ann mei

‘How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.’ - Anne Frank

On May 5th the people over here in Holland celebrate our liberation at the end of world war two. I thought it would be fitting to draw Anne, the girl known for her writing, in ballpoint on that day.

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, left, and Michèle Anne De Mey performing “Fase” in 1999

“She described the pieces, collectively, as “the very beginning, where somehow I taught myself how to choreograph — literally the first steps.” She created all four for herself and other women, exploring movement “of a very specific character,” she said, “that I think was more linked to the female body.”
~ as seen in The New York Times

"This acknowledgment of the unavoidably human dancer in the mechanical process — this drama — was Ms. De Keersmaeker’s swerve from her models in American postmodern dance. Much of the vocabulary is pedestrian: walks, turns, hops. The spatial patterning is lucid: horizontal planes, a circle and its radii. But emotions, not quite controllable, keep surfacing.”

~ also in The New York Times 

Future Feminism

The Hole is proud to present the exhibition and performance series Future Feminism. Created by Antony, Kembra Pfahler, Johanna Constantine, Bianca Casady and Sierra Casady, Future Feminism will feature an exhibition of stoneworks in the main gallery and a thirteen-night performance and lecture series in Gallery 3. In this exhibition, they will debut the 13 Tenets of Future Feminism, a manifesto the artists and musicians have honed over the past three years from numerous retreats and meetings representing a frontier feminist perspective.

Each of the 13 nights, one of the 13 Tenets will be activated by the Future Feminists and their collaborators. Performances begin at 8pm, doors at 7:45pm, and all events are open to the public on a first come first serve basis. Suggested donation: $10.  If you are interested in attending the entire series, 10 limited seats are available for advanced purchase – please contact Krysta at The Hole for details.  

Friday, September 12:             Bianca and Sierra Casady, Sarah Schulman
Saturday, September 13:        Johanna Constantine, Lydia Lunch
Sunday, September 14:           The Factress aka Lucy Sexton, Clark Render as Margaret Thatcher, Laurie Anderson
Wednesday, September 17:    Narcissister, Dynasty Handbag, No Bra
Thursday, September 18:       Ann Snitow speaks with the Future Feminists
Friday, September 19:             Kiki Smith presents Anne Waldman, Mei-Mei
Berssenbrugge and Anne Carson
Saturday, September 20:        Kembra Pfahler and The Girls of Karen Black
Sunday, September 21:           Lorraine O’Grady
Wednesday, September 24:   Marina Abramović
Thursday, September 25:       Carolee Schneemann, Jessica Mitrani, Melanie Bonajo
Friday, September 26:            Terence Koh as Miss OO
Saturday, September 27:        Viva Ruiz, Julianna Huxtable, Alexyss K.  Tylor

Exhibition hours: Wednesday through Sunday, 12-6pm

Doors open 7:45pm / Performance Begins 8 pm

Suggested Donation of $10