December 9th- Where We Live (18&21)

Hey guys! So for the next two or three AU days (depends on whether or not people like it and whether or not I have inspiration) I’ll be posting some modern AU slice of life stories that revolve around Kristoff and Anna’s homes at various parts of their lives(ages 18&21, 21&24, 22&25). I’m trying to get the setting to tell the story as much as the action and exposition, so hopefully that comes across.

Let me know what you think and thank you all again for all the lovely messages, prompts, reblogs, likes, and such. They’re really been making my day!

Part I: Where We Live
Universe: Modern AU
Rating: T (Teen and Up) for a brief mention of sex.

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anonymous asked:

I absolutely LOVE your blog!!! Hey, who do you think is the best kisser? Isak or even?

Aww, now you’re making me blush twice - with the compliment and the question! ❤️

And that is a very tough question! I think Even is the more experienced one from the beginning so you could identify him as “better” if you look at experience and technique maybe 😅 but Isak is a fast learner so I don’t know - they work beautifully as a kissing duo though, that I can agree on! ;) ❤️


What’s next for you? As an actor, what I really want to say is that I’m looking forward to the future. It’s almost a hand to mouth kind of job. You don’t know when you go audition or read a script. I’m always looking for good stories and projects to be a part of and bring to life. But after this, for now, I’m enjoying life and crossing my fingers for season two. I like really good juicy stories. That’s my jam.