Jenn Colella as Elizabeth in If/Then on Broadway(12/17/2014 matinee)

Listen to her sing ‘Always Starting Over’

On Dec. 17th, Jenn Colella went on for Idina Menzel for the very first time since the beginning of the run (even since its out of town try outs in Washington, DC in 2013). Idina’s usual standby (Jackie Burns) was on vacation, so if Idina called out, Jenn was the next in line. Jenn was an amazing Elizabeth; she played her very warmly and was able to add some of her own spins and riffs to these amazing songs while sounding incredible. 4 understudies were on during this performance (Janet Krupin also went on for Tamika Lawrence), which made everyone be on their toes and gave the audience a completely fresh show.

Some Broadway magic happened at this matinee and I hope it keeps happening over and over again. More people should be able to experience her Elizabeth.

Here is the current episode list of’s Hey Kid: Backstage at “If/Then” with James Snyder vlog. Click away! 

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What If? (Reprise) - IF/THEN Official Pictures: Part 7 [ Index ]

All photos by Joan Marcus, except 3 by Sara Krulwich

  1. Stephen, Cathy, & Liz [ X | 1800 × 1227 ]
  2. Josh & Beth [ X | 950 × 529 ]
  3. Finale 1 [ X | 2048 × 1361 ]
  4. Finale 2 [ X | 3000 × 1884 ]
  5. Finale 3 [ X | 3000 × 1854 ]

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“You’re an improbable person, Eve, and so am I. We have that in common. Also a contempt for humanity, an inability to love and be loved.
Insatiable ambition. And talent. We deserve each other …  And you realise and you agree how completely you belong to me?”

“Yes, Addison.”

George Sanders as Addison DeWitt and Anne Baxter as Eve Harrington in “All About Eve” (1950)

One of my first auditions was for a company called Stella Musicals. They were auditioning for their production of Miss Saigon in Stuttgart, Germany. I had an incredible time there with the show. I was able to continue with my training and travel all through Europe. […] The rehearsal period was about six weeks, so substantially longer than they are here in the States, and they provided phonetic teachers to help us with the language. Saigon was a little easier because it’s through-composed, so the rhythm of the melody dictated much of the inflections.

“It Sucks To Be Me” - The Cast of Avenue Q at Broadway on Broadway in 2006