im super excited to announce a new range of candles in my etsy shop - ones inspired by the amazing dateable dads (and your very own daughter!) from dream daddy: a dad dating simulator!

theyre natural soy wax candles that burn cleanly, evenly, and smell strong but not overwhelmingly so. the scents available are a real variety, so theres something for everyone for sure.

they cost $12 (excluding shipping), and burn for approx. 25 hours. (you can wipe the tins clean and use them after too!)

the scents are as follows:

  • joseph christiansen: cake batter
  • robert small: whiskey and pine
  • damien bloodmarch: rose
  • craig cahn: aloe and avocado
  • mat sella: coffee and banana
  • hugo vega: red wine
  • brian harding: freshly cut grass
  • amanda ann: cherry pie

check out the candles here - and please reblog to spread the word! i hope to see lots n lots of orders from you guys soon.