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Day five is still alive, its almost 2am but it’s got to be Friday somewhere. Here’s some movie theatre date kristanna to finish off the week because I’m unsure if I’ll have time to do days six and seven. It’s been fun, this one was especially fun to play with shadows~~

I got tagged by @celestialyukino77. Thank you for tagging meee :3

Rules: name 10 characters from 10 different fandoms then tag 10 people

1. Kou Mabuchi (Tanaka) // Ao Haru Ride

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i like kou so much, he was the first boy anime crush I had, his relationship with futaba is just so cute i can’t

2. Hinata Hyuuga // Naruto

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omg, so hinata, I can’t with her, she’s just ahg i can’t explain, she’s my favourite girl in all of Naruto but of course i like every character from naruto so far, but you know Hinata is my waifu

3. Shikamaru Nara // Naruto (ik its supposed to be one for each fandom but i love both of them too much xD)

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Shikamaru makes me squeal like a true 5 year old so yeah, i wanna marry shikamaru

4. Chat Noir // Miraculous Ladybug

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5. Ken Kaneki // Tokyo Ghoul

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please protect this poor boy

6. Hana // Wolf Children

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i dont even need to explain myself

7.  Anna Kobayaka // Nijiiro Days 

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srsly, I get why natsuki likes this fluff ball

8. Gin // Hotarubi no Mori e

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this cute boy/spirit will be the death of me

9. Lucy Heartfilia // Fairy Tail

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Lucy’s my baby

10. Yato // Noragami

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okay so yato needs protection and love, my poor baby

okay so here it is, hm i tag whoever wants to do this bc I’m to shy to tag actual people xD

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Hi Anna, I come here every 3 months or so to get updates, and nothing's changed. Baby 2 on its way. He brought his A game to DS. He's got work through SM and more with the Marvel team. It looks like he's settled for this, whatever this is. I don't see a blackmail victim, suffering abuse. He's 40 yrs old, famous. He's totally complicit in the proceedings.

If you’re looking for something to change, you have to wait until after the birth of Pilomena Nonny.

It’s veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrry quiet around these parts at the moment.

My sister just did the most Anna-like thing she’s ever done in that she went to the UK a couple weeks ago and this is what she bought me:

Chocolate. Chocolate I’m in absolute love with but literally cannot find anywhere aside from the UK. And she got me twelve bars.

Anna Week- Reflections

A/N-I didn’t get a chance to write as much as I wanted for Anna week with work and being out of town for so long.  I did manage this on the plane home.  It doesn’t fit with today’s prompt- may be closer to home or time, but still wanted to submit it.  

Length: 1935                                                                                                       Rating: K+

Anna sits on the rocking chair enjoying the early summer breeze on her face.  She puts down her knitting, closing her eyes to savor the sound of the rustling of trees.  She’d sit out here for hours if she could.  The warmth of the sun on her face catches her attention.  It’s made its way higher in the sky and it will be lunch time soon. She rises carefully from her chair and off the porch to the door.  Much has changed here over the years, but the porch is probably her favorite addition. To sit out there and breathe the fresh air is freeing.  Anna always craves the openness.

She walks by the fireplace and over to the kitchen.  It’s one of the few things that haven’t changed.  The main room has been expanded, with a widened kitchen area, room for a larger table and more seating.  One wouldn’t even recognize the space if not for the fireplace, a solid figure in the middle of the room.  And yet, there’s a familiarity that’s never left.  To the back left is the entrance to her bedroom.  She insisted it remain the same.  She likes it cozy.  To the right of the fireplace is now an entrance to a small hallway that leads to two more bedrooms, both larger than hers.  

Anna fetches a mug from the ice box.  She walks over to the table taking a drink of the cool, refreshing tea.  Her eyes drift over to the piece of sturdy wood used as part of the door frame.  It’s an entire log that also helps support the roof.  The log is nicked and scraped and looks as if it’s been abused.  Upon closer inspection, the intentional notches become visible with names and dates carved next to each one.  Each birthday height and growth spurt preserved in time, carved out with a father’s loving hand.  She smiles fondly at the memories, trying not to tear up.

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Now I know he’ll appear

cause there are rules and there are strictures

I believe the storybooks I read by candlelight

I accepted that it’s unlikely that I’ll finish the Anna animatic, so I’ll finish it up to a presentable WIP and set it down for a while. Here’s a shot I never got to.