Just because she’s finally in a big production again!


Loving You Keeps Me Alive/A Perfect Life from the St. Gallen production of Frank Wildhorn’s Dracula

…Because Drew Sarich as Dracula is SO important!! (and bonus Jesper Tydén!)


Ann Christin Elverum - Ich hab geträumt vor langer Zeit

Les Misérables

Oh my god. Of course you have US fans. I cannot sing Ann Christin Elverum’s praises enough. Hands down, my favorite Esmeralda.

I’m a little starstruck. She’s active on Facebook and Twitter. I kind of want to send her the bootleg of Der Glöckner. Just a little. 

I wonder what she would think of La Jolla’s changes. It would be so much fun to interview her.

(Psst, let’s do it enseeseven)
Ann Christin Elverum "God help the Outcast" (Hunchback of Notre Dame)

A short clip of Ann Christin Elverum singing “God Help the Outcasts” in English. I have no idea when/where/for what this was. I would really like to know though. 

It’s amazing. Her voice is so different when she sings in English. I also feel like she sounds more like the movie version. I am partial to her deutsch though.