had feelings for each other as stated by “maybe one day” then Lindsay dated Severide before getting with Jay).

MED = Manstead, not canon yet but we all know it is coming. (Will'a feelings for Natalie are vocalized, she’s not ready for him. She dates Clarke, he dates Nina. Her and Clarke break up, him and Nina are on their way to a break up; and soon enough we will have Manstead).

I love my Dawsey and Linstead but I’ve had enough of the trend.

I don’t want Justice to follow this pattern because this isn’t realistic and it’s getting boring for me. I used to love Manstead, then I got Shorestead and now Manstead bores a bit.

I want them to have a platonic mentee/mentor, or sibling-like relationship. For me that would be something new and refreshing to see between main characters.