OTP Prompt

So I decided to write that prompt. I figured–I’m not gonna be able to live without this existing. So here we go.

Just imagine Anna is engaged and having a bachelorette party. Let’s just say she won’t be engaged for much longer.
With a wine glass in hand, Anna stumbles over to the door. “Well who could this be?” Anna asks sarcastically over the loud music to all her bridesmaids. She opens the door to see a huge man with broad shoulders and muscular arms–in a cop outfit. Anna giggles. “Oh, officer, I’ve been a /bad/ girl,” and another fit of giggles. She almost spills her drink.

“W-what? No, ma'am, I’m Officer Bjorgman and I’ve been getting some noise complaints.” “Mhmm, I can be pretty loud, officer,” Anna says, pulling him into the house.

They stand there awkwardly. Anna waves her hand (sadly the one with the wine glass, spilling it) towards the living room where all the ladies were sitting, some with a blank face of shock, others giggling even more than Anna. “Well, go on, big guy.”

“Ok ma'am, I can see this is a bachelorette party, but I’m a real officer. I’m not going to.. I’m not a..” “You’re the worst stripper ever! Come on, officer,” she emphasizes the word officer and reaches her hand out to his crotch. She squeezes a little bit, finding him half hard. Kristoff groans and bucks into her hand.

“N-no. Stop, ma'am, I-” “Anna.” “H-huh?” “I saaaid my name is ANNA.” “Ok, ma'am, Anna, you need to stop doing that. Like I said, we were getting noise com–” “What, this?” Anna reached back down to his trousers and palmed his growing erection.

“Shit! Sorry. Sorry, Anna,” Kristoff said, moving around from her. “Ma'am, if you keep on doing that, I’ll have to–” “Arrest me? Please, sir, I’ve been a very, very naughty girl,” she said, holding out her wrists. “Stop doing that. Dammit. Just turn the music down.”

“Okay, officer,” she said, walking over to the stereo (she tried to be tantalizing and graceful, but she was just clumsy and she nearly tripped twice). When she got to the stereo, she unnecessarily leaned over to turn it down, and before she clicked the button, she peeked over her shoulder at him and began to wiggle her ass. Kristoff stared wide-eyed, but then he shook his head and gave her another stern “Ma'am.”

“I said,” she waltzed over to him again. “My name,” placed another hand on his crotch, the other one on his hair, pulling him down to her level. “Is Anna.” And then she kissed him, right on the lips, her tongue fighting its way into his mouth. She moaned and that worked. Their tongues slid against each other’s, and even Kristoff let out a groan.

After a few more blissful moments, Kristoff pulled away. “This is really bad. Oh god. No I–I’m gonna have to arrest you, Anna.” She put her wrists out with a smirk. “Yes sir.” Kristoff sighed. Even if she thought this was roleplay, at least she wasn’t resisting. Kristoff grabbed his handcuffs and ordered her “Hands behind your back.” “Kinky,” Anna said, before pushing her ass back into his hips.

Kristoff froze. “Shit. Ok. I can’t handle this, I’m gonna let you off with a warning.” “What, you don’t need anything in return? A favor, perhaps?” she asked, kneeling down and reaching for his cock again, but he grabbed her wrist and began helping her up. “Ok, well that was interesting. I’ll be going now.” “Wait!” Kristoff sighed. “What?” “Give me one second.”

She ran away, and this time she actually did trip. She quickly got to her feet and yelled “AND SHE STICKS THE LANDING!” as she ran away. Kristoff couldn’t help but laugh. She came back a minute later with a small piece of paper. She handed it to Kristoff. It had her number on it. “Call me sometime,” she smirked. “Officer.”

Kristoff laughed it off, said “Ok, will do”, and walked out. He got to his car and slumped into the driver’s seat. He pulled out the slip of paper. Smiled. Then put it in his pocket.

anonymous asked:

Can you post a pic of each cosplay for that list?

OH CRAP LOLOL! If I have pics of all these….

  • Zexion - Kingdom Hearts II
    (no photos D:)
  • Kota - Highschool of the Dead
    External image
  • Sora - Kingdom Hearts II

  • Dark Link - Legend of Zelda
  • External image
  • Mightyena - Pokemon Gijinka
    (No Photos D:)
  • Darkrai - Pokemon Gijinka
    (No Photos D:)
  • Anarchy Stocking - Normal, Angel and Cop version

  • Anna - Male version, Frozen
  • External image
  • Hans - Frozen
    External image
  • Jack Frost - Rise of The Guardians
  • External image
  • Raven - Male version, Teen Titans

  • Malchior - Teen Titans
  • External image
  • Aoba Seragaki - DRAMAtical Murder
  • External image
  • Len Kagamine - VOCALOID
  • External image
  • Eren and Jean - Attack on Titan
  • External image

    External image
  • Zero - Vampire Knight
    (only one I could find…)
  • External image
  • Tony the Clock - Don’t hug me i’m scared
  • External image
  • Spider Mannequin - Silent Hill
  • External image
  • Tobi - Naruto
  • External image
  • Boris Airay - Heart no Kuni no Alice
  • Kuroko - Kuroko no Basuke
  • Haru - FREE! Iwatobi Swim club
    External image
  • Dio - Mad Father
  • Zuko - Avatar the Last Airbender (makeup)

  • Roy Mustang - FMA (Sorta lol not really)
  • External image
  • Ciel - Kuroshitsuji
  • External image
Frozen Short Fic: An Unexpected Discovery (Domestic Assassin AU)

So, I had an idea for a DA!verse fic (“how does Kristoff discover Elsa’s secret?”), and I thought of stranger-who-writes-fiction’s little drabble from way back.  Then I said, “Okay, so how does it get to that point?"  The end doesn’t happen the same, of course, but that’s where some of the inspiration came from.

This fic sort of got away from me, starting off humorous and then suddenly veering into drama.  I apologize if I’m stepping on anyone’s toes, who’ve written this ‘verse before.

Tagging all the usual suspects: ultranos, hathor-aroha, raksha-the-demon, geometrynerd, beanie2008.  Please let me know if you want/don’t want to be tagged!

"An Unexpected Discovery”

Setting: Domestic Assassin AU (post-reveal)
Characters: Anna, Elsa, Kristoff
Rating: T (to be safe)
Words: 1,705
[Also on FFnet.]

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