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On 16 April, 1996, 17-year-old Kelly Anne Bates was drowned in the bath, after suffering weeks of torture at the hands of 48-year-old James Patterson Smith, who had began grooming her when she was just 14-years-old. After realising that Bates was dead, Smith went to the police station and said he had accidentally killed her after an argument.

An investigation showed that Bates’ blood was in every room of the house and her autopsy showed that there was over 150 separate injuries on her body. She had been kept locked in the house and brutally tortured for up to a month prior to her death. She had been burnt with cigarettes and a hot iron. She had multiple stab wounds caused by a knife and scissors. Her hands and kneecaps had been crushed, rendering her unable to walk. She had been partially scalped. She had been stabbed inside her mouth. Her ears, nose, mouth, lips, and genitalia had been mutilated. Both of her eyes had been gauged out and her empty eye sockets had been stabbed. She had also been starved and hadn’t been given water for several days before she died. Before she drowned, she had been beaten over the head with the shower head.

When asked why he had tortured her so much, he claimed she had dared him to. Smith had a history of violence towards women he dated. He was charged and sentenced to life imprisonment. 


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“Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known?
God give me courage to show you, you are not alone.”


In 1993, 16-year-old Kelly Anne Bates left school and moved in with her boyfriend of two years, introducing him to her parents as 32-year-old “Dave Smith.” What they didn’t know was that his real name was James Patterson Smith, a 48-year-old man with a lengthy history of domestic violence. When Kelly visited home, her parents noticed that she appeared to have lost weight and looked unclean. Most worryingly, Kelly often bore bruises and bite marks, which she dismissed as accidental. Kelly became increasingly withdrawn, until contact was eventually cut off, save for a few cards, which were suspiciously not written in Kelly’s handwriting.

On April 16, 1996, Smith entered a local police station, spinning a story about an argument in the bath tub which had resulted in his girlfriend accidentally drowning. Upon arrival at the home, it soon became evident that this story was fabricated and that Kelly’s death was anything but accidental. Kelly was found in a bedroom, naked and horrifically mutilated. Her blood was found in every single room in the house and over 150 separate injuries on her body were identified during a post-mortem examination.

In the last month of her life, Kelly had been kept locked in the house, tied by her hair to the radiator or restrained by a ligature around her neck. She had been starved and denied water in the days leading up to her death. The horrific injuries inflicted on Kelly included burns on her thighs from a hot iron, partial scalping, scalding to her thighs and buttocks, and the mutilation of her ears, face and genitals. Her arms, hands, legs, and kneecaps had been crushed, rendering her unable to walk. Perhaps the most gruesome and disturbing aspect of this case is the fact that Kelly’s eyes had been gouged out somewhere between 5 days and 3 weeks prior to her death. The extensive stab wounds found on Kelly’s body included stab wounds to her empty eye sockets and the inside of her mouth. Kelly was eventually put out of her misery, beaten unconscious with a shower head and then drowned in the bath tub.

Smith continued to deny murder, but did admit to abusing Kelly, claiming she often inflicted injuries upon herself to make the abuse look worse. Smith’s excuse for torturing Kelly was that she’d provoked him into doing so, daring him to do it. A jury found him guilty within an hour and he was sentenced to life imprisonment. The photographs of the crime scene and Kelly’s body were so horrific that jurors were offered counselling.

A very belated Rochester update: I got to meet Trina Nishimura (who dubs Mikasa in Attack on Titan and Kayoko Ann Patterson in Shin Godzilla) at Flower City Comic Con. She exclamied, “Shin!” when I presented the chirashi here – I gathered that it was the first Godzilla item she had been asked to sign. When I asked her if she could say anything about the dub, she replied, “I’m the main character!”

For all of the G-Fests under my belt, I’ve never actually met someone who dubbed a Godzilla movie. Went to her panel too, which was a delight.

Homecoming Concert at the Tupelo Fairgrounds in Mississippi on Wednesday, September 26, 1956: Prior to his matinee show Elvis is pictured with avid fan Sara Ann Patterson (* April 8, l939 in Tupelo, MS, died on January 29, 2017, aged 77). She gets to not only meet Elvis but receives a kiss on the cheek from him. Elvis is wearing his dark blue velvet shirt that Natalie Wood’s dress designer made for him together with an identical red one. Elvis’s mother, Gladys is to be seen in the background.